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Becoming a werewolf, at first glance, can be off-putting. Hair everywhere, a clear tendency to be a little soupy and to find yourself naked in the middle of the woods when the day breaks. But becoming a werewolf could also prove beneficial in many ways.

Much like vampire disease, being a werewolf has both advantages and disadvantages. And again like her, there are two ways to get bitten by either a playful werewolf or not an NPC.


Get bitten

To do this, you must first find some and that is not necessarily the easiest. I have not yet found any sources that indicated possible locations, but a priori, they would mostly be grouped in high level areas. If we compare to vampires, certainly in zones 37-44. A quest in Mournhold, town of the Ebonheart Pact, sends you up against waves of werewolves, a good way to get bitten. Another quest in Aldcroft for the Daggerfall Alliance sends you to face them as well.

Once bitten, you receive a quest, "Hircine's Gift" and, once done, you are officially a werewolf, with the skills that go well.

The other way to become a lycanthrope is to get bitten by a player who already has the disease.



Unlike the Vampire, whose skills are more based on Magic, those of the Werewolf call on Stamina. Much like a pack, the werewolf becomes more and more effective if it is grouped with other werewolves.

The active skills already allow you to transform yourself into a werewolf at first, via the ultimate skill. Once naked, your skills will allow you, in addition to attacking enemies, to scare them and support your allies by increasing their damage or their transformation time.

Passive skills are mostly stamina based, increasing your gauge or lowering skill cost. One of the passive skills will allow you to transform another player into a werewolf, once every 7 days.


Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the werewolf is its power. As you transform, you hit harder, run faster, have more armor and stamina. In addition, you inflict bleeding on your enemies, as well as fear, which is very handy for controlling them. Although you only have two actual attacks, they do a lot of damage. Also, a werewolf slaps harder, runs faster, and has more armor.

But in return, you will be very vulnerable to poison. 50% more damage to be precise. Granted, there are few poison-using skills in the game, but if you do run into an archer, run away quickly! A member of the Guild of Warriors could also very easily transfer you from life to death. The guild's passive talent, Seasoned Tracker, allows them to use their skills usually reserved for undead and daedra, also on werewolves. You might as well say that he will quickly become one of your worst enemies.


So, Vampire or Werewolf?

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