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Usually, players exchange items, resources, or currency. Nothing very personal then! With EVE Online, commerce takes a whole new level with the Trade in Skills. Thanks to Skill Extractors, volunteer players will be able to tap some of their experience points to create a Skills Injector. This injector can be exchanged and used on another character to gain skills!

  • Skill Extractors can be purchased at the New Eden Store for Aurums, directly through account management or in the markets for ISKs
  • they have a fixed amount of 500 units (the yield may be lower depending on the character's skill points total)

The obvious first use is to resell the injector on the market to make money. Of course, nothing prevents using this process to advance a secondary character! In any case, this feature interestingly complements the sale of complete characters already offered on the forum's dedicated marketplace (Character Bazaar), offering a more flexible alternative to help character progression.

Appendix: the proper functioning of skill learning in EVE Online

Unlike the class or grind system that paces the progression of other games, EVE characters evolve over time, in real time, based on player choice. Each character (usually one per account) can level up one skill at a time, each of which has five levels. Each level obtained offers a bonus on a particular element of the gameplay (such as 5% more damage with missiles), unlocks the ability to pilot new classes of ships, among other benefits such as placing factories on planets, or anchor your own galactic base. Assuming that you have all the skills you need beforehand, you can add skills to your queue. They will be learned in order, evolving your character's skills at a set rate, whether you are just logged into the game or actually playing. Each skill level takes a set amount of time to complete depending on your character's attributes, implants and boosters used, and skill complexity and level (from 1 to 5). Once the allotted time is up, you immediately receive all the benefits of the skill in question, and the next skill then begins to learn.

With this system, a character's skills evolve over time according to the player's choice, preventing any experience grind in EVE Online. If you want to switch from the role of DPS to that of Healer, or from a Hauler to an Explorer, just embark on a different ship or change the modules to stick to your new ambitions, as long as you have the skills required to do so. With each skill stuck at level 5, new players can quickly become competitive with veterans on a specific gameplay, the latter can also take advantage of a wide range of skills to switch roles in-game as they see fit.

Other changes are planned in the future update of the game:

  • Possibility to add a new skill to the waiting list as long as it meets the prior qualifications
  • Combat music for missions
  • Balancing damage points on wrecks
  • New skills for the arrival of combat ships and Auxiliary Force Capitals introduced by the great expansion EVE Online: Citadel
  • Updated the new camera control, which can now detach from the ship. Check out the camera options in this Youtube explanation.

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