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On August 2, a question and answer session took place on reddit with Scot Lane, Executive Producer for End of Nations. A summary of the information collected is essential!

EoN is a fast paced tactical MOBA in a military environment.
Lead your hero into battle to find out who will dominate

More specifically, in relation to the reasons for the gender change:

  • the change was made out of interest, the old model was aimed at too small an audience.
  • the old selling point of 32vs32 matches did not interest many people in the beta with very few high-profile matches and a lot of frustration

Some information about the current game:

  • addition of a tactical level adding more diversity in the games.
  • the hero is not affected by the point system.
  • the game will have a 3 line card, like traditional MOBAs, but it will have no turns.
  • the biggest current card is 4 vs 4 but they are planning to go as far as 8 or even 12.
  • PvE maps, in cooperation, will be planned with big bosses.
  • EoN sits between MOBA and RTS (or even RTS Action), taking some functionality from two / three genres without being a DotA clone.
  • the game can be compared to Warcraft 3, with no bases to build and with items purchasable in the middle of the map / game. The theme is military, with more heroes.
  • EoN is focused on the battle, you choose your units and your hero and move on!
  • the pace is faster than an RTS, more dynamic than a MOBA.
  • you can destroy tanks through satellite attacks.
  • they want to set up features dedicated to eSports. The clans are already there and the spectator mode is planned.
  • the QA (quality assurance) team is involved in the process beyond the detection of bugs.
  • weekly updates are applied to the alpha.
  • at level 5, minions gain abilities.
  • future updates will add heroes, maps, and modifications, depending on community demand.
  • the story will continue to be highlighted through in-game videos, card introductions, in-game items as well as on the web.
  • however, a campaign is not planned.

And more personally, for Scot:

  • his favorite unit is the Nightrain, an air support unit that donates equipment and upgrades, heals company members and attacks lasers.
  • he loves to play support (Patriot)
  • his favorite games: EoN, WWE All Stars, BGDA2, Hunter, VP3 and an old game called DGen.
  • his favorite MOBA / RTS: the CIV series, Age of Empires and of course all of Warcraft.

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