FFXIV - Responses to Phase 3 Feedback # 2

For this second article devoted to the returns of phase 3 we get answers on the Bestiary, Hazards, Mandates and Guild Operations, dungeons, mounts and companions!



  • Remove the Mandate monsters and dungeons Bestiary: for phase 4, the mandates monsters have been removed. As for those of the dungeons, they have been removed from the standard Bestiary but some have been moved to that of the Large Companies. 
  • Show weaknesses and resistance in the Bestiary, add elements giving specific information about monsters when completing an objective: the team thinks about how to implement a kind of'encyclopedia in the game.
  • Add daily content to the bestiary: this feature is not planned, but other types of daily content will be added.
  •  If an enemy is defeated in a dungeon while we are dead, it is not counted in the bestiary: no change will be made to this fact.



  • The beneficial status will no longer dissipate when the Hazards follow one another.
  • The Alea "Laurence la lambine" is too long: there was a bug, it has been corrected.
  • Hazards often appear in a mandate area. You can die quickly: the team is doing their best to avoid this situation. You can report this type of problem.
  • Because of high level players, some Hazards end too quickly: from phase 4, level synchronization will be mandatory to participate in Hazards. In addition, players gain a lot more experience by performing high-level Hazards. So there is no reason for them to participate in the low level ones.
  • Add Hazards that do not appear on the map: it's planned for the official release. They are very rare and you will have to be careful ...

The following suggestions and remarks are under consideration:

  • Contribution points earned through care are too weak: changes have already been made but the team continues to observe the situation.
  • If we move away from Alea's zone, the synchronization is withdrawn but it is not easy to see: it is logical that you are no longer synchronized. But if the returns are made the team will try to make Alea's area more visible.
  • Vary the duration Hazards depending on certain conditions, make them disappear if no one participates after 5 min: the team studies how to manage notorious monsters that have not been faced.
  • Power group easily in Random, facilitating the targeting of other players: forming a team easily is not the order of the day and is not the goal of a Random which must be reachable quickly. As for targeting, improvements are under consideration.
  • Add Hazards where you fight next to key NPCs: it is difficult to implement a change in the behavior of an NPC during a Hazard, but interesting NPCs will be added.

The following notes work as expected:

  • Add bosses to the Hazards of low level : Before level 10, there are already notorious monsters. After level 20, there are some notorious powerful monsters. Further adjustments will be expected after release.
  • When the objective of a Hazard is to bring back objects, we do not receive contribution points by killing monsters: delivering objects by killing certain monsters brings contribution points. For monsters outside of Alea, the team continues to make adjustments so that they are outside of Alea.
  • No function is provided to see the Hazards in which we have already participated. But some Aleas monsters will count as Achievements.
  • For Hazards involving a delivery of objects, players complained that they did not have time to deliver them because they were in combat. The team reminds you that you have one minute once the limit is reached to deliver the items.
  • Make sure that the Hazards do not interfere with the progress of a quest: the team does their best so that the events do not overlap. Report these situations.
  • Some players change class just before the Alea ends in order to collect the reward with the chosen class. They are free to do so and will receive the reward if their level is adequate.
  • During Phase 3, the difficulty of a Hazard was based on the number of players participating. Even with this setting, some finished too quickly. This is normal, we must not forget that later the players will be more dispersed in the world of Eorzea.
  • It is not planned to implement a list of players participating in a Random.
  • It is not planned to implement Hazards taking place over an entire area.
  • There are currently no plans to implement an icon indicating synchronized players.


