ESO - Matt Firor: What's Next - March 14

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The final beta weekend has started tonight, and TESO's release is just over two weeks away. On this occasion, Matt Firor tells us more about what awaits us later on the official site. Here is a summary:

  • First of all, Matt thanks everyone who took part in the beta, whether it was the "closed" beta or the stress tests: "your help was invaluable".
  • Thanks to these tests, they were able to make many discoveries, sometimes going in the direction of what they thought (98% of the characters had a unique appearance) and sometimes not, as for example in the case of the tutorial islands which have been modified following the returns.
  • The stress tests were also used to adjust their server infrastructures and their data centers located in North America and Europe. We thus learn that the datacenter "in North America is already fully operational, the one located in Europe still requires some adjustments before being launched", but that the location does not affect the gaming experience in any way. they were able to see it during the stress tests.
  • Matt takes the opportunity to make a parenthesis on the lags that could be there during the last test: according to him they were linked to a bug (now fixed) and affected all players, regardless of their location.
  • Still on the theme of megaservers, we learned that they are already planning to increase their hosting capacities (for the two megaservers) following the number of registrations for the beta.
  • At launch, the two mega-servers (US and EU) will be hosted in the North American data center, but when the European data center opens, the migration will be automatic and transparent to gamers.
  • At launch again, and to avoid queues, overflow servers will be set up. If the planned capacity is exceeded, they will come into play and allow players to create their characters and play normally, but with a few less features (PvP, social), then will be seamlessly reintegrated into the megaserver when the situation is. back to normal.
  • Finally, Matt tells us that we will soon know more about the first major update called Raidelorn containing new PvE content that can be replayed in groups; but also that declining subscription prices will be put in place at the exit.

As usual, for all the details, do not hesitate to go directly to the source?

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