ESO - Patch-Notes 1.2.0 version PTS

Raidelorn has barely been released, and we already have news of the upcoming major game update. Here are the details!


Major changes / Updates / New features

Crypt of Hearts Veteran Dungeon

  • The Veteran Crypt of Hearts is open! The Lich Nerien'eth returns to inflict endless torment on the spirits trapped in the original Crypt of Hearts. Fight against mysterious Daedra to end up facing the Lich itself and free these souls by discovering these never-before-seen content. The Veteran Crypt of Hearts continues the story that began in the first dungeon. This Veteran dungeon is designed for groups of characters of Veteran rank 12.


Field of view scroll bar

  • Our new Field of View slider bar lets you change the field of view when playing in first person. You will be able to go from the minimum field of view of 70 to the maximum of 130.
  • You can find the scroll bar settings in Settings> Camera, and in the First Person section.
  • Your settings will be saved for each character.


Improved ability to interact

  • You can now interact with weapons and armor found in the game world.
    • These items are of low quality but can be used if needed.
    • These items sell for 0 gold.
    • These items can be upgraded by crafting.
    • These items can be dismantled, but they produce very little inspiration and rarely usable resources.


Projected window textures

  • Since an image is better than a long speech, take a look at these images of our new projected window textures:


Viewing Solo and Group content

  • All loading doors and screens will now display the type of instance you are about to enter. For example, the door leading to Tressefuseau will now read "Tressefuseau (Group Instance)".



Zenimax continues class balancing and has fixed a lot of bugs related to skill usage, first person play. Also, we will find fixes to improve the game experience and not get frustrated at not being able to advance in the game.

See the details of the fixes

Alliance War

  • Fortress Archers now receive Enhanced Damage Skills from Fort Upgrades.
  • New daily quests have been added to kill enemy classes. You will find them on the bonus tables.


Combat & Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where skills that can be interrupted were not receiving the correct visual signal.
  • NPCs' health will no longer be out of sync when competing in certain staging.
  • Automatic Mass Control Immunity and Mass Control Breaking Immunity will now protect you from the same types of Mass Control.
  • Heavy bow attacks will no longer result in monsters turning into zombies.
  • The first person camera will no longer shake when walking backwards while crouching.
  • When attacking right after landing from a jump, your torso will no longer twist in a physics-defying way.
  • Monster death animations will now play normally when near an area border.
  • Removing a disguise will no longer result in a one-time distortion of your character's proportions.
  • Fixed an issue where returned projectiles would sometimes create a mirror image that did not deal damage.
  • Fixed an issue where, in the case of multiple single target skills, the caster would not turn to his target.
  • All weapon skills now correctly trigger weapon enchantments.
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck in a doorway during the final boss encounter in Veteran Darkshade Caverns.
  • Group bosses in the March of the Camarde will no longer be Weaknesses.
  • Weapon enchantment effects will no longer hit targets that successfully dodge the primary attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Cashout (buff applied to blocking characters) was being removed by multiple character skills.
  • Black Blades will no longer attract aggression from monsters when using Cloak of Shadows during the Dream Walk into the Heart of Darkness quest.
  • Running in first-person stealth mode while having a bow equipped will no longer cause the camera to wobble.
  • Characters can no longer be attacked until the game login load is complete.

Dragon knight

  • Burning flame
    • Extended Chains (Burning Grip morph): Decreased the cost of this skill.
    • Burning Grip: This skill will no longer taunt monsters that are already taunted.
    • Tongue of Fire (Lava Lash morph): Increased damage and healing of the chain attack activated by this skill.
    • Molten Whip (Lava Lash morph): The effect of this passive skill present in the bar only applies to the Burning Flame skill line and no longer to all flame damage.
  • Dragon power
    • Dragon Leap: This skill no longer has a minimum range.
    • Scorching Talons (Dark Talons morph): Decreased the number of times this skill's repeated damage occurs by one.
  • Earthly heart
    • Igneous Shield (Obsidian Shield morph): This skill now increases your healing to allies for 5 seconds rather than increasing your shield value.
    • Petrify: This skill now deals damage to enemies when the effect ends.

