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You will certainly have noticed, given the many articles that appeared out of nowhere with the snap of a finger, the NDA for TESO has been lifted for some media, of which we are fortunate to be a part. We have therefore prepared all kinds of articles for you to discover a little more about this game, with of course our feelings on it.

But since we are open-minded, we said to ourselves that we could go and see what is being said elsewhere, in particular thanks to Teso-life, which has prepared a whole host of what has been said about the media.

It's Massively who starts the ball rolling, with a very scathing review of the game:

In practice, I felt the thing a little adrift. At no time did I have the feeling of action that I have had on other titles like Wildstar or TERA. The characters appear to move slowly, swaying, with simple combat mechanics. Block this, interrupt that, dodge that again. And choosing the wrong action won't work - you can't block something that needs to be interrupted or dodged. Again, maybe this is second nature to fans of the single player game, I don't know.

Unless you are a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls series, you cannot recommend this game at this time. It's yet another fantasy MMO in an already packed genre. And I'm just not convinced.


Well, sacred entry point. After all, everyone has their own opinions. That of Pcgamer is more contrasted, but advises caution.

None of my worries are insurmountable, even with the April launch approaching. With servers populated and with more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, TESO can be a decent MMO, although I'm not convinced it will be one of the “big guys”. But Bethesda has already launched preorders, and at a steep price. Based on what I was able to play, I would advise waiting to see the finished product.


IGN's article, written by Leif Johnson, offers a different perspective, that of a console gamer, and dwells on what to expect from the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

If my experience with the gamepad is similar to what Zenimax planned for the console versions, it is likely that we have the best basis for a console MMORPG. It works really well because it stays true to the roots of the series, and they cleverly avoid the trap of offering too many skills to handle with a controller. With this in mind, TESO already seems to be triumphing.


It's the turn of, with an article by William Murphy, which presents the good and the bad aspects of TESO according to him. Notably the graphics engine, which doesn't really satisfy him, as well as the slower-than-expected character progression and hard-to-obtain loots. However, he acknowledges that TESO is able to immerse the player in the world of Tamriel with a very well developed "lore".

Two months before launch, TESO looks polished, polished, and ready to go. It's nowhere near a copy of WoW, SWTOR, or whatever. He appears to be a real Elder Scrolls online. It is already an achievement in itself, to realize an MMORPG AAA, which is not a clone of another, but rather a logical continuation of a series.


Well, what different opinions. We can already see that some opinions diverge, but after all, the best way to get an idea is to see it for yourself? Remembering that the NDA is still active, so no right to speak or broadcast images or videos of the game.

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