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Devilian is now three weeks old and we're starting to see a lot of level 52 players some with very high proficiency levels. Cap 52 being quick to reach, sometimes in less than 24 hours depending on the techniques adopted, we asked ourselves the question of how the players managed to go so fast?

The different sources of experience

There are many sources of experience in Devilian, with some common to the operating systems of many MMOs. The list below groups all the sources according to their profitability (if this is not specified, it is not profitable for Devilian mode):

  • Monsters - Your first source of experience. Profitability Medium to High depending on your level.
  • Quests - Your second source of experience. Single source before level 20. Low profitability.
  • Daily quests - Identical to the previous category but the quests can be repeated every day with a limit of 15 per day and once per quest.
  • Elite quests - These quests are repeatable in the same day and grant more experience after several repetitions. Average profitability.
  • PvP - Accessible from certain levels. Profitability Low (normal) - Medium (Devilian)
  • The Combos - Kill multiple monsters at the same time (4+) - Profitability Low (normal) - Low (Devilian)
  • Dungeons - Complete a dungeon by killing the end boss. Profitability High (normal) - Medium (Devilian)
  • Torment Tower - 2 progression modes. Profitability Strong (normal and Devilian)

So if we analyze all of this, it turns out that the best source of experience in normal mode is doing dungeons, followed closely by the Tower of Torment. However, at a very low level (less than 15) quests are necessary and as profitable as the first dungeons. Regarding Devilian mode, Torment Tower is far ahead of all PvP instances and dungeons.

Experience bonuses

There are several more or less interesting experience bonuses to acquire in the game, and more or less expensive.

The first of these is permanent and applies to all sources of experience: the subscriber status. It grants + 25% permanent experience and can be purchased on the official website or for in-game DEXs. These DEXs are gems that earn virtual currency that can be used in stores or to acquire subscriber status. You can find them for sale at the Auction House for gold. This system is usual in Trion games: it allows players who can buy this item in real money and resell it in in-game gold coins. And conversely, to only pay for their subscription with in-game currency. (practical for big players).

The second experience bonus is the Elara's blessing. There are several versions:

  • Precursor: + 50% experience - 3d / 7d / 30d depending on the pack acquired.
  • Shop: + 50% experience - 1d / 3d / 7d depending on the one purchased.
  • Archicorindons: + 100% experience - 2 hours

Finally, there is one last source of experience bonuses: the potions of dungeon boost which increase the experience granted at the end of a dungeon by 50%. Subscribers receive 5 (automatically activated) per day when a character logs in. Completing 35 daily challenge points also gives you 5, directly in your inventory, to activate whenever you want, regardless of your account status. Finally, the last source of these stimulants is the possession of an area. When your guild has conquered a map, you can find one in the Infinite Hunting Ground area. You will then get the same effect but are the name of blessing of aira and it seems that these two are cumulative to have even more!


What high level use?

These resources will be used to reach level 52. You can of course follow the logical order of the quests but it will be a little longer than by using only the dungeons and elite quests. But what good can it do once you reach level 52?

On the one hand, when you are 52, your Devilian level will not have reached its maximum. You can therefore rely on these sources to increase its level more quickly. On the other hand, from level 50, you will be able to invest your experience points in masteries. These masteries include several categories which progress independently of each other. You can therefore choose to invest your experience in one of the categories. Each time one of them level up, you will have an ability point to invest in the various choices available to you. There are 5 categories:

  • Body : main statistics.
  • Bravery : damage / threat increases and reductions
  • Growth : experience bonus.
  • Economy : increase / decrease in resources / cost of gold
  • Devilian : Devilian statistics.

Each category has more or less levels to progress. It is advisable to increase the experience bonus in dungeon as a priority if you are aiming for a faster progression or then to increase the resistances or damage according to your need to face the hardest bosses.

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