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Yesterday's maintenance fixed several issues. We note in particular the correction of the loot and the appearance of a fourth chest that appears randomly in the crystal tower and the various changes made to PvP.



  • Monsters slaughtered during the quest for the epic "Kingslayer" no longer grant experience points and no longer provide items. This measure was taken in order to prevent players from abusing the monsters appearing during Kuplo Kopp's escort mission by repeatedly killing them in order to level up and / or obtain items.
  • Additions and changes have been made to the tribal quests.
    • A new quest has been added.
    • This quest is available to players with a reputation with Sylphs of 3.
    • The number of quest monster spawns has been increased.
    • The respawn time of monsters that need to be defeated during quests has been reduced.


Guild Mandates

Mercenary mandates that required escorting an NPC had a lower difficulty level than others to compensate for time spent using invite emotes. As the area of ​​effect of the latter has been adjusted in order to simplify progression, the following mandates have seen their difficulty increased:

Escort: alcohol softens morals / Escort: sheep in distress / Escort: a faithful dog / Escort: an unfortunate rodent / Escort: the lost scientist
* We are studying the possibility of subsequently adjusting other mandates of this type.


Guild operations

As the number of players participating in guild operations by syncing their level to the max cap increased, some missions had become too easy to accomplish. To address this issue and rebalance the difficulty, the maximum sync level has been lowered by one level for all guild operations.



  • Changes have been made to the FATEs related to tribal quests.
    • The frequency of occurrence has been increased.
    • If the FATE is not successfully completed, it is now possible to obtain the coveted item if the level of contribution is sufficient (gold or silver medal).

HAZARDS concerned
Challenge: good for scrap metal / Challenge: ben my pig! / The Crocs Elite

  • The difficulty of the FATEs used to unlock access to the mission "The Crystal Tower - Ancient Daedalus" has been lowered.

Challenge: The Wind Prophet / Challenge: The Hellfire Fan / Challenge: The Wave Messenger / Challenge: The Rock Supporter



  • Additions and changes have been made to the mission "The Crystal Tower - Ancient Maze".
    • The progress indicator no longer displays the different stages (eg: 3/5) when a game in progress is joined. Now only the number 1 appears (0/1).
    • Loot is no longer acquired while the dispatch module is active, even if all teammates have left the Ancient Daedalus and only one player remains inside.
      * If neither player chooses NEED or CUPIDITY, the loot is lost and the teammates leave the instance.
  • In rare cases, it happens that a fourth treasure chest will appear after defeating the last boss.

The loot from the fourth chest is distributed among the 24 players of the alliance. Whoever gets it wins the "Dimensional Blade Fragment" item.

  • * Obtaining loot in the Crystal Tower remains limited to one chest per week.
  • * This item is an item used to craft the "Dimensional Blade Arch" furniture.

The Bronze Scarabs in the Vagabond's Palace no longer provide gil, in order to limit the illicit activities of gil sellers (RMT).



  • The difficulty of the mission "The Edge of Brambles" has been lowered.




  • New items can be exchanged for Great Company Seals.
  •  A Free Company Aetherite can now be placed in the House Garden.

Once the etherite is installed, the destination "Home" will be added to the list of teleportation destinations.
* This etherite cannot be saved to favorites, but the cost of teleporting is the same as for favorites.

  • The esthetician offers new make-up.



  • The “Eye of the Storm” Marauder / Warrior action has been adjusted for better balance, including for PvP. The effect of healing spells on the target is now reduced by 20%, down from 50% previously.
  • Adjusted the “Disease” effect of the Arcanist / Summoner actions “Miasma” and “Extra Miasma” for better balance, including for PvP. The effect of healing spells on the target is now reduced by 20%, down from 50% previously.
  • The Wolves' Den PvP battles have been adjusted for balance purposes.
    • The PvP action "Weapon Throw" has been changed: it is no longer necessary to be behind the target to benefit from the side effects.
    • Arcanists and Summoners can no longer use the “Resurrection” action in the Den of Wolves.
    • The “Disease” effect no longer inflicts “Gravity” in the Wolf's Den.
    • * The explanation of the "Illness" effect does not indicate this adjustment in the spanish version. It will be changed in a future update.
    • The mission tool now forms more balanced groups for Wolves' Den. 

* 1 melee DPS: pugilist, poleman, monk, dragon knight
* 2 remote DPS: archer, occultist, arcanist, bard, black mage, summoner

  • The Wolves' Den rewards have been adjusted to address the issue of players forming an advantageous three-way team allowing them to easily win.
    • The number of PvP Points and Wolf Marks received has been increased for players participating solo or in pairs, regardless of the outcome of the fight.
    • The number of PvP Points and Wolf Marks received has been increased for players participating in "Den of Wolves (Preformed Team)" regardless of the outcome of the fight.

