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This 23rd LL starts a few minutes late. Yoshida quickly reveals that she will be for 3.0 and that the revelations about the next updates are not really on the table. He reiterates his apologies to the Mac players and then specifies that other adjustments to the jobs are to come. Balancing the classes is not easy, each modification affects not only the job but also the content.
When the team develops new content, they keep jobs and their capabilities in mind.

We attack the questions and answers:

  • There probably won't be any new classes in 3.x
  • The lack of precision was a problem for healers. When ARR was released, no equipment had it. The statistic was added on some equipment later.
    For 3.0, healers will have some precision on their gear in future updates. Yoshida doesn't want healers to have trouble dealing damage.
  • No new "support" role planned that can accommodate classes like the Bard and the Machinist.
  • Le Guerrier has a fairly high DPS for a tank. Yoshi explains that it is his role when he is the secondary tank and that it is due to the fact that they decrease the resistance to the edge of their target. The DRK offers comparable DPS.
  • Players have noticed that spells cost a lot of MP. Yoshida replies that it is on purpose, to ensure that the game is balanced.
  • We go to Bard, very roughed up by the community since 3,0. Yoshida returns to the Wanderer's Minuet: it should be used when the Bard does not need to be mobile. When it has to move, Minuet has to be deactivated. Although players are not enthusiastic about the idea, Yoshida urges them to get used to this new gameplay.
  • Side Machinist, Yoshida also comes back to the gameplay: use your buffs all the time, be sure to use Blaze.
  • We had already addressed the question during the interview: the Mirage system for Egi is still under development.
  • Enochian : due to its effect, players remove Lightning of their rotation. There are going to be changes on this.
  • Undead : An adjustment should be considered after the implementation of the difficult version of Alexander because this action is painful for the healers.
  • Astromancy : Some changes will be made to the cards as well as to the cooldown of Mixture and possibly other actions.
    If we compare the three healers, we note a similarity between their skills but each also has unique actions. This is where the Astromancer's future changes come in.
  • Dissipation de l'Erudit is not often used. Yoshida believes that apart from Alexander this action is not useful. In the raid you will need it.
  • Some players felt that the fairy no longer cared as well. Yoshida explains that this is due to their progression curve: it is much slower past level 50.
  • There are no changes planned for Breastplate et Bouclier used by the White Mage. They have gained in curative power so there is no question of modifying these two actions.

  • Moine : To get 5 Meditation stacks you have to use the action 5 times which annoys the players. They would prefer to use it only once to have the 5 stacks. This is something that is going to be difficult to do for the sake of balance.
  • Dragon Knight : It is very dependent on the side where it must attack as well as on the random part of a fight.
    When a side of a boss is not attackable, the loss of DPS will be compensated.
  • Mudra : there is a latency when using mudras. Nothing planned on this subject except for a piece of advice: train yourself to better master the gameplay.
  • No information on update 3.05.
  • During the epic one is brought to have the choice between two answers but it does not matter which one chooses, it does not influence the story. The players would like this to have a real impact on the storyline. Yoshida replies that it probably won't happen. Pity !
  • The Scum of the Skies of Dravania : Some players have complained about the difficulty of the quests.
  • The new quests have been designed in such a way that one feels the fact of traveling, exploring. The NPCs who join us on our journey become comrades.
    The team also wanted to show that Alphinaud is maturing.
  • The next quests will talk about the people of Doma.
  • Continuum Fractal : there will be quests about the origins of Azys Lla.

After a break the live letter resumes with a little information in passing: the Gobbue plush will be on sale soon.

We're back to questions and answers!

  • We can see strange UFOs in the sky of the Foam of the skies of Abalathia Want to know what it is? Find out for yourself.
  • Level 60 dungeons are difficult to tank, keeping the enemy on your own is tricky as there can be a big difference in ilvl between players. Adjustments may be made.
  • Adjustments will be made to the Odin ALEA so that it can be defeated with smaller groups.
  • Difficult modes are provided for some of the epic bosses.
  • La 14 p.m. Live Letter planned for the 2 years of ARR will contain information on 3,1.
  • Le bonus of the random function of the mission tool may be cumulative if you miss a day for example.
  • Content is planned for the chocobo companion and magitek armor.
  • Alexander : Normal and Savage version have differences:
    • the ilvl of the equipment,
    • the possibility of tinting the equipment,
    • other novelties.
  • Currently we do not gain experience points on monsters in level 50 dungeons. The team is studying the possibility of gaining them but calculations must be made before implementing this.


