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Not Classified is one of the 9 Fractals present in the new dungeon Mist Fractals.


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This fractal is in an area similar to Rata-Sum. You will therefore have to undergo a few short sessions of jumps and defeat enemies.

The goal is to destroy the golems of Forced Asura, these are dangerous and destabilize the fractal.


Loyalty card

here is full detailed dungeon map.

The rest of the article will explain point by point how to succeed in this dungeon.

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Associated successes:

  • Unclassified Fractal Stabilizer: Finish the fractal
  • Like a kid: Do not fall during the puzzle jump phases



The Ugly Rabbit and His Gang

The fractal begins on the walls of the building resembling Rata Sum. You have to go to the next level by the jumping puzzle on the platforms. Watch out for the few harpies on the way that apply infirmity to you (Reduce speed, if you jump with this debuff, goodbye success!).

Once at the top, you find a power generator. Destroy it then appear 4 bosses: one champion bunny, a brigand, a you did, And a grawl shaman.

So kill the weakest, the champion rabbit. Then chain on the bandit to avoid taking too much area damage. Ettin and grawal won't cut it?


Fat Tom

You then need to access the upper floor via stairs protected by traps moving from the top to the bottom of the stairs. The bars are dodgeable, so you can pass through them with a dodge without taking damage. If you are hit twice, you will have to start the stairs again. At least three people must get to the top to deactivate the traps using the consoles.

Once at the top, the path will lead to a new room guarded by the golem Fat Tom. Upon entering the room, all doors will close and Fat Tom will unleash his poisons and attacks. Don't forget to activate the fan in order to dispel the effects of the poison! The fan button is located to the right of the room.


The Forcené Asura

We resume on a new jump phase a little longer than the first. Once again watch out for harpies ^^

The Forced Asura will be waiting for you at the top and will activate his cat golems one by one. Once all are defeated, all 4 will activate at the same time.

  • Professor Meow takes away your benefits
  • Baron de Grifouille ranged attack
  • M. Matou draw you in and push you away, breaking your incantations
  • Bouldepoil deals high damage
  • The Forced stuns and grants boons to his cat-golems

You just need to kill the cat golems, don't worry about the Asura. After the Cat Golems are killed, the Fractal is stabilized and the Asura volatilizes

Congratulations to you ! ?



Here is the exploration of the Unclassified fractal:



Each time you level up, the difficulty increases and the rewards are better. So you will earn more Fractal Relics and more items!

Relics of Fractals rewards according to the difficulty chosen

  • Level 1 to 5: 5 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 6 to 10: 6 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 11 to 15: 7 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 16 to 20: 8 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 21 to 25: 9 Relics of Fractals.

Daily safe

  • Levels 2 and 4: Bag of gold + 15 relics
  • Level 6 and 8: Bag of gold + 20 relics
  • Level 10+: Bag of gold + 25 relics and a possibility of obtaining a ring Ascension.

There will also be some changes depending on your difficulty level:

  • From Level 10: Bosses begin to inflict new Agony condition. Coagulated Mist Essence Balls can be dropped. Rings can also be obtained from bonus chests;
  • From Level 21: Infused Rings can be obtained from bonus chests (+5 Agony resistance).

Obviously, equipment drops all the way through your dungeons?



Thank you for reading me and I tell you very soon for new guides!

Feel free to send me your own version or images of the unclassified fractal, that would make us very happy and other players could also enjoy it?
Also if you feel like writing for gw2-guide, the procedure can be found here!

Thank you !



Inspired by Artificial Wave, spanish Wikipedia GW2 and my experiences.

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