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Elmoria posted the responses to the various Phase 3 feedbacks. Before reading it, I suggest you read the message de Naoki Yoshida, the producer-director about these answers.


Message de Naoki Yoshida

Here producer / director Naoki Yoshida.
Thank you all for the huge volume of feedback we received in phase 3!

We have looked at each feedback in preparation for Phase 4 and the official release and have published this list to let you know the priorities by indicating which aspects are working as intended or which ones we do not plan to make adjustments to. Do not hesitate to go through everything with a fine comb. (In addition to what is noted here, we also made a lot of minor adjustments.)

We're almost at the end of the beta test.
Thank you all for all your feedback during Alpha testing and Phases 1-3. We received a lot of fantastic suggestions, some funny and some really serious, things the dev team could not have noticed. on their own and they will continue the adjustments for the official release but also after!

The official service for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is starting soon and the Beta Testers Forum will close. However, we will continue to collect your feedback for the future of ARR after release as well, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us!


Character creation

  • Some cuts of Miqo'tes hair had a bug: a gap between the head and the hair. This bug has been fixed for phase 4.
  • Being able to maintain the camera in remote position will be implemented after exit.

The following returns work as expected:

  • there are no plans to move the Legacy brand located in the back of the character.
  • No tattoo for the intended body. This type of option is memory based.
  • Change the color of eyebrows : this suggestion will be studied after the game is released.
  • It is not possible to adjust the posterior size due to the current graphic structure.
  • Creative options too similar: there are no plans to change this at the release but the team hopes that we can improve the uniqueness of our character thanks to the future beauty salon.
  • Explain the role displayed when selecting the starting class
  • In order to make each role easier to understand, the team will continue to improve and adjust Guild Operations and Class Quests.
  • Increase the number of options for strands of hair : so that the game is optimized for the greatest it is not envisaged.
  • Have a nickname in addition to the first and last name: this is not a priority, it will be studied after the exit.
  • When the hair and / or the skin are black, the lips appear gray in color: this is due to the lighting and certain conditions, no adjustment planned for the moment.
  • Inability to use the saut during character creation.


Several things are planned for phase 4:

  • graphic adjustments of plants, improvement of the shadows under study, improvement of the geography with the passage to  DirectX11
  • the water has more entertainment. Take a good look at the little bubbles at the water's edge ...
  • shadow of Miqo'tes hair has been improved.
  • the game should no longer go black and white.
  • the game has been optimized allowing configurations plus modest to obtain a better return.

Other feedback has had answers:

  • texts in chat bubbles are too small on PS3. The team is working on an option to customize the size.
  • engines of the equipments purely aesthetic, says "city" will be added.
  • see footprints is under consideration

The following returns work as expected:

  • To be able to better distinguish aptitude “Eruption” d'Ifrit: Slight adjustments have been made.
  • Some pieces of equipment have too low pixelation: it is impossible to change this, I quote: "We intentionally increased the resolution of the parts that are highlighted so that this is not obvious. The end result is much better. by viewing the equipment as a whole. "
  • More good weather in the cities: no change expected. (Logically, we can't choose the weather at home either!: D)


Too hot to work ...


  • La lip sync when you write in the chat will be available in phase 4.
  • Some emotes will be available in phase 4 while sitting or riding a mount.
  • Power sit on deckchairs at the beach and have a nap : the team loves the idea and puts it aside. For the moment other things are priority. (And it's well known: the less you sleep the stronger you are!)
  • Prevent interrupting the emote / dance if we do another one: it is under study.
  • There are a lot of rocks and ledges from which it is impossible to jump: we need to provide details on these places so that the team can improve this.
  • Add an animation indicating that theenemy is knocked out : for this to be possible, this animation should be performed for each monster. This suggestion is under study.
  • Guard type NPCs do not move or move very little: normal, they are guards, they do their job. However, additions are in order (guards who move, who perform tasks.)
  • The last teleport image is very pixelated, it will not be changed.
  • Characters should show more expressions during cutscenes: Works as intended, you have no control over your character during a cutscene.
  • The transcendent should look more impressive on screen: works as expected, but the higher the level of transcendence, the more it will blow your mind! Wait until you see the level 3 ones ...



  • New tutorial for dungeons and mission tool available in phase 4.
  • Explanations hard to understand in text form: Videos are difficult to implement, but the team is considering adding signs on the windows.
  • Tutorial on crimping materia : it is available as expected but does not go into too much detail so as not to overwhelm the player with a mass of explanations.
  • Add a tutorial on enmity, the color of the gauges: this is not expected.


  • Adjust the difficulty some quests that cannot be completed alone: ​​some quests have been adjusted for phase 4. In addition, if you fail several times in a row, you will be entitled to a small bonus to help you.
  • Hide quests according to recommended level: this feature will be added later, but the team appreciates the fact that you see that such and such a quest is available at such and such a location.
  • The class quests of the Marauder do not present its "tank" capacity: no change planned


Instanced Quest Battles

  • Keep the applied statutes when we enter an instance: for phase 4 depending on your level and that of the synchronization, you will keep your status or not.
  • In Occultist, instanced quest battles are difficult: the difficulty of quests for phase 4 has been adjusted, and not just for Occultists. Please feel free to post your feedback.
  • Add clues when failing an instanced quest combat: clues already appear during the combat and when you fail phase 4.
  • When level 15 class quest, the enemy uses a powerful poison. It is not easy to see that we are undergoing its effect: the difficulty of this fight has been adjusted. A clue was also slipped into the dialogue preceding the clash.
  • Be able to do instanced quest battles in groupe : The team believes that this request was due to the difficulty of some fights. The latter having been adjusted, they ask the players to return to this request again.
  • Remove the aggressive enemies located around instanced quest battles: Most have been removed, but a few rebels remain. Please share your information regarding the remaining enemies you are having trouble with.
  • Automatically adjust the difficulty of a fight based on the number of participants: Will be studied when the team makes adjustments to the group content.


The sequel is coming very soon!

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