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The Live Letter starts right on time! After the usual greetings, we get to the heart of the matter, starting with jobs.


We know that Guerrier will be entitled to many adjustments. The players immediately asked if other Jobs would be entitled to it.

The jumps du Dragon Knight have raised many debates. Some time ago, it had been suggested that during the animation of the Jumps, the Knight becomes invincible. If the team had chosen this option, the cooldowns of their actions should have been increased, since they also deal damage. The team therefore decided to increase the speed of the Jumps by 10%.
A video shows us the different jumps with this increase. You can move immediately after using one of these jumps.

Yoshi then talks about the DPS of the other melee classes. If I followed correctly, all should receive a 10% DPS increase, it was not very clear here. For the Monk, the effectiveness of Lightning Speed ​​will be increased as well as the bonuses granted by his stances.
The other jobs will be changed very little. The players were afraid that the Bard be very nervous. Yoshi replies that it is a very demanded job in a group, these songs being effective and its Traumatic Arrow very useful. The latter will not be changed.
The players believe that the Black Magus is too powerful: he never runs out of MP while other DPS must pay attention to their TP. The producer-director recalls a few points: the Dark Mages must monitor their MP by using Fire and Ice adequately. In addition, he believes that on the bosses they have few adequate actions apart from their damage spell. It is mentioned that "adjustments will be made.

Some bugs should also be corrected: Brasier can be used twice in a row, Brush (Master of Hast) bug too.


The server checks our character's position every 0,3s.
The problem is that it happens that we take an AOE when we see ourselves outside of its area of ​​effect. Yoshi explains that no matter the MMO, there is always a slight lag between what we see and what happens. The distance between the servers and the client also plays a role.
In order to best correct this problem, adjustments will be made to the endgame. (Like Primals and PvP). response time will be improved. All you have to do is wait for 2.1 to see if it works!

The Crystal Tower

Now let's move on to the PVE content that 2.1 will bring. We wait a bit while Yoshi gets there.

We can see the interface of Alliance. Yoshi explains if you have any equipment acquired from Amdapor Castle, you will be able to venture into the Tower. In order not to spoil the discovery, Yoshi dodges all areas suggesting a clash with a boss.

There will be 3 chests as a reward for each boss: one for each alliance team. So you won't have to fight at 23 players, but only 7 for the loot! The rewards will be equipment ilvl80. The equipment of the Labyrinth of Bahamut therefore remains the best, but thanks to the "Vanity slot" system, you will be able to use the appearance of an ilvl80 item. Yoshi clarifies that only a minority of players have ventured into the Labyrinth. Others are still waiting: the Crystal Tower is made for them.
We will also get memoquartz, but later the team can make changes to introduce new currencies.

There will be no entry restriction as for the Bahamut Labyrinth. It will be a ticket system: you will receive an item and be able to enter.

We note in passing that the Bard on the screen has new equipment. Yoshi reveals that many objects will be added with 2.1 ... That we can better organize thanks to the sorting function!


Players wonder what could possibly be in this on-screen combat area. Yoshi won't reveal anything! We just see the demarcation line indicating a fight against a boss. Several enemies can be seen in this area.
Yoshida continues his explanations: we can only form a team of 8 players and then use the Mission Tool to enter the Tower. The pre-formed Alliances will come later. We will of course be able to communicate with each of the teams via the chat.
The producer-director continues to advance in the Tower. We see three paths on the screen. Yoshi believes that we can guess the rest: we will have to separate to progress. The teams will have to be balanced: a healer will not be able to help the other team which follows a different path.


The update 2.2 will contribute content for the Bahamut Labyrinth, the 2.3 for the Crystal Tower. You will have to overcome the content present in 2.1 to attack that of the next update.

There will be a lot of new mechanics in the Crystal Tower. A new question arises: will we be able to go to Eureka ? (FFIII dungeon). Yoshi is affirmative, recalling that the Crystal Tower is almost a copy of this dungeon.

It's time for a little break where we are told before the credenza in the inn will see its capacity increase: we will be able to add the items received during events.

If Yoshi and Fox are away, we don't. A video is broadcast showing us lots of mascots and equipment.


When the video is finished, the 2.1 logo appears:


We then move on to various subjects. Epic revolving around the Empire is complete, but other threats hover like the Beastmen.
The date for 2.1 will be revealed at the end of the live. Yoshi waits for as many people as possible to be present before revealing this precious information.

