FFXIV - Report of the XIth Live Letter

Who I am
Joel Fulleda


The Live Letter begins with a little delay. After the greetings, Yoshi reminds us that the maintenance will last 24 hours maximum. It represents a phenomenal amount of work and the team will do their best to reduce its duration.
After this little introduction, we don't waste time and we start with the first topic: the daily quests with the tribes of beastmen.

Daily quests

Currently we are used to fighting tribes, to temper their ardor. Our vision of them boils down to: it is the wicked who invoke the primordial.
But they have their own lifestyle, and these quests will take us to these tribes from a different perspective. Not just those or a part that has pacified, but the rest of the troops as well.
The beastmen will ally themselves with the adventurers so that the latter can help them solve various problems.

By helping them, we will be able to the purchase things that only they sell: pets, mounts, equipment, miscellaneous materials, dyes, materia ... As you do quests, your reputation with the tribe will increase and unlock new ones rewards.

We see on the screen a new zone, not far from the Petite Ala Mhigo. We will take the quests in this type of place: a place with friendly Beastman NPCs.
We can see that the quest icon is different. We can take six quests per day. The explanations are then a little more difficult to understand. If I followed correctly, there are several quests, which will be offered to us but which we will not be able to choose beforehand. Finally there are three NPCs who each offer quests with different rewards. The difficulty will not be the same either. If you take six quests, you will have one reward for each. You will get experience, gils and memo cards for 50 players. The amount received is random: dungeons are still more profitable for memos.


These quests will be available from level 42-43. For 2.1 you will meet the Amalj'aa and Sylphes. 2.2 will concern the Kobolts and the Sahuagins.
The Great Companies are not affected by this, so your allegiance will not hinder your progress in any way.
Through these quests, you will learn more about the tribes, their leaders, the peaceful Beastman camps and those less so. There will be plenty of cutscenes for the main quest and the dailies.
Allow 7 minutes for the shortest quests, 15 for the longest. To do the six quests you will need about an hour.

Curious, players following the Live ask what equipment is shown on the screen. These are ilvl 80-90, Primordiaux Extrême.


Treasure hunt

Little reminder: cards are obtained through the disciplines of the Earth and carry grades, from 1 to 5. They determine the difficulty and the reward.
Cards can be sold if they have not been decrypted. Once used, you will no longer be able to sell them.
A grade 1 map is on screen:

The map indicates Noscea Centrale. On the X marking the position of the treasure, we must use the command "dig". If the position is correct, there is a chest. When you try to open it, enemies may appear. After the fight we get a reward. For grade 5, plan a team.

Note that the automatic sorting function of the inventory is available. Yoshi specifies that all orders will be included in the patch note.
For the moment, only the harvesters will be able to provide you with a card but it may not always be so. In addition, they will have to determine for themselves which zone gives which type of card. There is a restriction on finding these cards: you will only be able to find one every 18h. Yoshi doesn't want their value to drop by flooding the market. According to him, the rewards are worth it: for example you buy a card for 3000 gil. At the end of your hunt, you will receive Memo-Martz and other items. They may be worth more than the purchase price of your card. They can be worth less sometimes too ...
If you lose the fight, you have enough time to retry it. Warning : you must not leave the area. So be sure to put your repatriation point in the same area as your hunt.

We then move on to PvP. While Yoshi is getting ready, Foxclon explains to us that there is a small problem on Youtube: the sound and the image are out of sync. They suggest that we follow the live elsewhere if we are affected by this problem. He specifies that they stream 5 lives simultaneously in 1080p, it is their limit and we apologize for it.


PvP: Lair of Wolves

Yoshi answers the questions: it will be very difficult to reach the last ones PvP ranks without dedicated equipment. The top players will be very strong. For the lower levels it will be possible.
The producer-director gives a little more details: even if you are in ilvl90 PvP, you will have to know how to play well: the equipment is not everything. You will have to control your camera, watch what is happening behind you, use your actions wisely. the experience of the player matters a lot! Do not hesitate to use an action that interrupts your enemy so that the Monk or the Dragon Knight can position themselves well and perform their combo.
The PVJ system is different from the JCE: for archers, if you go too far from your target, your damage will be reduced.
There will be a lot of skills dedicated to PVP : actions allowing to remove the alterations but which have a long loading time. Yoshi believes that this is one of the actions that you should always have. If you are under the effect of "sleep", you can use it or wait for the effect to wear off. There will also be actions specific to each class.

