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New info on the future of Defiance has been given again, during the livestream Across the Badlands, broadcast after each episode in the USA. A member of the official English-speaking forums, Vuule, took care of compiling all this information, and I suggest you the translation of his work.

Clarification: this information is not necessarily additions during the next update Enter the Castithans.



  • Challenge any other player in the world in a 1 on 1 match.
  • The duel is over when one of the players is killed or forfeited.
  • The losing player is automatically revived without penalty of scrips.


Charge weapons

  • You can hold down the attack button to charge the weapon for maximum effect.
  • Each weapon class will have different properties, modified by their charge effects.
  • Types of Charge Weapons: Snipers, Pistols, Sawed-off Shotgun.


Arena missions

  • There will be an important character Castithan in the game that will need to be found and you will be invited to participate in underground combat arenas.
  • Series of challenges will be associated with these arenas, modifying the configuration, adding traps, etc.


Castithan swords

  • By completing the mission associated with the arenas, you will find a Castithane sword.
  • It can also be found in chests.
  • You will be able to equip it in a configuration.
  • It can be used at any time, but there will be a significant risk in using it at the wrong time or against the wrong enemy.
  • Press the attack button once to do a quick attack.
  • Keep pressing the attack button to charge the sword.


4-seater vehicle

  • You will be able to drive vehicles, allowing four to climb inside.


Volges Headquarters

  • New events involving the Volges will be implemented.
  • When the alert sounds, get to the point of attack as quickly as possible.
  • Collaborate with other Pillarches to collect resources.
  • The Volges offer the biggest challenge you can face.

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