Then comes a note on the display of PS3 : some enemies do not appear, especially in Random. The team is working on this problem.
Moment of nostalgia following this question: Yoshi recalls 80 player raids. But for the new generations of players, the team preferred to rely on an alliance of 24. In addition, the producer-director specifies that you will already be busy with your team of 8. Do not worry too much about others.

We learn the cost of the esthetician : 2000 gil. There will be no restrictions: you can use this feature as many times as you want.
You will be able to modify the face paints and their colors, your hair, the gems, the tattoos.
We react on social networks: 2000 is not much. And what about the eyes?
The team is studying the possibility of changing the color of eyes. Yoshi says there are many colored lenses in real life, so that shouldn't be a problem.
New hairstyles will be added as updates are made. For that of lightning, all you have to do is complete phase 1 of the event to access it.
The esthetician's system will allow you to have several glimpses before confirming our choice, as when creating a character.
With the system of Vanity slot you can also change the appearance of the equipment.


Bon roi Moggle Mog XII

His power is close to that of brutal Garuda, but the fight is a little more difficult ... At least in his version brutal. Hey, wait! Should we deduce that there will be several versions? Yoshi later confirms that will be the case. We are talking about easy and difficult mode.
A short video is shown to us, the person who made it is still playing Warrior. He takes a lot of miscellaneous damage but is capable of tanking.
We will face several mogs, each playing a job. They will call on their king.

Tonberry Furniture Tonberry sofa and armchair Carbuncle chair and clock

Deco Carbuncle Bahamut weapons


The question of equipment arises: Will there just be poor ?
The weapons will be ilvl80. Considering the ease with which players obtain their relic weapons, one has to wonder what the point of these weapons is. First of all, not everyone has one or more relics. Mog weapons can then be used for the Vanity Slot system. If you have one from V1, it will be adjusted automatically.
As for equipment in the color of the Mogs, we will not see them now: costumes are in preparation.

We learn that type equipment Allagois will have its index modified at a higher level. Likewise for relics + 1

The next Primordials

2.2 will host LeviathanThe 2.3 Ramuh et Shiva.
These fights are intended for Lv.50 players.
There will be different modes: easy, normal and hard.

Images of equipment are shown on the screen.

Bouclier Throw

Arc Hache

Another image slips between Leviathan's equipment: a little decoration for the housing !


The mission tool

Little moment of hesitation while Yoshi prepares what he wants to show. Meanwhile, he explains to us that the potions Fantasy fabric are in production ... But the team doesn't want us to be able to change our appearance too often.

Random grouping

Return to the mission tool, with the presentation of the function "random grouping".
There are 4 categories: low level, high level, epic, guild operation.

Low level High level

Epic Guild Operation


You can get a bonus once a day. The latter is displayed in the sheet of each mission. If he joined the Mission Tool with a missing role, we will receive an additional bonus.

These bonuses will contain the experience and memoquartz.
If we fall for example on Ifrit, we will finish our daily random mission faster. If we come across content of the highest level, we will receive more memos.
If you don't want to go to high level dungeons, you can always go for the smaller ones and get some memos.
The experience acquired in dungeon will be increased, their performance will be better than the Hazards.
As we no longer gain experience points at level 50, we will receive more memoquartz.
We will also have bonuses by helping players with their epics.

For the moment this function can only be used in just. Later we can first form a group before using the Mission Tool.
Dungeons that you have never done but unlocked will be included.

The kick vote

The voting system kick happens, but is limited.
For example, if someone has been away for a while, you can send a request to other players to expel the person concerned.
You will not be able to abuse this function: the person concerned must no longer move or be disconnected.

The MIP / JPU vote

We move on to the other new function: the vote to define the MIP (Most Impressive Player, most impressive player. JPU in spanish: most valuable player)
It's not about voting for the best DPS or the most efficient tank: it's about choosing the most that has fun / helped you the most. After completing the dungeon, you will be able to vote.

MIPs will unlock achievements, then a title. More awards are to come.

A new question is asked: will we have a penalty if we leave a dungeon via the "random grouping" function?
Yoshi explains that players may leave a group to find something easier, faster. A penalty will be implemented and it will be significant!
You will only be able to use the MIP when using the Mission Tool solo.


A small clarification before starting to talk about the new dungeons: the combats against the Chimera and the Hydra will be added to the Mission Tool. The Bahamut Labyrinth is not one of them.