To know who win the match is simple: the downed team lost! For each game played you will earn points. They will be used to buy actions and equipment (the points will be different for the two). The latter can also be made by craftsmen.

Speaking of equipment, you can dye it. It will be ilvl 70-90. The one worn on the screen is 70. An artwork is also unveiled. The "vanity system" will be deactivated during matches: the game will show what you are actually wearing.



The stats are different in PVP. The dedicated attribute, named "Moral" increases your defense. In short, if you see Morale on a piece of equipment, then it is intended for PvP. It can be crimpable.
Let's go to the fight: the Transcendence can be used. For the moment they are identical to the PVE ones but may change when there are more players.
There will be no fashion spectator to 2.1, but it is expected.
The names of the characters will not be displayed. They will be replaced by "fresh meat", the food that wolves like to eat. On the other hand, in the combat log, the names will be displayed: you will be able to consult this log and see the name of the player, what he did, what conclusions to draw from it, etc ...
Le 8vs8 is not expected immediately. If PvP is successful, this will be explored. You will then have to think about various parameters, such as the size of the arena. In addition, it is easier to form groups of 4.
You will have a PvP menu and the mission tool will include the different matches depending on the level. Reminder: a preformed group will not face a group designed randomly via the mission tool.


As for PvP with goals like the classic capture of the flag, it is not yet on the agenda. Many of the development team have worked on MMOs, but not PVP. The team discusses several plans and must think about their cost.

After these explanations on the PVP, we move on to a series of questions relating to 2.1


A Realm Awoken: questions and answers

  • Arms Allagoises will have their ilvl increased from 90 to 95. The parameters will be increased (?) but not their stats. Certain pieces of Allagan equipment have the same stats as mythological equipment. There are going to be some changes.
  • Beautician : Haircuts will only be available at home, not at character creation.
  • Extreme primaries : Each time you defeat a Primordial in extreme mode you receive a quest item. You have to kill all three and trade these items to get an ilvl90 weapon. Yoshi specifies that there will be other rewards.
  • Crystal Tower : the loot restriction caused a stir. Yoshi illustrates his point: Let's say you are 2 black mages on the same team and a stick falls: both press on need and one wins. It's the same as in Bahamut: whoever received the part will have to wait for the weekly reset before being able to Need or Greed again.
    Alternatively, you are not sure you want the item and use Greed. If you receive it, you will also be locked. Think carefully before using Greed / Need. Remember, you can always help others get items!
    Or again: everyone passes except one person: what happens? Your right will be lost, except in the case of material and not equipment.
    For now, the groups for the Tower will have a classic composition. In the future we will be able to form groups of 24 directly.

Party Recruit

This new tool for forming a group shows the remaining time of the ad, the title, the details, the roles sought.


Caring for announcement recruits for the Praetorium: a player asks for help to make this dungeon. There is no ilvl restriction. It shows that there is an already and dark mage and what jobs are in demand.
Currently a lot of people are yelling at the Death Knell to form groups. With this new system, you can do it anywhere.

Creating an ad

You can choose the desired roles, options such as: skip the cutscenes or not, choose the language, etc ... Once recorded, the announcement remains for one hour. If the group is not formed it disappears. This was done in order not to end up with several requests for the same objective.

Residential area: land prices

It had to be the same on each server at the base, but it will not be the case in the end: the economy is too different. The servers were divided into 5 groups: from the poorest to the richest.
For Legacys, it's going to be expensive. Yoshi has heard that you are very rich, sorry!
The cost of the house is not very high, it is the land that is expensive.

