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    ESO - Becoming vampire

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    Want to become a vampire? If so, you can become a vampire if you want to. With of course the advantages and disadvantages that such a change implies.

    Much like when you decide to join a guild of NPCs, such as Warriors or Mages, becoming a vampire will give you a choice of several active and passive abilities. But first of all, you have to contract the disease to become a vampire. For this, two choices are available to you:

    • either you find an NPC vampire, which will launch you a series of quests that will give you access to the Vampire skill line
    • either you get bitten by another player


    Vampire NPC


    Vampires are very hard to find, and inevitably only at night. And besides, only a certain type of vampire will be able to transmit the disease to you, the Bloodfiends.

    You will find them in groups of three, a priori in zones 37-44, so in Bangkoraï, the Breach and the March of the Camarde. Teso-life has already spotted a few places of occurrence in Bangkorai:


    Once the disease has been contracted, all you have to do is go to the Oratory near the town of Abondance to talk to Vorundil, who will send you either for treatment or, if you decide to engage in the path of vampirism, to the Blood Matron's Crypt to start a level 38 questline.

    Elsinnia, a big thank you, invites you to discover this series of quests in his video (spoiler attention):


    Vampire player

    Once you have become a vampire, a passive talent will allow you to initiate one of your friends (or victims) to Vampirism, Blood Ritual. Available only once a week, You will need to go to the Vampire Altar.

    Here is for the moment the location of the Bangkorai altar, thanks again to Teso-life:


    Benefits and drawbacks

    As a Vampire, you will need to feed yourself regularly. For that, you will have to slip behind someone stealthily and use the contextual skill. If you do not eat, after a certain time, you will reach different levels of hunger, giving you certain disadvantages and advantages.

    • 1st level: 30 minutes - 50% more Fire damage
    • Level 2: 60 minutes - Health regeneration -25%, 50% more Fire damage, cost of vampire skills reduced by 20%
    • Level 3: 90 minutes - Health regeneration -50%, 50% more Fire damage, cost of vampire skills reduced by 40%
    • Level 4: 120 minutes - Health regeneration -75%, 50% more Fire damage, cost of vampire skills reduced by 60%

    Becoming a Vampire makes you very sensitive to Fire, so you'll have to avoid all kinds of heat sources if you don't want to find yourself all crimson. Over time, your character will also change, with your eyes turning red and skin tone paler.



    Rest assured, this state can be reversed. Once infected, all you need to do is go to Vorundil, who will send you to a Priest of Arkay in Abundance, who will heal you for a price.



    • Active
    • passive
    • Drain d'essence : Stuns the target and inflicts damage. The player recovers health and stamina from this damage.
    • Mist shape : Damage taken reduced and made immune to healing and controlling spells.
    • Flock of Bats : Summons a swarm of bats that deal damage.
    • Leech : after eating, the target is knocked out.
    • Supernatural recovery : increases Magic and Stamina.
    • Blood ritual : allows you to convert a player into a Vampire every 7 days.
    • Non-life : Increases damage when player health is below 50%.
    • Supernatural resistance : Health regeneration is increased in Hunger Levels 2-4.
    • Black tracker : increases speed while being invisible.

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