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Update 2.41 is available today even with some bug fixes lower difficulty et the establishment of the echo on the Meanders of Bahamut. Here is a summary of the different changes, you can find the full update note on the website of Lodestone.


Quests and others

  • The conditions for launching the lvl 30 job quests have been changed. Indeed, now, in addition to having completed the quest for the corresponding lvl 30 class, it will also be necessary to have completed the epic quest "The danger of the Sylphs".
  • The appearance of the fruit basket has been changed to match the colors more with the furniture in the houses.



We can now put ourselves in a team search with the missions tool for the different Meanders of Bahamut. However, average item levels have been added depending on the raid:

  • Meanders of Bahamut I: Item level 90 or higher
  • Meanders of Bahamut II: Item level 95 or higher
  • Meanders of Bahamut III: Item level 100 or higher
  • Meanders of Bahamut IV: Item level 105 or higher

A decrease in difficulty has also been implemented to make certain raids more accessible:

  • Meanders of Bahamut I:
    • The damage of the rafflesia "Bouquet mildew" attack has been reduced.
    • Dark Matter Hornets' "Pointed Stinger" attack damage has been reduced.
    • Dark Matter Hornets no longer spawn after a phase change, even if a player still suffers the "Honey" status condition.
    • Corrosive Honey's "Acid Jet" attack has its damage reduced and no longer inflicts the state condition that increases damage received.
  • Meanders of Bahamut II:
    • Renaud's attack power and dodge have been reduced.
    • The "Stone Trap" status buff inflicted on players by attacks like "Cursed Voice" has been changed to "Petrify". In addition, the duration of the latter is limited to 10 seconds and players who suffer it do not become instantly unconscious if they receive an attack under this effect.
    • The duration of the "Petrify" effect that Renaud can undergo is now 60 seconds.
    • The damage of the "Discipline" attack inflicted on ground areas after phase change has been reduced.
  • Meanders of Bahamut III:
    • - The beneficial effect that is attributed to the biotreant if the gauges of the assistance modules (turns) that appear on the periphery reach the same value has been reduced.
    • - The additional damage of the state condition "Vital Agony" received when triggering assist mods has been reduced.
    • - The damage of "Mine Blast" has been reduced. "
    • The echo is set up in the meanders, it takes effect at the start of the mission and always brings the same effects. (Increases maximum health, damage dealt, and healing by 10%)

All of the changes described above do not apply to the “Sadistic” Meanders of Bahamut.

The icons for some Surineur and Ninja actions and conditions have been revised to make them easier to differentiate from each other.


Resolved issues

  • Under certain conditions, the "Challenge: Ho ho ho!" and "Challenge: He Whose Name Must Not Be Called" could not be completed.
  • During the fight against the first boss of "Snowstorm", the "Glaciation" status condition applied even when the characters were avoiding the "Snowstorm" attack.
  • In the "Buried Temple of Qarn (Brutal)" dungeon, the stones needed to open the doors could appear in inaccessible places.
  • During the fight against the last boss of the "Buried Temple of Qarn (Brutal)", there were times when a character could not regain control of their actions and movements after the "Azeyma Pawn" status condition had expired. be dissipated.
  • In "The Abyss of Bahamut II", it happened that the sphere of control could not be attacked.
  • In "The Abyss of Bahamut III", the action "White Flame" sometimes did not deal damage.
  • Some Surineur / Ninja weapons obtained against Primordials could not be delivered as "Takes of War".
    * As a result of this correction, these items can also be sold.
  • Weapons and shield obtained from "The Labyrinth of Bahamut" could not be delivered as "Takes of War".
    * As a result of this correction, these items can also be sold.
  • Recycling Superinher / Ninja weapons could produce materials that were not part of their recipe.
  • The icon of the Heartbeat Daggers did not match their actual appearance.
  • The icon of the Canopus stylus daggers did not match their actual appearance.
  • The icons of the "Gridanian styli", "Limsean stylus" and "Uldian stylus" daggers did not match their actual appearances.
  • Players could not redeem the "Lunar Summer Tanga" and "Immaculate Egg Cover" items from Recorder NPCs, even if they met the requirements.
  • By removing the characters that compose them in a specific order, free companies and linkshells were not automatically removed.
  • Houses sometimes did not appear on the screen when a character entered the annex of a residential area.
  • The "Snowmask" dungeon icon was not appearing on the map.
  • The appearance of the "silent parrot" mascot was not correct.
  • Some texts, especially in quests, were not displayed correctly.


Now it's up to us to take advantage of this little update!

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