For the cheapest server group, the cheapest size S field will be at 4 gils. For rich Legacys servers, count double. These prices were calculated by observing the items sold in the market as well as the rotation of the gil.
Remember that the price will decrease over time. In addition Yoshi ensures that 2.1 will provide more means to make gil. He estimates that it will take a month or two to have a house. Watching the wealthiest players, the team was surprised at the amount of gil they had.


It's time for a little pause for the live! Screenshots from the contest for Halloween parade. No illustration here, I needed a break too: p. And I'm too lazy to draw you a picture.


And the Live Letter continues! We observe a fight of the development team against Titan in extreme mode on the PS4. Yoshi plays Black Mage, White Mage is played by the blog manager.

And they get slaughtered. There are 3 landslides, 2 prisons.
Yoshi specifies that the "massacre" is voluntary, so as not to give any clue as to the strategy to adopt.
The PS4 version seems to be running well, in any case Yoshi is very happy with it.

A Realm Reborn et la PS4

The phases of the beta on PS3 and PC were as follows: phase 1, 2 and 3 then open beta. It will be shorter for the PS4, with betas starting on February 22 and ending in April.
For the first phase you can only play a new character. It will have for objective the hardware debug, and will take place on a dedicated world.
In the next phase, you will be able to use your PS3 / PC character, on existing worlds.

The PS4 has a service called PSN + which requires a subscription. It brings different services from SCE (Sony). After talking to SCE, Yoshi says that as a result players won't need PSN + to play FFXIV.

The demo of the ps4 version continues. (Not really keeping up with PS4 news, you'll forgive me if some console-specific terms are wrong.) Using the touchpad you can move the mouse and pressing it you click like a mouse. real mouse. You can also use a keyboard and mouse connected to a PS4. The game runs in full HD, as does the stream.

There will be one collector's edition. But Yoshi specifies that there is no reason to say "omg, another collector!" It was designed to avoid these reactions. It remains a bit vague.
As for a PS4 + FFXIV pack, the decision is not up to Yoshi but to SCE as well.

Regarding the backup of PS3 settings (such as macros): everything will depend on whether the backup tool will be ready at this time.

We walk on the side of Sylphes. Yoshi indicates that the area has been changed, it is not the only one. If you ever get stuck in a rock when logging in after maintenance, use Repatriation !

Preview remote play. The loading time is still a bit long, they continue to optimize it.


Make tough fights with the Life is not recommended, due to the latency it can cause. The game data goes from the PS4 to the SE servers, then from the PS4 to the Vita in wifi. This is great for crafting, harvesting, but avoid using it for Extreme Titan.

Yoshi imagines that we could connect to the PS4 in wifi and play while traveling by train. It would be possible to do something like that.

The "back touch pad" will be used to draw your weapon.
The remote play could be for the beta

A suggestion is proposed for the use of the Vita screen: display the map, the inventory ... The team has nothing planned on this subject, but could study it.


We are approaching the end you live



The patch note should be released very soon. Heat up your connection, you will have Go 3 To download !

Images scroll on the screen:

Le marriage is under study ...


La next LL will take place in Osaka on January 25, 2014. This time the challenge will concern Arma Ultima. There will be goodies for sale: t-shirts, mugs, bags, badges.

"Meteor survivor" polo shirts will emerge.
The development team will be present: Takai, Soken and Yoshi. The players will be able to meet them, discuss with them.

The Live Letter will be about 2.2, Leviathan ...

The next event "Starlight Celebration" will start on 18/12. Will come next "Heavensturn" : for Japan it is the event celebrating the new year. V1 players probably remember it: you could throw snowballs.


The list of emotes will be modified: we will be able to see which ones can be used on the back of a chocobo, seated, etc ...


In January, the event celebrating the anniversary of FFXI, DQX and the rebirth of FFXIV will take place.


Two pieces of information to finish:

  • You have until December 16 to buy Bombo and Cactuar earrings
  • side quests Hidlibrand are designed for mid-level players. The 50 won't have a hard time doing them but Yoshi hopes they will take a look.

Finally Yoshida thanks the players for having waited so long for 2.1. the team worked really hard on it and hope everyone has fun with what A Realm Awoken brings.

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