East Zone

This area, adjacent to the Black Citadel, is the "normal" starting point for Charr characters from level 1 to 15.


We have 5 types of points of interest:

  •  : mission (301)
  •  : waypoint (507)
  • : remarkable site (717)
  •   : skill challenge (202)
  •  : panoramas (266)

In parenthesis, I indicated the number of points of interest in the world. What to take care of, isn't it! Each time you discover all of these points of interest for a given area, you unlock a chest full of gifts. Rest assured, I'll help you sort it out.


In this area we have 16 , 19  17  and 10  . I will only detail the points that merit explanation. You will easily find the other points thanks to the cards of each part:

  • west area
  • center zone
  • east area 
 On most screens, I leave the interface so that you can locate yourself thanks to the minimap. Take advantage of it?


West Zone

This small area protected by a wall is for characters just starting their adventure. The only "difficulty" of this part concerns the panorama of Lake Feritas. Although to access it, it's really simple, you just have to reassemble the pipe from the scrapyard:

If you are wondering how to get to the junkyard (and therefore the mission and the remarkable site), it is via the northeast side. You can tell the road when you know it (or you can go under the pipe if you are not afraid of leaks and rust):

Before leaving this area (by the passage to the south of Lake Feritas) consider going to validate the remarkable site of the Tela chain in the far north-west and the site of the village of Fumerolles (you have to enter the house). These points do not present any particular difficulties but are quickly forgotten.


Center Zone

Will be detailed:

  • Panoramas
    • Bois du martyre, camping de Temperus
    • Victor's Presidium
    • Adoréa Lake
  • Vault
    • Caveau crossing point
    • Tomb of Barradin
  • Some mission tips
    • Blayd Fouailletripe
    • Gavros Spiritueur



Bois du martyre, camping de Temperus

To get there, climb the rock from the north, northwest. You will have to do a little leapfrog from rock to rock to access the panorama, at the top.


Victor's Presidium

It is accessed from the southwest, on the side of the tents (they are behind my back on the screen below). Help yourself to the various rocks, the path then climbs quietly, turning around the hill.


Adoréa Lake

This panorama gave me a lot of worries because it is not easy to find the access. In fact, it is a small passage, at the back of the mountain, at the level of the beginning of the lake to the east. A veteran minotaur guards the entrance, if he runs into you, it's there! Once found, there is only one road: stone steps and a plank will allow you to access the panorama.

Do not go straight down from the panorama, the water is not deep enough: /



Caveau crossing point

It is ... in a vault. Logical, you will say to me, it is still necessary to find the entry. The latter is on the main road that leads from the village of Fumerolles to the Triomphe du Charr (you can see it on my mini-map):


Tomb of Barradin

Once inside, follow the logical path (there is only one road). Watch out for silts ... and in particular an elite (veteran red silt) who will try to block your way to Barradin's tomb:


Some mission tips

Blayd Fouailletripe

His mission is to help the bloody legion at Temperus Camp: feel free to go all the way north to Calhaan's lair (site to the left of the text Bois du martyre). You will find many ghosts there to validate your objective faster.


Gavros Spiritueur

Here you need to help the Spirit Hunter's camp. Go south to enter the ruins of the abbey, beyond the road. You will find in this place full of ghosts and torches to light.


See the hero standing in front of you and find inspiration! Pyre Fiertir, destroyer of the Legion of the Flame, led us to freedom in the face of religious tyranny. We owe him all that we are.


East Zone

Will be detailed:

  • The knocked down wall
  • Ruins of the City of Ascalon
  • Pit of Wailing
  • Agnos Gorge (Phasmatis Corridor)
  • Escarpment tower (Cadem forest)
  • Fableclaw Reach


The knocked down wall

To reach this panorama, access is via my left on the screen below, the panorama being at the top, on my right (unfortunately invisible from here). You will have to jump on some stones but the path is obvious once you have found the start.


Ruins of the City of Ascalon

In these ruins, there is a hilltop panorama. Walk past a piece of rubble with an inscription (clickable element):

In front of you rises the Great North Rempart. Built in 898 AE to repel invaders. He performed his duty for almost 200 years. It was then that the legions took their mission seriously.

And find right next to the stairs I'm standing in front of:

From the upper platform, you can reach the top of the walls and by skipping some improvised stairs and climb up to the panorama (you will have to go to the end of the wall and then retrace your steps). The skill challenge is also in these ruins, in a building in better condition, you will have to go through this staircase to access it:


Pit of Wailing

This panorama is well guarded! You will have to start by making your way through the mist and defend yourself against terrible vampire bats before coming up against an impassable wall. Because, to access this panorama, there is no climbing point here, but exploration in a cave, to the south of the panorama, guarded by very unfriendly trolls (including several veterans). The entrance is just on my right below:


Agnos Gorge (Phasmatis Corridor)

This panorama will put your Mario skills to the test. Access is from the north-west face as you can see below. The road goes around the rock and will ask you to master your jumps (avoid falls, the hilly area is opposite the access ...).


Escarpment tower (Cadem forest)

This panorama is simple in itself, there is a wooden access ramp at the same level as the crossing point of the Escarpment Tower. But be careful because this area is often contested by ogres and many elites roam the camp.


Fableclaw Reach

You have to go around the rock to the west, you will see a sort of path with steps that allow you to climb. Watch out for the Separatist Catapult, if you see a big red circle around you move or you'll end up with your butt on the ground!


It's over for this area. See you soon for new discoveries, certainly among our tree friends, the Sylvari!

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