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The chocobos, present since Final Fantasy II, are sometimes mounts, sometimes companions and sometimes even both. In FFXV, they are always present and, after the chocobo with the Peruvian hat from FFXIII, they resume their usual appearances!

But what can chocobos be used for when you have a car? Well, the Régalia only allows you to move on the roads, it is impossible to go in the forest, in the mountains, in the water, etc ... (it's FFXV, not GTA: D). And for that, there is your chocobo! The latter will be able to take you everywhere in nature, it will also allow you to swim across lakes, to jump on high places and even to give you a little scratch or beak during combat.


Chocobo my friend, how to get you?

The chocobos are not available from the start, you will have to wait until you get to the chapter 3 to be able to unlock the quest. Once Chapter 3 is unlocked and the Station Coernix d’Alstor reached, you will receive a phone call from Iris and, following this call, Prompto will suggest that you make a small detour via the Chocobo Wiz Relay, located south of Alstor's Coernix Station and the secondary quest "The chocobo friend" will appear in your quest log!

Once the quest is activated, you will therefore have to go to Chocobo Wiz Relay and chat with Wiz in order to have some information on chocobos. You will then learn that chocobos are scared because of a Behemoth: Mortoeil. Once this information is in your possession, talk to Wiz again to retrieve the "Terror of Duscae" hunting contract. The latter is level 15 and does not require any hunting rank to be recovered.

Once the hunting contract is recovered, go to the point in order to carry it out. This contract requires you to enter Mortoeil's lair. The lair is quite quick to pass, there will be a few small enemies that are not very difficult to fight (garula, Qionji and Qionji yellow). When you arrive in a big foggy area, you will have to follow Mortoeil very discreetly to his lair. You do this by moving from rock to rock and from shrub to shrub. If you are spotted, you will start over at the entrance to the area. This little hide-and-seek session lasts a few minutes and you eventually find the Behemoth's lair. Go inside and get ready for the fight.

Morteil is a pretty tough opponent if you're of a similar level, but you can use the red cans distributed in the combat zone for him inflict very high fire damage, an element to which he is extremely vulnerable.



Level 15 - Health Points: 48

Vulnerable to:

  • Two-handed weapon (120% damage)
  • Shield (120% damage)
  • Element: fire (300% damage)

Resistant to :

  • Ice (50% damage)
  • Lightning (50% damage)
  • Light (50% damage)

Once Mortoeil is killed, go back to Wiz to validate the hunting contract then talk to Wiz again to complete the quest "The friend Chocobo" and receive the chocobo whistle. There you go, chocobos are now available for rent!



Yep, now that the chocobo rental is available, let's see what to call it, evolve it, feed it and give it a little beauty!

Who says rental says duration and Gils. To rent a chocobo, all you have to do is find a rental terminal. There are in almost all gas stations and cities of Eos. These terminals allow you to rent a chocobo for a maximum of 7 days (in game) for a few Gils. The longer the duration, the more you will pay.

Once the rental is complete, all you have to do is open the quick menu of objects (R2 on PS4), navigate to the right or the left to go to the tab "Whistles" and use the option "Call the chocobos" to see your brand new feather companions appear by your side!

As you use your chocobo, your chocobo will gain levels. In total of 10, each level brings bonuses and improvements permanent for your love feather ball! There is only one way to gain levels: time spent riding with him. Each level will require you to ride for a certain time (real time) in order to win these. Note that it's the time spent moving around that counts, so don't expect to call your chocobo, climb onto its back and wait while doing something else on the side. The usage time required to move from one level to the next is the time elapsed since the last leveled, not the cumulative duration of all levels.

The basic stats of the chocobo are as follows:

  • Speed: 7,6 m / s
  • Sprint : 11,5 m/s
  • Jump height: 1,65 m
  • Points d’endurance : 60


Stats are good, but if you don't have the class, it's useless

Eh yes ! FFXV offers a “New look for a new life” session for your chocobo. To do this, you have to go see the very nice Camilla which is located at the Relais de chocobos Wiz. The latter will allow you to revamp your chocobo, to rename it, to pin it the medals won during the races and also to buy food for it (it eats these little beasts!).

Let's start with the food. It is possible to buy five types of vegetables, each bringing different bonuses. However, some will only be available after completing side quests!

Gysahl vegetable

  • Condition for obtaining: available as standard.
  • Price: none - available in unlimited quantities without having to purchase it.
  • Bonus: this vegetable does not provide any bonus.

Mimett vegetable

  • Condition for obtaining: available as standard.
  • Price: 480 Gils per unit.
  • Bonus: increases the stamina of the chocobo.