The Lighthouse of Sirius

We have already seen this dungeon during our epic: it is the tower with the huge piece of Dalamud's satellite in it.


This dungeon is planned for a team of 4 players. Having your AF in gear is sufficient. As a reward, you will get equipment with an ilvl of 60.
Amdapor in Demonic Wall, The Wanderer's Palis is filled with Tonberry, Sirius will be in the same line: a very FF-esque bestiary! There will be mechanics never seen before.

The exploration begins on the ground floor.

Existing dungeons

The difficulty of Amdapor Castle will be reduced to be similar to that of the Vagabond's Palace. But the equipment is going to be nerfed too.

Two dungeons will be equipped with a difficult mode: The Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines.
Some paths will be different, all like bosses and mechanics encountered. You will ask yourself along the way: was this the way before? Expect something different from what you have experienced.
To be able to access the hard mode, you will need to have completed the normal dungeon. The story will let you know that something happened and you need to go back.
For those who have already progressed well in the endgame, the rewards received can be used for a second job. Think about the fact that these are new ways of teaming up outside of the Castle and the Palace. The equipment obtained will be ilvl60. You can use it for Vanity Slot.

Players ask if we will get rare materials for crafting. Yoshi expresses that we see too much equipment from Amdapor everywhere. Treasure hunts will give materials. It also indicates that the items used for Housing will come from dungeons, crafts.

Sketches are shown on screen:


Tonberry Furniture Tonberry sofa and armchair Carbuncle chair and clock

Deco Carbuncle Bahamut weapons

The extreme mode of the Primordials

To measure yourself in the Primordials in extreme mode, you will need to be equipped with at least ilvl70 (Clairobscur) and have beaten Titan brutally.

We start by showing us Garuda. She and her sisters are swinging Aerial Blasts. The fight is tough, you will need good DPS. It is better to prevent someone from dying!


Then Ifrit : we see more nails, 4 Ifrits and a kind of eruption taking the whole arena. Yoshi said there was a big nail and heard rumors that there would be 16 nails altogether ...


We end the tour of the Primordials with Titan : Yoshi thinks this will be the most surprising. The team didn't want to make it difficult but fun.
We see several Egis assisting him, from the triple Landslide, from the double prisons. Indeed, are we going to have a good laugh?

Egis I see nothing xx

And then, another creature suddenly appears on the screen. Last Weapon! 

Is this a brutal or an extreme mode? It is not yet decided. When the team made adjustments, the fight was fun, but way too difficult.
In the end, this version will be more difficult than what was! We will feel the power of the three Primaries absorbed by the weapon.

Ultima's mode is not yet defined. When they made adjustments to it, the fight was fun but way too difficult.
In the end, his version will be more difficult than what was! We will feel the power of the 3 primordial absorbed by the weapon.

For extreme Primordials, you will get ilvl90 weapons, this is below the Allagan ones.
If you defeat all 3, you will be able to covet the weapons Allagoises. It is a series of quest, a story featuring the 3 primordial in extreme mode.
These fights will be listed in the mission tool
For the moment, the rate of obtaining items for housing is not in brutal mode. It will be revised upwards a little. There will be other drops besides the weapons in extreme mode.

2 hours later ...

It's time to give the date for Update 2.1: the 17 december. The whole team is working on the last adjustments.

The next Live Letter, which will take place on December 14, will cover daily quests, the treasure hunt, Lair of Wolves (PvP), the PS4 version.
By 2.1 we will have news regularly, every 2-3 days.


Don't forget to complete the Lightning event! The Starlight Celebration will take place soon afterwards.

The seated snowman is a Roegadyn. We can use / visor to open the mouth of the costume.

We are then unveiled the new Veteran rewards: 180 and 270 days. And because pictures are worth more than words:

Mascots - 180 days Chocobo Bard - 180 days

Mascots - 270 days Frame - 270 days

A Live Letter will take place in Osaka, talking about 2.2. Yoshi wanted to travel and do his LL in different parts of Japan, with a lottery in January.
But he does not want to stop there: a Fan Fest World Tour will be organized in 2014, during October.

Players on Twitter wish Yoshi the best of luck when he gets on the plane! The latter replies that to see Japan he will take the train, or even drive!

We are nearing the end of this 10th Live Letter: Yoshi thinks PvP is fun and that some adjustments are still to be made. He would like everyone to give it a try, even players who have never played PvP before.

Yoshi and Fox say goodbye to us, the screen goes black, leaving us with dozens of images in our heads ...

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