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Tyrande Murmevent inspires fear in all who seek to harm the Kaldorei. As the highest ranking Sentry and High Priestess of Elune, she is not only the most dangerous of the Night Elf warriors, but also their most ingenious leader. We meet today for a guide on the Priestess of Elune, Tyrande Whisperwind!


Tyrande is a support capable of inflicting an excellent amount of damage, which is often underrated. Often seen as an off-support and therefore to be accompanied by a second real support, the recent changes made to her talents have made her viable in solo support. With its contribution of Hard CC via Moonlight, it is very interesting in a roaming composition (Editor's note: the fact of moving with several people on the map to try to kill the opponents on the lane during ganks), and also works very well in pick-up compositions, which promote quick skirmishes by killing one or two people in the long, intense battles of a 5v5 teamfight.

We therefore summarize:

Forces :
  • Very good roamer
  • Fun to play
  • Two useful ultimates
  • Good versatility
  • Super sexy for its 13000 years!
  • Weak healings before the 13th
  • No escape
  • Hard to handle
  • Little Joan of Arc side with Élune



Hero's Abilities

  • Passive
  • A
  • Z
  • E
  • R

Hunter's Mark (D): Mark an enemy target, increase their damage taken by 25%, and reveal them for 4 seconds. Cannot be used on buildings. Light of Elune (A): Heals you for a moderate amount. If an ally is targeted, heals that ally as well. Sentinelle (Z): Sends an owl to fly over the battlefield, dealing moderate damage to the first enemy Hero hit, and revealing it for 5 seconds. Moonlight (E): After a short time, deals heavy damage to enemies in the targeted area and stuns them for 1 second. Meteors (R): Deals light damage per second to enemies in an area, slowing them by 20% for 8 seconds.

Eclipse of Elune (R): Camouflages Tyrande and all allied Heroes for 8 seconds, and reveals all enemy Heroes for 3 seconds.



Build & Gameplay

Tyrande has several viable and interesting builds to play, which will depend heavily on the composition of your team, but also on the map you are playing on. Some talents excel on cards, and are completely useless on others. The High Priestess of Elune has real flexibility in her choice of talents, and you will need to adapt your build to the game. Here you will find three "classic" builds: Tyrande SupportAD and Tyrande "Owl Build". In each tab, you will find the build in question, the talent choices explained as well as an explanation of how Tyrande plays out in these cases. Keep in mind that you can mix builds! Of course, the maps where the build is recommended will be mentioned!

Tyrande Support

NB: Click here to be redirected to the talent calculator.

When and how to play it?

Tyrande's build as a Support can and should be played when you are the only Support on your team. Indeed, your duty is to help your allies as much as possible by keeping them alive, while increasing their damage thanks to thePrecision aura. Ideally, the Tyrande player should designate priority targets with their Hunter's Mark (D), which surprisingly bursts any target with correct focus from your team. Meteors (R) allows to zone the opposing team by slowing it down correctly, thus providing an additional Soft CC. At 7th level, increase the range ofMoonlight (E) allows you to do more plays, to engage at great range, or to have a good influence even at a distance from the teamfight, in the event that you find yourself out of position. At 13th level, our healing becomes really powerful, rarely being the primary target in combat. Tyrande then becomes a very interesting medium, and his kit really grows.

Tyrande AD

NB: Click here to be redirected to the talent calculator.

When and how to play it?

Tyrande AD is a more "niche" build than the others, but remains relatively viable. That said, it is extremely dependent on the composition of your team: you will be providing really negligible support to your allies. Without solid support by your side, don't go for this build! In addition, this is the most complex build to play with Tyrande, because you will need to maximize the automatic attacks you deliver to your targets, and use your Hunter's Mark (D) wisely. Once mastered, this build allows you to do very good damage in single target and will bring appreciable and appreciated damage to your team, while keeping a minimum of the utility side of Tyrande, via the contribution of vision thanks to Sentinelle (Z) and stun ofMoonlight (E). In principle, it "suffices" to put automatic attacks on a target that you have marked, by activating them. Fire arrows to do damage but in practice, it is not so simple!

Owl Build

NB: Click here to be redirected to the talent calculator.

When and how to play it?

The interest of Owl Build lies in its ability to give vision to your team on maps where the objectives are punctual, but also, to interrupt the opposing pipes: payment on the Bay of Blackheart and the Tomb of the Spider Queen, prevent the capture of the Tributes or the Dragon Warrior on Cursed Vale and Dragon Shire respectively. The rest of the talents increase your ability to support your allies. At level 1, we will not choose to reduce our cooldowns when Sentinelle (Z) key, but rather to have the ability to use Hunter's Mark (D). This spell is really very effective and makes Tyrande unique, who designates the next target who must die. In the event that you are playing alone, learn to anticipate the burst phases of your allies in order to best place your mark. Your in-game vision will set you apart from the ordinary Tyrande, as you will need to throw your owl at best in order to optimize vision and possibly damage. Indeed, at the end of the game, a Sentinelle (Z) across the map can take 1000 to 1500 hit points. What one-shot a  Abathur without leaving your Storm Altar with Quick return ! This is the most satisfying build to play, and there is always something exhilarating and fun to be able to kill runaways across the map like a sniper.



Quick tips

With build-dependent gameplay detailed in each tab, here are some general tips when playing Tyrande.

  • Always use your healing on a target other than yourself, even a henchman. Whatever your target, you will always heal yourself. It would be a waste!
  • Watch your mini card. Place owls where you think opponents you no longer see might be. In general, watch out for mercenary camps!
  • Remember to mark your targets. Your Hunter's Mark (D) is a serious threat to your enemies when they are the target of your murderous urges! (And that of your team)
  • Owls are good, but watch your position! Misuse of the owl is a common mistake found among many Tyrandes. Revealing their position, she can without thinking about it, reveal the position of her team. Example at 9:24:

You saw right, this is a match with Nisador and myself! Seeing Tyrande's owl coming straight from the boss, I immediately told my teammates to quickly challenge that boss, which kept us going in our favor. It just goes to show that the flapping of an owl's wings sets off a storm on the other side of the map!



You now know all about Tyrande Whisperwind, the High Priestess of Elune. He is a very flexible hero who will have to adapt to his team, but who once mastered, will be formidable! No one wants to go through what happens to the enemies of the Sentinels! (Spoiler: they don't stay alive for long ...)

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