Curiel vegetable

  • Condition for obtaining: complete the quest "Thank you for the chocobo".
  • Price: 480 Gils per unit.
  • Bonus: increases the top speed of the chocobo.

Reagan vegetable

  • Condition for obtaining: available as standard.
  • Price: 780 Gils per unit.
  • Bonus: increases the chocobo's jumping ability.

Sylkis vegetable

  • Obtaining condition: complete the quest "The last black chocobo".
  • Price: 1 gil per unit.
  • Bonus: increases all the abilities of the chocobo.

Once purchased, vegetables must be used for your chocobo to benefit from these effects. To do this, you have to go camper and, after choosing the meal Ignis will cook for the group, you will have the option to choose which vegetable to feed your chocobo. It is important to note that your chocobo rental period must be active to feed it. If you do not have an active rental period, it will not be possible for you to feed it (logical!).

That's all that's available for purchase, now let's go to the menu "Appearance". This menu therefore allows you to change the color of the chocobos of all the members of the group, not just your own. But also, to rename yours and also to pin the medals won during the chocobo races.


Nothing complicated, this menu is only used to change the name of your chocobo.


It is in this menu that you can change the color of all chocobos. Basically, you only have a few colors, but it will be possible to gain some and unlock new ones during your adventures (I detail the means of obtaining it further down in the guide).


This menu allows you to display on your chocobo up to 4 medals among all those you have won through chocobo races. These medals are only there for decoration and do not add any bonus to your chocobo. It should also be noted that only yours can wear medals.


Chocobo races

As I mentioned several times before, it is possible to participate in chocobo races. In total 7, there are two types of races, the races against your companions travel and courses d’obstacles. These not only allow you to earn medals to "decorate" your chocobo, but also allow you to find hidden vegetables that are used to unlock new colors for your chocobo!

To participate in the chocobo races, all you need to do is go to the ticket office across the road from the Relais de chocobo Wiz and speak with the man at the ticket office.

You can also watch your scores right next to the man.


Coat dyes

There are many hair dyes available for your chocobos. These are obtained in different ways and take the form of objects, and grant one or more colors.

The dyes obtained through quest

  • Xelphatol seed - quest: "Beautiful as a chocobo"
  • Seed of Doma - quest: "Beautiful as a chocobo"
  • Mamook seed - quest: "Beautiful as a chocobo"
  • Seed of Val - quest: "No arms, no chocobo"
  • Graine Val - Quest: "No Arms, No Chocobo"
  • Seed of Cieldalaes - Quest "No arms, no chocobo"
  • Seed of Radz-at-han - quest: "No arms, no chocobo"

Hidden dyes

These tinctures are obtained in different ways and under very specific conditions. First of all, you should know that it is only during chocobo races that it is possible to recover these objects which give new dyes. It should be noted that it is not necessary to win the race or even to finish it for the recovery of the dyes to be validated. You can very well collect the dye and walk away from the race in order to forfeit.

To retrieve these items, all you have to do is have your chocobo step on them.

Pear Cieldalaes

This item can be collected in one of the two races below. Its appearance is random in one or the other. If the object is not in its location, quit the race and restart it, or roll the second.

  • Course "Prompto»
  • Race "Chococerceaux: Galop de la grande"

Pear Xephatol

As for the previous object, there are two possible races for its appearance.

  • Course « Gladio »
  • Course «Iris»

This pear is quite difficult to distinguish, as it sits in the middle of the herbs and is quite dark in color.

Poire Radz-at-Han

Same story as for the two previous objects.

  • Course of "fire"
  • Race "Chococerceaux: Jumping race"

Doma pear

This item requires, in addition to a particular race, a specific weather condition in order to be retrieved.

  • Weather condition: rainy weather
  • Course "Prompto»
  • Course of "fire"

Mamook pear

This item can also be collected through special races and special weather conditions.

  • Weather condition: rainy weather
  • Race "Chococerceaux: Galop de la grande"
  • Race "Chococerceaux: Jumping race"

Pear O'Ghomore

This item can only be collected in certain races, but also during a specific time slot.

  • Time slot: 20:30 p.m. - 3:59 a.m.
  • Course "Prompto»
  • Course of "fire"
  • “Everyone” race

Pear Val

Last item for hidden dyes. As for the previous object, it is found during certain races during a specific time slot.

  • Time slot: 20:30 p.m. - 3:59 a.m.
  • Race "Chococerceaux: jumping race"

There you go, you know everything about our best feathered friends! Kwéééééh!

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