FFXIV - Meanders of Bahamut - Tour 6

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I am going to present to you the first challenge of the Meanders of Bahamut: Rafflesia.

Quests and prerequisites

To access this floor, you must first have beaten the Gemellia in the Labyrinth of Bahamut. Once this step has been validated, go to the Refuge des sables to speak with Urianger to take the quest "Plunge back into the abyss". After some discussion, you will have access to Rafflesia.

At least ilvl 90 level equipment is recommended. The minimum accuracy to achieve 100% hit is 450 in Dark Mage and Summoner and 490 in Bard, Dragon, Paladin, Warrior, and Monk.


Your team will have a classic composition:

  • 2 tanks
  • 2 healers
  • 4 damage classes: a dragon / monk and a bard

No class is favored for this fight. However, for the strategy that will be explained here, a monk or dragon is mandatory in the team. A bard is also recommended.


Know the enemy

  • Burl branch: two people will be linked, which will cause progressive damage. Those linked in this way must imperatively break the link as quickly as possible. To do this, they must move away from each other. Be careful, if the two linked characters are far away, you will have to go even further to break the link. The tank with aggro will never have the link.
  • Dark matter bulbs: bulbs that grow over time and deal 1000 damage while in them.
  • Bloody Caress: dropped by Rafflesia on the tank during his cleave. She will use this ability every 15-20 seconds.
  • Aspiration: spell allowing Rafflesia to devour you. Warning: cone attack.
  • Floral trap : announces that Rafflesia will devour you. It is necessary to position oneself in the bulbs of dark matter to prevent being devoured.
  • Spit: in Deal 2000-3000 damage to the entire party.
  • Mildewé Bouquet: when the boss launches this attack, you absolutely must stop all action. You don't have to do anything, even move the camera. Any action will cause the character to die instantly at the end of the cast. I invite you to use the Esc key to stop your current action.
  • Sour honey : the spell is placed on a random player of the group, inflicting between 1000 and 1500 points of damage to the player, attracting a hornet on him.
  • Leaf storm: spell causing damage to the entire group 2000-2500 damage.
  • Acid rain: area on the ground showing three corrosive honeys.
  • Swarm: negative effect posed on the tank which has a count. In the end, the tank takes heavy damage.
  • Rotten Stench: huge beam inflicting damage divided between the number of people present in this area.


  • High Allagan Circlet of Fending
  • High Allagan Sabatons of Fending
  • High Allagan Bracelets of Fending
  • High Allagan Gloves of Healing
  • High Allagan Legplates of Healing
  • High Allagan Earrings of Healing
  • High Allagan Boots of Casting
  • High Allagan Choker of Casting
  • High Allagan Ring of Casting
  • High Allagan Gauntlets of Maiming
  • High Allagan Earrings of Slaying
  • High Allagan Headguard of Striking
  • High Allagan Earrings of Slaying
  • High Allagan Belt of Aiming
  • High Allagan Boots of Aiming
  • High Allagan Earrings of Aiming

Summary of phases

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

Bramble Seed> Bulbs> Bramble Seed> Flower Trap> Boss Aspiration> Spit> etc ..
Phase 1 ends at the boss's 70% health.

Bouquet Mildew > Bulbs> Bramble branch> Floral trap> Aspiration> Spit> Acid honey> Hornet>Bramble branch> Bouquet Mildew > Bulbs> Bramble branch> Floral trap> Suction> Spit> Bramble branch> Bouquet Mildew > etc ..
Phase 1 ends at 40% boss life

Leaf Storm> Slug Pop> Acid Rain> Corrosive Honey Pop> Bramble Roots> Swarm> Bramble Roots> Rotten stench > Swarm> Bramble branch> Swarm> Bramble branch> Rotten stench >Leaf Storm> Slug Pop> Acid Rain> Corrosive Honey Pop, etc ...


We'll start the fight with the first tank. This places the boss in the center of the room and the whole group will be positioned behind the boss.The tank will change every 2 or 3  Bloody Caress.

At the very start of the fight, a Bramble branch. A few seconds after the arrival of Dark matter bulbs, a person will be assigned to warn the players of the raid in which bulb the person targeted by the Floral Trap should be placed. The group will then have to get behind Rafflesia so as not to be sucked in. As soon as theAspiration has passed, the whole group is placed behind Rafflesia up to 70%.

Attention, a Dark matter bulb can be positioned in the center of the platform. At this point, kill him as quickly as possible.


Here is the pattern of the appearance of Dark matter bulbs :

Begins phase 2, it begins with a Mildewe Bouquet , I advise you to use the focus on Rafflesia to see the spell immediately. Phase 1 spells will still be active. It will be added at the start of phase 2 a Sour honey  where it is imperative to kill the hornet as quickly as possible because a Mildewe Bouquet will appear. The player who will have the Sour honey on him will have to get devoured and lose his buff by Rafflesia during his Aspiration. Rafflesia will gain an increase in damage, you must not exceed 2 increases or the risk of the Sputum becomes too strong. The fight will last up to 40%.

The transition to phase 3 is announced by fate Leaf storm. The tank which will have Rafflesia will have to position itself towards the edge of the platform to leave the middle place for the raid.


At this time, the second tank will take the 3 slugs of dark matter and will be placed in the center of the platform with the whole raid. All players will move to the back of Rafflesia when the area spawns Acid rain. Under no circumstances should you damage the corrosive honeys at the risk of dying on the spot. However, you must put has a 40% dark matter slug that will devour the corrosive honeys and will become a super Slug. At this time, the monk or the dragon will use the level 3 transcendence on it. During this time you will have an appearance of Bramble branches to avoid as well as Rotten stench. Be careful to stay in line for the latter in order to divide the damage between the raid. Of course, you absolutely have to break the links very quickly. Everything is linked until the death of Rafflesia


And there you have it, the ascent to the next floor is for you!

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