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Volcano is one of the 9 Fractals present in the new dungeon Mist Fractals.

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A chief shaman Grawl wants to sacrifice humans to their god, we must stop this slaughter! Save the imprisoned humans!


Loyalty card

here is full detailed dungeon map.

The rest of the article will explain point by point how to succeed in this dungeon.

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Associated successes:

  • Volcanic Fractal Stabilizer: Finish the fractal
  • The floor is lava. Do not step on it: Finish the fractal without having fallen into the lava



The fractal begins at the entrance of a volcano. It will be necessary to eliminate all the grawls present in order to fill the progress bar. This done, continue your way to the head shaman.

Watch out for the big balls of magma rolling in the tunnels, they could crush you! A little glance behind every now and then doesn't hurt ... Don't forget to look in front anyway ^^


Chief Shaman

Be ready, the rest of the events are triggered only by entering the room of the shaman where his throne is located. The shaman wishes to sacrifice humans to their god and is protected by 8 bubbles. You will have to explode them by picking up and throwing the rocks found on the ground on the shaman. However, during this time, it is also necessary to help the 4 humans dedicated to the god grawl by protecting them from the attacks of Grawls. If the prisoners are killed before all 8 bubbles have burst, the fractal is a failure. The shaman regularly summons totems and flames of fire. Rocks crumble regularly too, mainly from the opposite side of the throne. Once the shaman is unprotected, he attacks. During the fight, he regularly protects himself from a bubble that must be destroyed with the rocks as before. Once dead, he falls into the lava but becomes a legendary shaman (Magic does beautiful things!: P) that must be eliminated again. It is located in the heart of the volcano.

So forward to the legendary shaman chief. You will have to do a little Puzzle Jump, watch out for the big falling rocks that could carry you away during your jump! At the end of it, all you have to do is face the villain.


Legendary Shaman Chief

Before entering the heart, be aware that Scorch will be inflicted on you on a regular basis both by the boss's skills and by staying still for too long. Thus, spells removing the alterations are strongly recommended. Lavas fountains will appear regularly on the ground that should be avoided. Human prisoners are all around the stone where the boss is located. When his life decreases, he will protect himself with a bubble, summon lava worms and try to eat a villager in order to heal him. His shield must be destroyed before he can heal himself. Your best bet is to lure him in and try to keep him in one place throughout the fight in order to keep him away from the villagers.

Watch out for the lava that will appear randomly on the map. By the way, it is possible to counter the boss's shield cast. Knock him out!


Admire the cutscenes and well done to you?



Here is the exploration of the volcanic fractal:



Each time you level up, the difficulty increases and the rewards are better. So you will earn more Fractal Relics and more items!

Relics of Fractals rewards according to the difficulty chosen

  • Level 1 to 5: 5 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 6 to 10: 6 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 11 to 15: 7 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 16 to 20: 8 Relics of Fractals;
  • Level 21 to 25: 9 Relics of Fractals.

Daily safe

  • Levels 2 and 4: Bag of gold + 15 relics
  • Level 6 and 8: Bag of gold + 20 relics
  • Level 10+: Bag of gold + 25 relics and a possibility of obtaining a ring Ascension.

There will also be some changes depending on your difficulty level:

  • From Level 10: Bosses begin to inflict new Agony condition. Coagulated Mist Essence Balls can be dropped. Rings can also be obtained from bonus chests;
  • From Level 21: Infused Rings can be obtained from bonus chests (+5 Agony resistance).

Obviously, equipment drops all the way through your dungeons?



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