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Le comptoir is the player-to-player trading system in Guild Wars 2.

Like an Auction House in other games, the counter allows you to sell your items as well as buy them. You can also request an unlisted item so that a player who owns it can sell it to you. We are now going to detail this system which can be quite complex.

Do you all have your purse filled with gold coins for your purchases as well as spinach or opaline encrusted swords for sale? It's this way!

Le comptoir is accessible where you want and when you want via the lion's head button at the top of your User Interface (UI).

This done, you thus arrive on the part shop the GW2.

This first tab marked with a gem allows you to purchase various things through the gem system that you can acquire for real money or a number of gold coins quite substantial.

Guild Wars 2 caps, key to the black lion, dye kits, glasses, experience / karma bonuses and other little things can be found in this store.

The second tab represents the part exchange gems   / or as well as a chart which shows the price of these last two currencies.

Indeed, the curve of this graph evolves according to the purchase of gems by the players in real money. If you have a trader's soul, you can even get involved in this sort of "mini-game" by betting on the evolution of the curve and putting your gold in it.

Exchange your gold for gems when the curve is low then sell them when the curve explodes! In the long term, if we don't make mistakes, there is a way to pick up a small jackpot.

Now let's move on to the subject that interests us here.


Buy at the counter

If you are keen on buying a zucchini at the counter, you just need to click on the black lion trading company third tab and type "Courgette" in the Name of the object to search.

Here you have:

  • The best deals;
  • The most furnished objects;
  • The most requested objects;
  • The most traded items.

You can obviously filter items whether you are looking for weapons, armor, materials, bag, pets, consumables, tools, ... But the search function is very useful if you know what you want.

If you use the filter function, select the things you are looking for and click on validate. You can then sort them by name, price, quality, ...

Then, when you buy a zucchini, the names of the sellers are not apparent. All the zucchini of the same price line up and give a glimpse of the number of these zucchini with 4 copper pieces : 6 available / 5 copper coins : 12 available / 7 copper coins : 2 available / ...

It's up to you to choose what you want to buy; obviously the zucchini with 4 copper pieces will leave quickly!

Another interesting point, it is possible to order. If there are no more zucchini on the market, you can enter the number of zucchini you need for your soup as well as the price you want! Zucchini sellers will then see this demand and adapt to it.


Selling over the counter

A trader at heart, you have a sudden urge to sell silver ore!

You will need to go to the fourth tab. This done you will have a list of the items that you can sell and that are in your bag.

Then click on your silver ore from the item sale window. You will be able to select the unit price of what you are selling as well as the number of these minerals you wish to put up for sale.

In addition, the sales tab will offer you to immediately align with the lowest price on the market or lowest offer. If you already had silver ores for sale, you can also align your new sale with your old ones.

Once you have sold or bought anything you want; you can go to the fifth tab to see your current transactions.

Four sections available:

  • my current sales; 
  • my current purchases;
  • my past sales;
  • my past purchases.

Obviously, if you haven't bought or sold anything ... There will be nothing in this section. No ladies and gentlemen, not even zucchini.


Withdraw transactions

And lately if you have sold or bought things and you are looking for how to acquire your due, the sixth and last tab allows you to withdraw your pennies and your purchased zucchini.

Warning! If the counter allows you to buy and sell from anywhere in Tyria; you will only be able to use the withdrawal tab in front of an NPC at the counter in one of your large towns or villages that have this system.

Hey hey i got 90 copper coins to remove! With that I'm going to be able to buy myself ... Buy myself ... Hm, not much.

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