* We have not added a solo category in the mission tool in order to avoid more difficult grouping due to the dispersion of players in different categories, and to allow participation with two or three friends. That's why we preferred to adjust the rewards.
The adjustment of the imbalances between beginners and experienced players, mainly related to equipment differences, is being studied for Update 2.2.

  • The cost in Wolf Marks of some of the items that can be traded at the Wolf's Den Pier has been reduced. 
  • You will now see a confirmation message when purchasing equipment with a higher PvP rank than yours from the Wolf's Den Pier stall.
  • Emote messages no longer display in the Wolves' Den log to avoid harassment.



  • New items have been added.

* Be careful, the Dimensional Blade Arch is destroyed if it is removed after placement.

  • A recipe has been added. 
  • Some sell / buy back prices from merchants have been changed.



  •  Some changes have been made to Earth Disciples' harvest points.
  • Gathering points continue to accumulate when switching to a combat, magic or craft class.
    * The maximum RP is 400 base, but the RP continues to stack up to the maximum when an item providing additional RP is equipped with another class.
  • Gathering points are no longer reset after changing to another class.



  • A new abandon vote feature has been added to allow a party to leave a mission when it seems too difficult.
  • If the vote is approved and members leave the mission in this way, they do not incur a penalty.

Psmall team (4 people):

  • At least two people must approve the abandon vote in addition to the one who initiated it.

Full team (8 people):

  • At least four people must approve the abandon vote in addition to the one who initiated it.

1. To access this function, simply choose "Abandon vote" in the mission tool window (Missions menu).

2. The other players receive a request for approval and have 30 seconds to accept. If a sufficient number of team members validates the vote, the members leave the mission.

  • Some players misuse the kick vote when distributing loot, so this feature is blocked when an item is pending distribution.
  • The "small team" category of Random Missions tended to intentionally steer characters towards low level missions. Now more varied missions are offered when this option is selected.


Fixed issues

Various issues have been fixed.

  • Certain actions of Buso in the guild operation "Buso the Immolator" did not cause damage.
  • The dragonflies in the "The Last Stand of Judgment" FTA provided gil.
  • During the "Elegant Undead" FATE, "Well-dressed Zombies" could pursue their targets outside of the FATA area.
  • The mini pudding, a monster repeatedly appearing in Sirius' lighthouse, provided items and gil when he shouldn't have given any.
  • Atomos was sometimes invincible in the Ancient Daedalus.
  • Occasionally, the enmity boost effect would remain after negating the "Shield Oath" paladin action by using "Sword Oath" on top of it.
  • Pets would have their spells interrupted when they received damage outside of the Wolf's Den.
  • There were times when melee attacks did not hit when jumping into Wolves' Den.
  • A character could be thrown even while under the effect of the "Holmgang" warrior action.
  • The client could sometimes shut down unexpectedly when trying to get an item from the Company Vault.
  • The price displayed when teleporting into residential areas was incorrect.
  • Equipment wear indicated was sometimes incorrect.
  • The client could sometimes quit unexpectedly if the player chose to stop a synthesis in progress.
  • Movements were sometimes slowed down in the fight against Garuda in Howleye (Extreme).
  • Some harvest points could not be targeted with a controller.
  • The texts were incorrect in some areas.
  • The Wolves' Den was not appearing correctly in the suggestions.
  • In addition, as indicated in the link below, this maintenance will be an opportunity to reimburse company credits for free companies of rank 5 and above.


Known issues

  • The character becomes uncontrollable when using two droppings consecutively in the same location during the tribal quest "Bomb Alert".
    * Please restart the game client if this situation arises.
  • The game client can close if the player tries to open the logbook with the keyboard shortcut.
  • If the Cordial Brew is used when the character's class is not one of the Earth Disciples, the Gathering Points are not regained.
  • High-quality stackable items cannot be transferred to the servant's inventory if it is full.
  • The cursor location will reset if the "Quick Synthesis" option is selected after changing the synthesis recipe in the crafting log.
  • The screenshot does not work during some cutscenes.
  • The item "Demagogue Mask" can be tinted a different color.
  • The "Lacovia" monster does not appear during the daily tribal quest "Tortoise Turtles" if the player gets too far away after defeating the third Bronze Turtle.
  • In some cases, it happens that the NPC "Kuplo Kopp" does not respond, thus stopping the progress of the quest "Regicide".

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