ESO - Patch notes 1.4.6

Following this morning's maintenance, an update has been deployed. The latter mainly fixes issues related to quests and areas as well as some gameplay issues.

Combat and Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when one player throws a reflective skill and another throws a projectile back.
  • The Thief's Mundus Stone's Critical Damage Chance bonus will no longer stack.


  • Two weapons
    • Quick Strikes (Blast Flurries morph): Fixed an issue where the attack speed bonus from this skill was mistakenly added to other attack speed bonuses.
  • Two hands
    • Critical Charge: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a charge animation while using this skill.
  • Arc
    • Volley: Fixed an issue where the visual effects of this skill would stack and cause performance degradation.


  • Light Armor
    • Nullify: The shield value of this skill has been increased by 120%, but it no longer grants 50% damage reduction. Additionally, it now only absorbs damage from spell attacks.


  • Fixed an issue where some large monsters would try to attack you before completing their spawn animation.

Dungeons and Groups


  • Dungeon forbidden
    • High Patriarch Rilis will no longer be aggressive towards you once your party is defeated.

Veteran Dungeons:

  • Veteran Braid
    • Rock collapses during the boss fight with the Blood Spawn will now properly reset when the boss leaves the fight.


  • Citadel of Hel Ra
    • Fixed an issue with the Citadel of Hel Ra timer. We will continue to monitor the situation to identify any future issues.
  • holy Ophidia
    • Sanctum Ophidia now appears in the Group Finder.


  • Fixed an issue where areas of water were invisible in Fort Skyscraper.


Warriors Guild:

  • The Prismatic Core: Fixed an issue where the portal to start the mission would sometimes only appear as a quest marker, but not in-game. We also fixed an issue where Merric could get stuck after the wave event , which prevented him from joining Aelif in order to continue the quest.


  • Fixed an issue where Septima Tharn could get stuck in the Pillars of Far Shores, preventing quest progress.

The breach:

  • Call from Below: Anchorite Garmar no longer becomes invisible during combat.
    • Known Issue: Anchorite Garmar no longer summons his zombies. This will be fixed in a future update.


  • Counterattack: Fixed an issue where Star could disappear during the quest step where you have to follow her.

March of the Camarde:

  • The Illuminated Path: Fixed an issue where the Green Lady would get stuck if she received too much damage.
  • Two Moons Trail: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck outside the play area after climbing rocks.


  • Craft Guardian: Fixed an issue where your Guardian would sometimes not fight other Guardians.


  • Szeknorist will no longer instantly respawn.
  • Celestial Rifts will now properly reset if monsters get stuck.
  • Elemental Army: All party members can now enter the Air Sovereign's Room and help defeat the boss, as long as at least one member is at the correct stage of the quest.
  • Call of the Warrior: All party members can now enter the Crypt of Tarish-Zi, as long as at least one member has the prerequisites to enter. We also fixed an issue where you could not be credited with Tarish-Zi's death if other members of your party progressed too fast in the quest.

Stros M'kai:

  • Moment of Truth: Dying while helping Durgroth find his sword will no longer prevent you from completing this quest.

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