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This article does suite to mini guide which showed the basics of craftsmanship. Today we are going to discuss general way craftsmanship by going a little further in details, while giving some Tricks to climb faster in the levels.

There is one facet of the MMORPG that can be found in everyone, namely: crafts also called Craft. Tailoring is a pillar but on FFXIV ARR, one of its benefits resides in a unique system to craft an item.

The different jobs in FFXIV ARR are dispatched in the 3 capitals:

  • Limsa Lominsa
  • Gridania
  • Ul'Dah
  • The gunsmith (weapons and tools)
  • The blacksmith (armor and tools)
  • The cook (food)
  • The Tanner (armor and shields)
  • Carpenter (weapons, tools, clogs and masks)
  • Dressmaker (light armor and various trade clothes)
  • Alchemist (weapons and potions)
  • Goldsmith (accessories)

First tip : before starting to make clothes, make all level 1 quests of all classes of disciple of the hand. Why ? Because you will get all trade tools as well as many elemental shards who are thebasic element for any confection.

By having unlocked your premiere classe disciple of the hand, you will have access to craft notebook. This element is the only point of entry to be able to craft an item. It breaks down as follows:

As explained previously, the making of an item is different compared to other MMOs. On the most games, it is necessary just click on the recipe and it is done without hanging. In FFXIV: ARR, we control progress of our clothing as well as the chance to have a high-quality item (gain statistics on the object).

To help us in our task, we have different aptitudes as with combat classes. There is three big things to take into account when making an object:

  • Progression : this bar is the progress of your confection. More simply, if your bar reaches the required number you will create your object.
  • The quality : this bar increases the chance of having a high-quality item. The more advanced it is, the more likely you will have a high-quality item.
  • Solidity : As a base, any action that increases progression or quality will consume 10 strength points. If she arrives at 0 before you finish your progress bar, your tailoring will fail and the components associated with it will be lost.

See you high level, you will have access to different spells which will increase the effects of certain actions such as Great Progress to double the effectiveness of the next spell increasing the quality or even Master Repair II to restore some of the solidity of the object.

Second tip : do not hesitate to go up all crafting classes at level 15 to have access to different unique spells of each craft on your other classes. This will help you increase the quality of your confection.

Think first of all about keep your equipment up to date because this will have the effect of increasing the effectiveness of spells increasing the quality and progression which will result in decrease your PS expenditure (artisan mana bar) granting you more actions to perform during your making. Do not use not the quick synthesis, it is certainly a time saver but you will lose a lot of experience.

Try to increase the quality of your confections, you increase your experience gain at each confection.

There are also three main sources of experience:

  • Mandates : you will have to bring a certain number of items to the proxy who will reward you with experience, gil and various items. Note that returning an item high-quality increases the experience reward by 200%.
  • Deliveries : available in your Great Company, you will be asked to provide an item of your profession. You will earn experience and Great Company Seals.
  • First time bonus : By making an item for the first time, you will gain an experience bonus.

Two other bonuses are available to increase your experience gain:

  • Guild Benefit (5% experience on your confections)
  • Military Engineer's Manual (5% experience on your confections)

Have a good crafting session!

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