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The update took longer than expected, but it's in place!



  • The conditions for promotion to the rank of second lieutenant in large companies have been changed as follows: 

    * Players who have started the quest "Operation Amdapor" without having completed it before the change described above must first cancel it in order to start "Operation Vale of Aurum".

  • The cost of boarding aircraft and ferries has been reduced. The price of Relay chocobos is not affected by this change.
  • The number of experience points gained from the Botanist and Miner Gathering Mandates has been increased.
  • Information has been added to the quest log "Restoring Ancient Weapons".



  • The servers have been increased to allow more simultaneous instances for the following dungeons:
    • The Vagabond's Palace
    • Amdapor Castle
  • Number of mémoquartz allagois philosophaux obtained has been increased in the following dungeons:
    • The Vagabond's Palace
    • Amdapor Castle
  • Number of Allagan tomestones of mythology obtained has been increased in the dungeon and battles against the following Primals:
    • The Vagabond's Palace
    • Hurlœil (brutal)
    • The Navel (brutal)
  • Monsters encountered along the way now leave gils when defeated in the following dungeons:
    • The Vagabond's Palace
    • Amdapor Castle
    • Newcastle Meridian
    • le headquarters
  • The placement and behavior of monsters have been changed in the following dungeons:
    • The Vagabond's Palace
    • Newcastle Meridian
  • Monsters « karakul » have been added in the following places:
    • Central Coerthas Highlands - Dragon Head
    • Highlands of the central Coerthas - the White Ridge
    • Central Coerthas Highlands - Providence
  • The time it takes to reappear sarcoptes who live in the Northern Forest has been shortened.


  • The following changes have been made to the materialization window :
    • The display order of the drop-down menu items has been changed.
    • A confirmation message now appears when materializing equipped items.
  • The pieces of equipment are now linked to the character as soon as they are used once to fight, synthesize or harvest.
  • The merchant in the Withered Bones Camp in eastern Thanalan (X: 13, Y: 24) no longer sells nut bread.



  • Experience points received by botanists et Minors level 17 and above have been increased.
  • The location of level 30 harvest points Central Forest has been adjusted.
  • The beneficial effects or state alterations resulting from player actions or spells are now displayed on the far left of the target information bar.
  • Number of characters that can be created in one day has been limited to 8 per service account.
    * This action was taken to curb the activities of illegal gil sellers (RMTs).


Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed:

  • It was possible for some players to abandon the quest allowing the release of mandates.
  • A player entering a HAZARD while carrying out a particular mandate could cause a bad update of the counters and the stopwatch (Playstation 3 only).
  • It might happen that some players could not join an instance with the mission tool under certain conditions.
  • Use a relay chocobo could sometimes get players stuck in the scenery.
  • Links enmity could sometimes not be displayed correctly during the mission "Howleye (Brutal)".
  • Players could fight certain monsters in the "Amdapor Castle" without receiving damage.
  • It was possible that the mission tool Immediately re-enroll players after killing the last boss in "Amdapor Castle".
  • Dungeon monsters "le labyrinthe de Bahamut V" could be immobilized under certain conditions.
  • The familiar could not enter certain rooms of the "Haukke Manor".
  • Weapons intended for occultists and arcanists were not included in the possible rewards of the "Buried Temple of Qarn".
  • Players might not be weakened after having been resurrected.
  • Use sound actions familiar could be impossible when casting a spell.
  • The targeting areas as well as damage areas might not display under certain conditions.
  • Eos / Muse did not use "Embrace" to heal a player under certain conditions.
  • If a player synthesized an item right after getting a bonus from consuming food, the effect on Synthesis Actions was increased by one turn.
  • Players could sometimes lose control of their character when trying to crimp a matter created from inactive material.
  • Le client could close or players lose control of their character if a trade was canceled by the recipient.
  • Le zone change when a companion was dead no longer allowed the summons of the latter.
  • Players could target their mascots despite the correct use of filters in their configuration parameters.
  • Le automatic targeting could choose in priority a familiar rather than a enemy when targeting an NPC or item.
  • When selecting an action with a ground target, a target could be chosen before the player designates the one they want.
  • Le client could close abnormally when entering text using the "Enter" key under certain conditions.
  • Le client could close abnormally after moving the list of objectives, in ATH mode, and disconnecting the player.
  • La chat window automatically moved to the right each time you log into the game if the screen resolution was set to "480p" (Playstation 3 only).
  • La direction cross could not answer for some shifters (Windows only).
  • Le face of a character might not be displayed correctly when using saved data for its creation.
  • Loss of control of the game could occur during the creation of a character.
  • Loss of control of the game could occur if a player continuously tried to connect to a Full world.
  • The number of PM displayed on the icon "/ macroincon" did not change when leveling the character.
  • The icon displayed for the command "/macroicon 'Jump'" was not the correct one.
  • The icon displayed via the command "/ macroicon" did not turn red when the target was out of range.
  • Loss of character control could occur when using the command "/hotbar" ou "/crosshotbar" in the chat window.
  • The levels de jobs (for Summoner and Scholar only) were not displayed correctly on the "Edit" screen.
  • An NPC's dialogue was incorrect during the quest "The Emissary of Ul'dah".
  • The conditions required for job quests were not displayed correctly during the validation step of the current quest.
  • Des grammar errors in mission tool, journal, and some NPC dialogs texts.

Steps have been taken to address the following issues:

  • Inability for a player to progress during instanced combat.
  • NPCs could become unresponsive while advancing a quest.
  • Background music and sound effects might not play correctly under certain conditions.
  • The opening scene could not play under certain conditions, preventing the game from launching properly.

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