Guild Mandates and Operations

  • La permission limit of the Grande Compagnie mandates was withdrawn.
  • The amount of seals received for company warrants was too low and has been adjusted. In addition, you will get a bonus if you meet certain prerequisites.
  • Increase authorization number per day: The number of permissions and the number of times you receive them has been adjusted. The team encourages us to test the balance between these permissions and the rest of the content.
  • Starting with phase 4, players will receive a experience bonus when they complete a guild operation without dying.
  • There are few people involved in guild operations. The content needs to be made more engaging: the team continues to explore ways to attract players to group play.
  • The new players do not always understand their role, add more tutorial to Guild Operations: The team is investigating this concern to improve understanding of roles for newcomers.
  • There are no plans to add warrants to the main storyline. The team doesn't want to make group play mandatory at level 10, that's why they're tied to side quests.
  • There are no plans to unlock the mandates for the Earth and Hand Disciplines without going through mercenarism. The team explains that "the quest that unlocks the warrants is supposed to test the strength of the adventurer who uses the disciplines of war or magic."
  • There are no plans to add an authorization for each type of mandates. The team doesn't want mandates to become a burden on the players.
  • There are no plans to implement level synchronization for mandates.
  • When we unlock the mandates in each camp, it is necessary to have the required level with the combat classes. There are no plans to do the same with Harvesting and Crafting classes, with warrants unlocking being used to test an adventurer's strength.
  • It is not intended that each class will receive an experience bonus when participating in a Guild Operation for the first time.
  • It is not planned to be able to participate in the mandates of Grande Compagnie as a group. The latter emphasize the fact of being able to achieve them alone.
  • Only mercenary and regional mandates can be completed as a group.



  • "I don't understand the idea behind using the mission tool to enter a dungeon. Make this easier to understand": the team plans to "hand over the NPCs at the entrance dungeons in phase 4. Also, when you complete the quest that unlocks a dungeon, an access point will appear. This access point can be used in order to use and enter the dungeon tool. "
  • Make sure that the equipment strength remains at 1%: this is the only death penalty. However in phase 4, the penalty will be reduced.
  • After level 20, Hazards can grant more experience than doing a dungeon. It then becomes difficult to form a group: the dungeon experience has been adjusted and the rest bonus also works.
  • Changes have been made to "NEED" on accessories between the disciplines of war and magic: you will only be able to use "NEED" if you meet the class and role prerequisites.
  • Du more difficult content : wait for the game to come out to try it out! (and in a month some players will cry because it will be too difficult?: D)
  • It is not possible to send /tell in dungeon, it is wanted by the team so that the players focus on group communication. They will, however, keep an eye on the community and may consider unblocking the / tell.
  • There are no plans to increase the equipment acquisition rate.
  • Chests that appear on the death of a boss are not intended to become an individual reward.


Mounts and Companions

  • Some emotes will be usable.
  • At the official release, you will be able to find out what order has been received by your companion.
  • At the end of the game, your companion will stay by your side for 30 min. An icon will be added to display the remaining time.
  • In the future we will have chocobo breeding ! We will have the possibility to customize the color of the ends of the wings, the feathers of the chocobo.
  • Possibility that the companion learns zone attacks and can use them or not: it is not planned to separate the action sets of the companions but the team is aware that it is "difficult to use zone attacks of the companion and sometimes they are useful "they continue to study this.
  • Adjustments are under consideration for the PVs you chocobo and their management of enmity.
  • Their spells of skincare are often late. The team is trying to improve this delay.
  • The flying mounts will perhaps appear on the occasion of an extension. This is something that is close to the heart of the team.
  • The team are excited that the mount also sits down when using / sit.
  • It will be possible to exchange a bard de chocobo received following an exchange of company seal. There is no scheduled date, however.
  • Increase the movement speed mounts: this is planned during updates but the team needs to study this by controlling the latency.
  • Being able to talk to NPCs while on a chocobo: this is not in accordance with the mores of Eorzea. Technically it is possible but ...
  • Add a command to allow our companion to avoid area attacks: theartificial intelligence Companions continues to be improved but the team doesn't want it to become more beneficial to group with your companion rather than with players.
  • There are no plans to add a command for the chocobo to automatically attack a designated target.
  • There are no plans to add specific orders such as "do not wake an enemy from Sleep effect".
  • There are no plans to add a simpler method of getting on and off your mount.
  • There are no plans to remove the cast delay when calling in a companion.


 And hop, another comeback ... to be continued!

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