FFXIV - Ifrit (extreme)

The Ascians' agents of chaos have revealed ancient secret lore to the barbarian tribes, enabling them to summon their Primals in a form even more powerful than ever. The Amalj'aa thus succeeded in bringing back their tutelary god, Ifrit of Hellfire, and the latter made short work of the special unit that the Immortals had sent to eliminate him. Will the Warriors of Light be able to overcome this terrible threat and, once again, save Eorzea?

While you have to beat Titan Extreme to gain access to Ifrit, for me it is much easier to manage than Titan.


Your team

For this fight a classic composition will be required:

  • 2 tank.
  • 2 healers.
  • 4 damage classes.


Know the enemy

There aren't a lot more attacks than the brutal version, just a lot more nails and the auto attack is in a cone.

  • Charge : Ifrit leaps into the air and falls to one end of the room, he then rushes in a straight line dealing damage to all targets in his path. In the extreme version, you have to put yourself before the first one and move forward in front of each of its appearances.
  • Eruption : causes damage in a targeted area on one or more players (depending on the phase). The damage is more or less important according to the phases, an eruption in phase 3 being often synonymous with the assured death of your group. The whole group must then make a line following the edge of the playing area.
  • Fire bite: debuff put on the tank which reduces life points and increases damage received. The latter must change 3 charges.
  • Carbonization : Ifrit targets one of the two healers and inflicts a penalty that lasts 20 seconds. You should not be near because the spell throws back anyone within a radius of 10m.
  • Hellish nail When killing a nail, it deals 400 damage and puts a vulnerability debuff on fire for 3 seconds. So you don't have to kill all the nails at the same time.
  • Hell flames : Ifrit leaps to the center of the room and ignites everything around him. The group suffers extensive damage. If one or more nails haven't been knocked out before the Hellfire was cast, Ifrit kills everyone around him.
  • Panache radiant : Ifrit sets the ground ablaze to cause a huge geyser of flames. This spell covers 95% of the room. Just move out of the fiery area in time and you should be fine.


The fight

The combat is quite simple, the tank will place the boss in the north, the group will put on the right hind leg and the two healers in the west and in the center. They will exchange their places at each end of carbonization. The group moves to the edge of the room during Eruptions. At the first appearance of 4 nails, make the closest first then the turn in the direction of the needles of a watch, especially not to kill them at the same time! A single blowout will be placed on the off tank so avoid it. At the end of the nails, Ifrit will launch Hell flames, Healers should remember to stay away from the party if you have the debuff.

As soon as Ifrit returns to the room, the tank will have to position him at the top left, because the Panache radiant appears and you will have space only under Ifrit. The healers leave quickly to get back in place, we do not forget the change of tank every 3 debuff. The boss prepares to throw Charges, everyone gets in place and follows Ifrit along the room. Ifrit comes back and repeats the same pattern until new nails arrive. There will be some 8 in all, always to be done in a clockwise direction, one after the other. The off tank will still be targeted by eruptions and Ifrit will trigger explosions around it. During the nails phase, a new spell will be active, it will chain two players together, these two people will have to get as close as possible, because the farther away you are from each other, the greater the damage suffered: you must therefore to stay together ! After having killed the nails it is started again for a phase until the arrival of the last nails.

During the last nail phase, there are 13 including a huge one in the middle. You always start with the nails in a clockwise direction and you have to pay attention to the chains that connect the two people. Finally, we attack the middle nail to be sure to finish all the nails before the disappearance of Ifrit, we will use on him the melee DPS transcendence. It will be necessary that the whole group is well with the totality of their points of life because its destruction makes 3000 points of damage.

Ifrit lance Hell flames from the end of the nails phase. A final rotation of Ifrit's spells resumes until his death.



  • Hellfire-Healing-Rings
  • Hellfire-Protector's Rings
  • Hellfire-rushing-rushes
  • Hellfire-rushes of casting
  • Hellfire-rushing-rushes
  • Cor-d'alicorne-de-jais
  • Cor-d'Aithon


Here is the fight is over!

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