  • There may be new ranks of Great Company. When you gain a rank, Yoshida would like there to be a really nice reward. So before adding any, the team is working on this first.
  • It was requested a free company chest at Ishargd. Yoshida explains that this could be a problem: if a lot of people click on it at the same time, the server could crash!
  • In 3.1 it will be possible to change the name of a free company.
  • A mascot Haurchefant ? It's possible !
  • It is planned to make the potions more attractive.
  •  TĂTARU Will she make equipment for you? Currently no, it is not well enough equipped!
  • Elements inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics could be added.
  • Some tweaks for quests with a ethereal wind as a reward are provided.
  • There is no etherite in the Dravanian hinterland at present. In fact Idylshire was originally in the hinterland. The area has been divided for the sake of balance.
  • There are no plans to add an inventory dedicated to Mirages.
  • Free Company Aircraft : We can explore the islands visited in 3.1.
  • There are no plans to add new methods to obtain outfits.
  • There isn't a whole lot of new gear for Hand and Earth disciples. They can be obtained through quests but that will change.
  • The crafts of Compagnie Libre can be difficult for small structures. The team is looking into this.
  • We cannot be specialist that in 3 crafts maximum.
  • It is planned to increase the capacity of a dwelling to accommodate more objects. They work on another feature first.
  • Perhaps a residential area in Ishgard but not immediately.
  • Maybe we will be able to fly in Zones 2.0 one day. It's something that's expensive to produce so Yoshi prefers to focus on creating new stuff rather than old content.
  • A Wyvern mascot? Perhaps !

  • There are no plans to increase the movement speed of the mounts, or candling for the companion chocobo.
  • There will be a new emote dance Vanu Vanu at 3.1
  • It is not intended to have a visual difference between magic and physical attacks.
  • It is not intended to make it possible to modify the horns of Ao Ra (color, different appearance for each horn)
  • There will be a weapon of Moine allowing to have just the fists / gloves visible.
  • Caring for afro cut is planned for 3.1.
  • The team continues to work on improving the graphics of the game, but DX11 just released so it's not a priority. Besides the DX11 version for PS4 is in progress.
  • Expansion of inventory ? We will be short with a diagram: data> server> BOOM> to see later, again.
  • Possibility to share macros between characters in development.
  • Be able to sell servant items directly to an NPC
  • PT display of the group provided for in 3.1.
  • We may have the right to add new Etherites as favorites.
  • For the moment there is no major compatibility problem between Windows 10 and Final Fantasy XIV. Tests are in progress.
  • No date given for 3.1, nor for the corporate action of 3.0.
  • European servers are scheduled for the end of the year. If there is no problem, they will be ready around 3.1.

The Q / A session is over, Yoshida reminds the current schedule. 3.05 will be available within two weeks.

Next comes an explanation of Alexander Savage's loot system:

Each zone can be completed once per week, with one guaranteed reward per zone. Upon completing an area, a treasure chest will appear containing equipment. Each team member will also receive a token to exchange for equipment.

There will also be a help system like the one in Bahamut: you will be able to help new players to complete an area you have already made but only a treasure chest will appear if between one and four players have already completed that area.
If between five and seven players help then there will be no chest but only one token per player who has not yet received one.

For the 2 years of FFXIV, a 14 p.m. LL will take place on Saturday August 22.


The Fires of Death event returns in mid-August with new swimsuits:


In Japan, the Eorzea Café will blow out its first candle! On this occasion, coasters are to be collected, representing the new primordial as well as Kann-E-Senna.
An ephemeral Eorza Café will open its doors in Yokohoma, on the theme of Limsa Lominsa. Over there, a coaster representing Admiral Merlwyb will be waiting for the customers.

Yoshida reminds us that OST Before The Fall will be released on August 26, 2015 and will contain the music for updates 2.2 to 2.5. It is currently in pre-order and contains a code for a new mascot: the fanfare mog.

The store will welcome two new plush toys representing Carbuncle Topaze and Emerald.


Finally, it will also have several models of t-shirts that will differ depending on the location of the store. Here too, pre-orders should soon be opened.


We end with a final announcement: FFXIV will be present at Gamescom from August 5 to 8.


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