Black blade

  • Assassination
    • Assassin's Blade: The visual effects of this skill are now more visible.
    • Incapacitation (Haste morph): This skill now increases heavy attack damage.
    • Assassination Mastery: This passive skill now increases spell power in addition to weapon power. The duration of its stunned effect has also been added to its tooltip.
    • Mark of the Reaper (Marked Target morph): The weapon and spell damage buffs from this skill no longer stack. The duration of the damage buff will now reset for each victim.
  • Ombre
    • Path of Shadows: Increased the damage of this skill. It is now visible to other players. Additionally, fixed an issue where this skill was stacking more times than intended on a target.
    • Refreshing Path: This skill now heals your allies and the healing done is slightly improved.
    • Refreshing Shadows: This passive skill is now always active, and no longer requires the use of another skill.
  • siphon
    • Sinking Strikes (Siphoning Strikes morph): The tooltip for this skill now displays the correct percentage of health recovery.
    • Stream of Magic: This skill now correctly increases your maximum Magicka.
    • Siphoning Strikes: This skill now restores slightly less resources and it will no longer desynchronize your resource bar when used.
    • Soul Siphon (Soul Laceration morph): Changed the tooltip for this skill to be more consistent with other tooltips and fixed an issue so that the upgrade tooltip now reads as it deals less damage than the basic skill.
    • Discord: Addressed an issue where the red glow from this skill was lasting longer than intended.


  • Black magic
    • Crystal Blast (Crystal Shard morph): Increased the area-of-effect damage of this skill.
    • Crystal Fragments: The sounds and visual effects indicating the launch of this skill are now more noticeable.
    • Black Pact (Black Exchange morph): You can now move while channeling this skill. Improved armor and spell resistance have been removed.
    • Enclosing Prison (Rune Prison morph): when this skill is removed from a character, other targets no longer have their graphic effects removed in the process.
  • Daedric Summon
    • General Summon Improvements
      • Your pets will now stealth with you when crouching.
      • You can now assign your pets a target to attack.
        • Press Y and left mouse click to make them attack a target.
        • Press Y and right click the mouse to make them come back to you.
      • The Lightning Atronach will now cancel its cast when told to change targets. He can also switch targets faster, resulting in slightly higher damage.
      • Your pets will no longer taunt other enemies while on a mount.
    • Reduction: Changed the tooltip for this skill to indicate that the pet restores Magic when it dies or when you un-summon it.
    • Hardened Protection (Summoned Protection morph): This skill now has a unique icon.
    • Summon Exploding Familiar: This skill's tooltip now indicates that it explodes when un summoned.
  • Call of the storm
    • Lightning Quickness: After using this skill, using it again within 4 seconds will cost you 50% more.
    • Disintegrate: Changed the tooltip for this skill to display the amount of damage.
    • Lightning Form: This skill now deals damage on each occurrence.
    • Lightning Disc: Changed the tooltip to clearly indicate the amount of damage inflicted.
    • Overload: Significantly increased the cost and light attack damage of this skill. Make the lightning strike!
    • Power Overload: No longer uses the same skill bar as the werewolf.


  • Daedric Lance
    • Burning Spear (Spear Shards morph): Moderate increased damage over time from this skill.
    • Fortifying Sweep (Radial Sweep morph): Instead of increasing your armor, this ultimate ability now grants 15% damage reduction and + 4% damage reduction for each target hit.
    • Concentrated Charge: We've clarified the tooltip for this skill. It now indicates that it only sounds targets that are casting a spell.
    • Piercing Strikes: An impact sound effect is now triggered on hits against Tier III, Tier IV, and the final blow.
    • Piercing Sweep (Piercing Strikes morph): This skill now heals you based on damage done.
    • Spear Shards: This skill no longer disorients targets that have dodged.
  • Wrath of Dawn
    • Blinding Lightning (Blinding Light morph): Increased the duration of this skill. In addition, the animation of unbalanced monsters by Blinding Lightning is now only played once.
    • Blinding Light: Missing a percussion attack while under the effect of Blinding Light now unbalances the target.
    • Searing Light: Increased the damage of this skill.
  • Illuminated recovery
    • Cleansing Ritual: Decreased the particle effects of this skill to make other effects more visible.
    • Focused Healing: This passive ability now grants a healing power buff to Rite of Passage and its morphs.
    • Remembrance (Rite of Passage morph): Damage reduction now persists for the duration of the summon. The tooltip has been changed accordingly.
    • Repentance (Aura of Restoration morph): The ray effect of this skill no longer appears a second time when approaching a body after moving out of range.
    • Rite of Passage: This ultimate skill now allows critical hits and makes you immune to mass control when channeled.
    • Ritual of Rebirth: This skill now heals the caster for the same amount as the other morph, Lingering Ritual.


  • Precise Aim (Sniping morph): The tooltip for this skill now displays the duration of the effect.
  • Hawk Eye: Poison Arrow's lingering damage now benefits from this passive skill.
  • Long Range: The bonus from this passive skill is now applied to enemies over 40 yards.
  • Large Caliber (Collected Shot morph): The animation of this skill is no longer interrupted if used while silenced or stationary.

