SWTOR - Lightning Sorcerer (3.0)

Who I am
Martí Micolau


My name is Volgoce, on the Battle Meditation server. Our guild has for vocation the PvE HL and exists since the launch of the game, it has been able to last for years thanks to its stable organization.

So I have been playing the Sorcerer in Lightning Discipline for 2 years and have completed the Difficult and a little Nightmare content with our guild under this specialization (at level 55). Since the expansion's release, I've had time to test it on Story ops and Hard Flashpoints, and it turns out the discipline is resourceful. The snapshot of the still Lightning Sorcerer no longer exists. I present this guide to you in order to give you the essential information.

There you will find basic information like, detailed cycle and cycle in tabular form, utilities, how to equip, as well as personal statistics as an example.



The Sith Sorcerer (Lightning) is a distant DPS, he can launch his attacks at 35 meters.

Lightning Discipline allows you to provide a very large DPS very quickly. Unlike Madness which deals damage over time, Lightning Sorcerers mostly deal direct energy damage (although some regular effects are necessary for the cycle to run smoothly).

Primary attacks are normally cast (hence stationary) but there is a certain amount of buff that allows these spells to activate immediately. In other words, the Eclairs discipline provides a DPS provided while keeping a mobility really correct and staying at distance of the enemy.

We are at the beginning of an extension so this is the result of previous experience and personal practice. This is not exhaustive and may well turn out to be different with other players, I also remind you that the "cycle" must be adapted to the combat situation.


Unique adversary

It is essential to always start a fight with your Affliction because this allows you to do a self-criticism with your most devastating attack, Lightning Explosion. In addition, it inflicts damage over time which is not negligible and corresponds to 12.5% ​​of your total DPS.

At the start of the fight, I use my Polarity change for optimum speed.

Then, the Lightning Flash will grant you a buff that will reduce the casting time of your Crushing Darkness that you will launch immediately after. This DoT inflicts heavy damage and above all places a buff on the opponent which increases the effectiveness of all your force attacks!

So you end up with 2 DoTs, knowing that you won't have to hand over theAffliction because it reactivates automatically each time Crushing Darkness so think, once the cooldown of theObscurite Overwhelming finished, to do Lightning Flash + Crushing Darkness. You will therefore no longer have to place your affliction and will benefit from the self-criticism and effectiveness of the enhanced force powers.

At that point you have to let go of everything.

You launch thelightning explosion (which will necessarily make a critical hit and allow you to activate your Successive Lightning instant). Then run your force speed (yes yes): this will allow you to activate in instant 2x Lightning Bolt (this attack replaces Lightning Strike). We are therefore left with the possibility of launching 3 instantaneous attacks (1 Successive lightning and 2 Lightning bolts)

You then activate your Carefree (increases critical chance of 60 attacks by 2%). At this point, you launch your Successive Lightning then your 2 Lightning Bolt.

Then spam theLightning Bolt and use your offensive CDs (Polarity change et Carefree) the most possible. Think carefully about your Lightning explosion : it inflicts monstrous damage.

Mainly integrate the Force Speed to your cycle because the 2 snapshots save you 3 seconds of activation time (2 * 1,5).

I also advise never to use your Carefree before launching your Lightning explosion because it is useless. With l'Affliction, it criticizes automatically.

L'lightning successive can be activated instantly thanks to theLightning explosion but also thanks to Lightning bolts (every 10 seconds).


Image cycle


For a group of enemies

There are no actual codes, everyone does what they want, I usually do:

Storm of Force, Speed ​​of Force, Instant Lightning Bolt x2, Successive Instant Lightning Bolt.


So here everyone does according to the group, according to the boss, according to himself. I list the most useful for the flash specialty (you can only choose 7):

  • Skill
  • mastery
  • Heroic
  • Storm mastery : Storm of Force + 25% (multi targets).
  • Sith distrust : Damage reduction by 3% (for the healer).
  • Empty body : Increased healing by 10% (for healers).
  • Double Electrochoc : Double Shock (single target).
  • Emersion : Force speed that dispels disabling effects (useful for eliminating slowing).
  • Corrupted Skin : Reduces damage from regular effects by 15% (useful for powerful dowries).
  • Force Mobility : Lightning explosion active on the move (mobility).
  • Force haste : Force speed couldown reduction (mobility + cycle).

Equipment and Optimization

I mainly equip myself with Power-Surge. The caps to be reached (buffed) are:

  • Precision : 110%
  • Critical : 25%
  • Influx : 75%
  • Engime : the most possible.

I recommend reaching the Precision cap through improvements, in order to favor Power / Surge sophistication. Then, the other buffs must be Willpower in order to reach the critical cap of 25%.

I do not put Alacrity because it is useless in specialization lightning (2 spells can be instantaneous, CD of alacrity, buff of reduction of activation time, it is more than enough). It is better to prioritize potency (which increases base damage) and surge (which increases critical hit damage).

The main stat should be on upgrades as it increases all of your stats.



After a session on a pole of 5 min buffed (non-stimulated) with the caps (except accuracy 109%). Here are the different statics:

With a cap of 25% crit, thanks to all buffs, you still have 42% successful critical hits. The numbers here are an average, as an example, and can be improved a lot (don't waste time and make mistakes, that's all.)


Thanks for reading me. I await your comments, your opinions and your questions for my very first guide.

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