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The Elder Scrolls Online has recently been enriched with a new DLC (the third since launch) adding the highly anticipated Thieves Guild.

It all starts from the window Collections, under the Downloadable Content tab. I have the possibility of accepting my first Complicity quest!

I have to find Quen at the Outlaw Refuge. Being a little lost in the middle of nowhere (it had been a long time since I had played), I use the rapid transport system with the oratory (from my map) and teleport to the Trépas des Cognées.

As soon as I arrive, various bonuses are added to my account: access to specific areas, the skill line, a peaceful Jackal pet ... I open the collections to say hello to the jackal!

The Thieves Guild only offers passive skills:

  • Who finds guard : Thieves' Treasures are caches located throughout Tamriel. They can only be opened by members of the Thieves Guild.
  • Short memory (4 points): your bonus decreases by 35 after 3 minutes. Your Infamy level decreases by 28 after 3 seconds (rank 2).
  • Bargaining (4 points): Stolen items sold to a receiver are worth 2% more. Bleaching is not affected (rank 3).
  • Clemency : when a guard accosts you, you can call on his Clemency, once a day. In this case the guard will not stop you and will not relieve you of your money and stolen items. In addition, no other guard will accost you for a minute after you have used Clemence, unless you commit another crime (Rank 4)
  • Escampette powder : When you are the target of a bounty and are in combat, you will sometimes be able to find an "airlift" in a city with a refuge. Interacting with the airlift will transport you safely to the nearest refuge (rank 7).
  • Veil of Shadows : Reduces the detection range of witnesses and guards by 10%. Witnesses will be less likely to detect you, and the guards will have to be closer to approach you (rank 10).

Then I engage in discussion with Quen who is waiting for me just outside the oratory. She is very direct and immediately explains to me that she needs a partner for a difficult and dangerous task! Without hesitation, I accept. I must first find hooks and then join her on the ship she has chartered.

She refuses to tell me more ... My geography is still rather fragmented, I use an oratory again to teleport to Storm Haven and reach the Quays of Wayleaf. As I already have many hooks in my bags, it is in the rain that I find the thief next to the tiny boat (I expected better!). She explains to me that we are going to search for a relic called the Giovessein Skull at Fulstrom's Domain. It is his biggest blow, the last of his career (hoping that it does not bring us bad luck). She allows me in passing to steal whatever else I can find, she doesn't mind as long as we don't leave without the skull.

It is then necessary to interact with the canoe (which is quite laborious because the interactive element is very small) and forward towards the domain of Fulstrom!


This quest is an opportunity to present to me the Infamy system. I have nothing to do here and they let me know!

A little later, a man attacks me. I kill him and find out that I can him steal his goods. The counter at the bottom right changes and shows me my ill-gotten gold! I can also shoot if I am near an NPC with valuable things. The objects themselves go directly into the inventory but sounds clearly identified by a red icon.


Finally, I discovered at my expense another feature of the Infamy system: the guards. It is impossible to kill them so here you have to flee and not take out your weapons! The guards are all the more dangerous because of their lanterns which allow me to be detected in the area of ​​effect thus created, even when I am invisible or hidden behind the scenery.


Fortunately, here and there in the mansion are placed hideouts ! Truly annoying thing on the other hand: it is impossible to pass by the water which is synonymous with instantaneous death.

Once there on the side of the mansion (the best is to go completely around the mansion and go through the forest on the right), I use my hooks to hook the door and enter. For the record, the lock picking asks to drive the five pegs in the allotted time. You must stop clicking as soon as the ankle starts to shake and a click is heard. I really advise you to put on your headphones because the tremor is not the most obvious for precision.


A strange shelf hides a mechanism with three wheels that can turn and face three symbols: a horn, a candle and a skull. The code is not very difficult to find ... These owners are really stupid!

Unfortunately, everything doesn't go as planned no matter which solution you choose (fight or put the skull back on) and we end up in the catacombs. An Argonian, Marche-en-silence comes to help us (well, to accompany us because he is particularly cowardly and does not fight).


Once out of the domain more or less in one piece, a last tutorial explains how the premiums. Even if I leave the intrusion zone, the guards in other places can still stop me and want to tax my stolen items.


Back at the landing stage, it's time to finally visit the Thieves Guild at Thieves' Den in an old tank!


I have an appointment with the head of the guild who offers to formalize my membership in the guild. As a reward, I get a nice disguise and I go rank 2 in the guild, allowing me to unlock Short Memory.

A classic merchant offers common goods (hooks, serums, bait) while a receiver is there to repudiate the result of my theft.

Un pipe table gives me some ideas for quite uneven activities to do (indirectly this unlocks quests).

And believe me, my thieving adventures have only just begun! Theft, recovery of objects, investigations ... There is no shortage of activities!

As a conclusion after this gallery of images of the Thieves' Den, a wallpaper shared by the official site on the occasion of the launch:

Summary of added features

  • Zones: Trépas des Cognées, in the south of Martelfell, and the port city of the Abah landing stage
  • 12-player event: Maw of Lorkhaj
  • Passive Skill Line for Thieves Guild Members
  • Thieves Guild Story and Quests
  • Theft system with recurring activities (burglaries, pick-pocketing, etc.)
    • Heist Quests: Find Fa'ren-dar, a badass Khajiit who works at the back of the Den, near the sewers exit. It manages the Breakage Table.
      • The heists of the Thieves Guild require discretion and finesse to avoid traps and come out of the area with the treasure. You will earn special bonuses for completing these quests undetected and within the time limit!
    • Reacquisition Quests: Seek out Spencer Rye, an elegant Breton who manages the Reacquisition Board, set up outside the Thieves' Den.
      • Kill group bosses and complete Lairns in Hatche Death.
    • Guild Quests: Kari, a precise Nordic who keeps the guild's accounts, also gathers information and rumors on the Tip Board.
      • Travel all over Tamriel on a Thieves Guild mission. It can be to do the pockets of certain citizens, unlock safes, collect items for the guild or others.
  • Two dens: Penumbers of Bahraha and Cave of Shark's Teeth
  • Two wild bosses
  • New gear, unique crafting styles and various rewards inspired by the Thieves Guild
    • 4 item sets available in Maw of Lorkhaj and as a reward for weekly rankings
    • 2 sets of items available in Le Trépas des Cognées
    • 3 new craftable item sets
  • Handcrafted style Outlaw
  • Peaceful assistants and companions
  • Original soundtrack, inspired by The Thieves Guide and the Martelfell region

Finally, three new items are added to the store: Hammerfell's Camel Mount, Flame Dragon Frog Pet, and Pirate Costume. The first two are offered with the Collector's Edition of the DLC.

You have free access to this DLC as long as your ESO Plus subscription is active. For all the others, it will be necessary to spend 2000 crowns for the normal version or 4000 for the collector's version offering in addition to the DLC the mount of the Hammerfell camel, the pet Flame Dragon Frog and five scrolls of Experience Crowns.


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