Staff of destruction

  • Mighty Wave (Force Wave morph): The Tier III tooltip for this skill now displays the correct amount of damage.
  • Impulse: When an enemy is first wounded by this skill, the target will now display a reaction to the hit.

Two weapons

  • General:
    • Hitting an unbalanced enemy with a heavy two-weapon attack now grants bonus damage for both hits.
    • Heavy two-weapon attacks against an unbalanced enemy now knock enemies off at the right time.
  • Flurry of Blows: This skill is now correctly animated even if the first occurrence is dodged.
  • Sharp and Blunt: This passive skill is now based on weapon damage instead of spell damage.
  • Whirlwind: This skill no longer increases the damage of weapon enchantments.

A hand and a shield

  • General:
    • All one-handed and shield skills now require you to have a one-handed weapon and shield equipped in order to activate them.
  • Vibrate (Mighty Shield Bash morph): This skill now correctly reduces an enemy's spell power.

Recovery stick

  • Steadfast Defense: Fixed the tooltip for this skill to match what it does. Tooltip no longer says it only heals allies in front of you.

Two-handed weapon

  • Thrill of Battle: Fixed a typo in the tooltip for this passive skill.
  • Critical Rush (Critical Charge morph): This skill no longer increases the damage of weapon enchantments.
  • Heavy Weapons: This passive skill is now based on weapon damage instead of spell damage. Additionally, it no longer occurs when there is zero damage at lower levels. The ax damage modifier at Rank I will now be lower than that of Rank II, as it should.
  • Ravage (Uppercut morph): The damage bonus from this skill is no longer calculated twice.

Light Armor

  • Recovery II: Fixed a typo in the tooltip for this passive skill.

Medium armor

  • Dodge: The triggered opacity effect of this skill will no longer disappear prematurely when an enemy dies.

Warriors Guild

  • General: All additional effects of Warrior Guild skills now work against vampire characters.
  • Silver Leash: This skill now displays the correct sound effect animation when used on Undead or Daedra.

Mages Guild

  • Entropy: Addressed an issue where the damage of this skill was not scaling correctly between Ranks I and II.
  • Ice Comet: This skill now slows all nearby enemies instead of just the initial enemy target.
  • Meteor: This skill now always deals area-of-effect damage, even if blocked.


  • Inner Fire: This skill can now crit.

Magic of souls

  • Soul Assault: The tooltip for this skill now displays the correct slow motion value.


  • General: Fixed an issue where light and heavy attacks were interrupted when transitioning from werewolf state to normal while under the effect of mass control.


  • Swarm of Bats: The tooltip for this skill now displays the correct duration.
  • Mistform: This skill can no longer be interrupted.

Support (Alliance War)

  • Purge: The name of this skill will now display its rank.
  • Refreshing Barrier (Barrier morph): We've clarified the tooltip for this skill to show the correct amount of restored magic.

Dark Elf Passive Skills

  • Talent for the Flame: Ranks II and III of this passive now grants the correct amount of bonus spell damage to fire attacks.

Death recap

  • New clues have been added to the Recap. dead
  • It will no longer be indicated that the attacks were carried out by “off-line 1” in the Summary. dead
  • Recap's potion clue. death will now only display if your potion is not on a cooldown.
  • Fixed several occurrences of skills showing up with an incorrect name in the Recap. dead


  • General
    • Soul Stones: Updated the Soul Stones tooltip to indicate the exact level at which they are effective.
  • Glyphs & Traits
    • General:
      • Equipping weapons with the same trait in your primary armament and secondary armament will no longer result in their bonus stacking.
      • Corrected grammar or capitalization errors for many glyph tooltips.
    • Energized: This weapon trait now reduces the cooldown of the following glyphs:
      • Blunt
      • Robust
      • Mad
      • Weakening
    • Infused: This trait now applies to the Armor Reduction enchantment and grants a bonus to the shield enchantment.
  • Item sets
    • General:
      • Fixed an issue where some items were granting the wrong amount of spell crit, critical hit, physical resistance, or spell resistance.
      • Fixed typos in the tooltips for the following item sets:
        • Affliction
        • Clemence d'Almalexia
        • Coat of arms of Cyrodiil
        • Hircine varnish
        • Remuneration of Blancserpent
    • Apprentice's Outfit: This item set now affects 6 targets instead of an infinite number of targets.
    • Peace of Azura: This item set bonus now functions correctly.
    • Grace of the Ancients: Clarified the tooltip for this item set and its bonuses.
    • Hircine Varnish: This set's bonus no longer disappears when a party member dies.
    • Relics of Doctor Ansur: This item set now properly increases healing granted.
    • Curse of Shalidor: Clarified the tooltip for this item set and its bonuses.
    • Luminous Soul: This item set is now able to reflect spells with a casting time.
    • Retribution: This item set now correctly grants health recovery on death.
    • Worm Outfit: This set's bonus no longer disappears when a party member dies.


