GW2 - Guide - PvE Engineer

Today we are going to talk about the engineer in PvE (Dungeons and Fractals). The guide is described in several parts:

  • Class general
  • Skills & Equipment
  • Spell rotation

If you don't want to read everything, the build was also created on GW2Skills, you can find it using the following link: PvE-Rifle



For those new to Guild Wars 2 or to the classroom, the Engineer uses a number of devices such as explosives, gadgets and even potions.

He uses :

  • Kits replacing its main weapon with different spells specific to the selected kit
  • Turrets that can be used on the battlefield to aid you
  • A tool belt giving special skills (F1 to F5) depending on the chosen utility spells

Regarding weapons, the Engineer can use 3 compositions:

  • Pistolet / Pistolet
  • Pistol / Shield
  • Rifle (2 hands)


Skills & Equipment

Let's get to the heart of the matter in this guide to know the skills / traits as well as the equipment that you will need to use with your character.



First of all, even with the alteration overhaul, the Engineer will stay with the current stream of the meta namely theequipment giving statistics Power, Precision and Ferocity. For this, two solutions are possible in the choice of equipment:

  • Armor and accessories Berserker (more optimized choice)
  • Armor Assassin and accessory Berserker

Whether it is the first or the second choice, Scholar Runes will be the most optimized on this type of equipment. Concerning I'arme (a rifle), you will need a type berserker. You can use the following stamps on it:

  • Stamp of superior firmness (5% more damage)
  • Stamp of the superior night (10% more damage at night)


Utility spells

First of all, the utility spells used in this guide are:

  • Healing turret : Even with the nerve of it, it is still very effective (remember to place it out of reach)
  • Grenade Kit : One of the most powerful kits currently
  • Elixir gun : Mainly used for its acid bomb and its special skill that can be used to delay the loss of our healing turret
  • Flamethrower : Because burning your enemies is always a pleasure and it's a kit offering a big burst in a minimum of time.
  • Mortar : Since the overhaul of the alterations and the nerve of the turrets, it is the elite spell of the moment. You can combine healing as well as damage with a very wide and a very large range.

In non-combat areas or to avoid certain packs, you can use spells like theThe elixir S (invulnerability) or the Bomb kit for his blindness.



The trees that we are going to use for our characters are the explosive tree, guns and tools.

Below are the explanations of each tree with the distribution of traits:

  • Explosives
  • Fire arms
  • Tools

The "Explosives" branch will be used to increase the damage inflicted on our enemies.

  • Choice 1: Glass barrel is one of the best possible choices here. With stamina overhaul and Berserker gear this is 5% more damage most of the time
  • Choice 2: Most of our spells and allies inflict Vulnerability, so it's okay to turn to the trait Load formed
  • Choice 3: The only viable option here is Salvo of seat which offers the best utility in our spell composition

The Firearms branch will also be used to increase our offensive power during our battles.

  • Choice 1: Since we play most of the time from a distance, it is normal to take the line Large caliber
  • Choice 2: Playing berserker, we will be looking for direct damage, the best option here will be Skillful sniper
  • Choice 3: Same reasoning as choice 2, we will look for the direct damage thanks to the trait Modified ammunition

The Tool Tree doesn't have a big impact on our offensive capacity but on survivability. In addition, it offers several very nice features.

  • Choice 1: Two possible choices, either Static discharge or even Reactive lenses
  • Choice 2: If you want to do a little more damage, you will have to turn to the trait Slaying Salvo nevertheless I prefer to take the line Kits at the chain which constantly offers you speed
  • Choice 3: If you're not comfortable with dodging or taking damage, you'll need to use the trait Adrenal implant. Otherwise, opt for Kinetic Battery


Spell rotation

It's always easy to put spells in a bar and put "points" in a talent tree, but the important thing is knowing when and how to use those spells.

The rotation of spells is quite long, more kits will have to be changed several times to make the best use of the loading times and offensive spells.

  Incendiary Ammunition (F4)>   Grenade Barrage (F2)

Flamethrower Kit>  Napalm >  Flame explosion + Detonation

 Elixir Gun Kit>   Acid bombs

 Rifle Change>  Jump Shot>  Tromblon

 Grenades Kit>  Poisonous Grenade>  Grenade givrante >  Explosive grenade

 Flamethrower Kit>   Flame explosion + Detonation

 Kit Grenade >  6 x Grenade>  Explosive grenade

 Flamethrower Kit>  Flame explosion + Detonation

Elixir Gun Kit>  Acid bombs

 Rifle Change>  Tromblon


Normally, your Grenade Barrage spell should recharge at this point and you can resume the original rotation without the incendiary ammo. Since the mortar has suffered a damage modification, its spells are no longer used in the rotation. Regarding the orbital strike (F5) you can use it as you see fit or instead of one or two basic grenades while waiting for the explosive grenade to recharge.


You are now ready to take on the dungeons and fractals of GW2 with your grenades!

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