Crafts & Economy

  • Alarice, a Belkarth Merchant, now sells the correct goods for her shop type.


Dungeon & group content

  • Fixed several issues that caused monsters to not get stuck during encounters.
  • Fixed several instances where summoned monsters were not properly resetting from resetting their encounter.
  • Fixed a series of issues where characters would get stuck in the game world.
  • Fixed several issues where bosses did not have their usual immunities.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters summoned into Veteran dungeons were granting Veteran points when they shouldn't have been.


  • Arx Corinium
    • Fixed an issue so that monsters will now grant the correct amount of experience and Veteran Points.
  • Dungeon forbidden
    • Fixed an issue where Guardian Voranil and Guardian Areldur would get stuck, ending their scene.
  • City of Ashes
    • Razor's Edge: Fixed an issue where Laeneval would not heal you.
    • Razor's Edge: Fixed an issue where Laeneval and Elolir would not launch into their dialogue.
    • Razor Master Erthas: Fixed an issue where Razor Master Erthas' corpse would disappear if killed while teleporting.
  • Crypt of Hearts
    • Fixed several issues where NPCs would not have dialogue if you were on the wrong quest.
  • mushroom
    • Fixed an issue where your progress could be stuck if a member of your party following the quest missed the victory against the first boss.
  • Storm Island
    • Commander Ohmanil: Fixed an issue where the boss would incorrectly reset when blocking his chained attack.
    • Stormy Neidir: Fixed an issue where destroying the stone would not necessarily end the storm.
  • Madness Chambers
    • Fixed an issue where background music would not play.
    • Ulguna Soulcleaver: Fixed an issue where “Spirit Flame” was not visible if you were too far away when casting the skill.
  • Egouts d'Haltevoie
    • Fixed an issue that could potentially stall your progress after the first boss.


  • Archive æthérienne
    • You will no longer be killed by the mysterious "lady mage".
    • The four teleporters furthest to the right after the Lightning Atronach will no longer incorrectly shift with the other eight.
    • The First Mages reinforced their ranks at the top of the tower with other standard bearers.
    • Enemies on one island will no longer be propelled to the other island by the sheer force of their hatred in order to attack you.
    • Teleporters near the Lightning Atronach will not activate until the Atronach is destroyed.
  • Citadel of Hel Ra
    • Enemies in Master Welwa's Arena now attack consistently.
    • Enemies on the ramparts will no longer chase after you when you are stuck in portals.
    • Gargoyles have scaled back their response to hits and now treat your attacks like bug bites.
    • As bloodthirsty as they are, Hel Ra's soldiers will stop trying to engage in combat with corpses.
    • Hel Ra's sturdy standard-bearer will no longer bleed with every hit.
    • Fixed an issue where the doors and portals of Hel Ra Citadel would not open if one of your party members logged out.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Veteran forbidden dungeon
    • High Patriarch Rilis: Fixed an issue where you could fall twice from a single levitation.
  • Veteran Mushroom Farm
    • Mephala Spawn: Fixed an issue where the portal could not work.
  • Veteran Scrapper
    • Blood Ties: Fixed an issue where if you didn't do the quest, you could see invisible NPCs.
    • Blood Ties: Fixed an issue where if you got logged out in the middle of the cutscene, it would get stuck for the whole group.
    • Blood Ties: Fixed an issue where Guardians South-Hareem and Mereel would not resume their cutscene after you reconnected in-game.
    • Fixed an issue where Flesh Atronachs would not become enraged correctly.


Exploration & objects

  • Relocation of certain collection sites so that they are not in the middle of a development or an inaccessible place.
  • Fixed an issue where a Raidelorn Necklace would appear as a staff when equipped.
  • Updated Belkarth vendors to now sell the correct items.
  • The Eyévea Mages Guild Vendor now sells non-veteran items.
  • The rewards for Imperial Edition Treasure Cards are now scaled to Veteran Ranks.
  • Updated the descriptive texts for some items you receive as quest rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where some quest rewards were being offered without any attach enchantments.
  • Fixed an issue where some items received as quest rewards did not have the correct icon.
  • Mercenary contracts now have the correct icon.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with an Obsidian Scar Blacksmith Table.
  • Fixed an issue where some items collected from random containers on top of RV1 could not be equipped even if you had the required Veteran rank.




  • Fixed an issue where subsequent NPCs would not respawn if you had to log out, or when leaving and then re-entering an area.
  • Fixed an issue where an event would get disabled for everyone when the character that activated the event died.
  • Fixed numerous issues where it was impossible to interact with items during a quest.
  • Fixed multiple occurrences where all characters in a party could not use the doors.
  • Ragnards will no longer be invisible during their wait animation.

Mages Guild

  • Forgotten Knowledge: Gutslayer will no longer get stuck, preventing the quest from continuing.

Warriors Guild

  • The Warrior Guild progress bar is now displayed when you complete the Dolmen.


  • Silsailen's Rescue: Extinguished fires will no longer deal damage.

Graht wood

  • Shadows of Corruption: Indaenir will now spawn to help you complete the quest.

The breach

  • Awakening Song: You will now hear the sound in the correct places in the quest.


  • If you have the quest "Towards Fort Virak", you can now complete it even after completing the objective of Fort Virak.
  • If you die in the Vanguard barracks, you will now arrive at the correct oratory.


  • Mysterious Metal: Magister Osanne will now only appear if you have the quest or haven't killed it yet.


  • Among the Indomitable: You can now reacquire this quest from Mordra, even if you abandon it.
  • Going back in time: Picking up the swords will add them nicely to your quest inventory.


  • Soul of the Survivors: All dungeon portals can now be used.

March of the Camarde

  • The Gates of Fire: Fixed an issue in Senelana that displayed the error message "No correct jump location was found" when attempting to jump to another player in your party.
  • Baan Dar Masquerade: Increased number of stranglers in the area.


  • A Long Winter: This quest will no longer be blocked if you log out while in the “Search General Endare Body” step.
  • Heads or Tails: You no longer need to leave the room to reset the puzzle.


  • Sara Benele at the Enchanted Scar now recites the correct welcome message if you've never met Astromancers before.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the game world.
  • Fixed an audio issue for caves and a few specific areas of Raidelorn.
  • Cave interesting area markers will now be full when you gain the cave achievement.
  • You can no longer leave the cutscene where you learn what happened to the Mage in "The Shattered and the Lost". This helps prevent the quest from getting stuck and impossible to complete.
  • Fixed compass needle issue in the "Elemental Army" and "The Missing Protector" quests.
  • Fixed compass needle issue in Molavar.
  • The book "The exhumation of Kardala" now allows you to discover the right place.
  • The portal to exit the Vision of the Thief Celestial is now indicated by a quest marker.
  • You can no longer resurrect during the boss fight with the Relentless Tide in the Sunken Sands.
  • Fixed some Wisps in Ciselcri Mine not moving as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to advance in the quest "Greater Power" when approaching Minerva. You can now talk to him to skip the cutscene step.
  • Fixed an issue where a request to interact with the Guardian's Seal in Hircine's Haunt was displayed for longer than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where magical anomalies would sometimes not drop loot for players.
  • It is now no longer possible to stay near lava without taking damage. Convection heat is fun!
  • Increased the difficulty of many creatures and bosses in Raidelorn Caverns.
  • Improved the stability of encounters in Rahni'Za.
  • Mzeklok in Rkundzelft will no longer rise sharply when attacked, and the area you can confront him in is now the correct size.
  • The scales in Shada's Tear have been adjusted so that you no longer have messages appearing when the camera angle is misaligned.
  • Spider Cocoons can no longer be accidentally targeted by player upgrade skills.
  • Adjusted the loot we receive from Arpions in Shada's Tear.
  • Adjusted many details that you will be able to review in the Raidelorn Boss Death Recap so that you can better understand what killed you.
  • Adjustments made to better protect you against spawning monsters in the Mage's Staff.



  • Fixed an issue where the map zoom would not work properly in Belkarth.
  • Map markers for other players in your party will now appear in the correct places.
  • Fixed an issue in various areas where quest markers did not match between the map and the compass.


  • Clarified the tooltip for the Armor of the Seductress.
  • Updated tooltip text for the Mage Trial set bonus.
  • Updated combat tips so that they indicate the correct keys once you reconfigure the corresponding keys.



  • Added additional sounds during screen shake effect.
  • Added music and ambient sounds in places where there was none.
  • Correction of sound volume inconsistencies in some audio dialogues.
  • Fixed some cases where audio dialog was inaudible.
  • Improved a number of sounds for Special Effects, Layouts, Monsters, Skills, and UI.
  • Fixed many typos and differences between audio dialogue and texts.
  • Balanced sound during combat.



  • Objects in the game world will load more smoothly when riding a horse.


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