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Yep, we are already on October 23, the release day of this first Guild Wars 2 expansion: Shadow of the Mad King!

Each day of this event will have the right to its little summary in the evening with all the information that we were able to recover during the day.

So today is the first day of act I which will take place from 23 to 26 October. So let's see the content of this first day of celebration!


First act: October 23

It's Halloween! Locals in and around Lion's Arch come together to celebrate the week of festivities with candy, costumes, decorations and, of course, the traditional madmen in Mad King costume. But despite the prevailing glee, some alarmists claim the tyrant Thorn will return on the 500th anniversary of his death.

  • New events: Durmand Priory scholars are concerned about the strange energy fluctuations and worrying phenomena associated with the approach of Halloween. Help them unravel the story of the Mad King and the mystery surrounding him through a series of never-before-seen events.
  • Haunted Doors: what is the secret of these mysterious gates that appear all over Tyria? If you have the courage, knock on one of these Halloween portals and find out what is behind… You will be entitled to candy or… A monstrous creature to fight!


Tyria is changed by this event. Ghosts, pumpkins and spiders will be waiting for you. What? Yes sweets too of course?

  • The Lion's Arch is adorned with Halloween colors: The macabre atmosphere will be at the rendezvous in this city! The Mystic Forge has turned into a giant cauldron.
  • Three new merchants are appearing in Lion's Arch. Two merchants specializing in Maitre-queux and Artificer crafts and a last one placed near the Cauldron (formerly the mystical forge) which will exchange some items for candy, a new currency available on candy ores. I have collected the various recipes for you! There are surely others, please let us know, thank you! ?


  • ► Kitchen
    ▲ To be purchased from the merchant via karma
    • Cream of candy bowl: 1 egg + 3 pieces of candy + 1 glass of buttermilk + 1 vanilla bean (Dessert level 50) -> health boost + 10% xp 231 karma
    • Strawberry ghost: 1 strawberry + 1 chocolate bar + 1 bowl of candy icing (dessert level 125) -> 10% MF 231 karma
    • 5 pieces of Florentine candy: 3 almonds + 1 bag of sugar + 15 pieces of candy (dessert level 200) -> 18% ¨MF + 10% gold + 10% xp 462 karma
    • Glazed pear pie: 1 bowl of candy glaze + 1 pear + 1 bag of sugar + 1 ball of dough (dessert level 250) -> 22% MF +50 power + 10% xp 462 karma
    • 2 frozen peach pies: 1 stick of butter + 2 bowl of candy glaze + 1 peach + 1 ball of dough (dessert level 350) -> 26% MF +60 power + 10% xp 693 karma
    • 5 spicy pumpkin cookies: 1 scoop of cookie dough + 1 bhut jolokia pepper + 3 bowl of candy icing + 1 bowl of pumpkin pie stuffing (level 400 dessert) -> 30% MF + 70 spoilage damage + 10 % xp 924 karma

    ▲ To discover at the master chef:

    • Bowl of candy icing: 1 sachet of starch + 1 jug of water + 5 pieces of candy (ingredient level 0)
    • Love apple: 1 apple + 1 bowl of candy icing (level 25 dessert) -> 3% MF + 10% xp
    • Candy Cake: 1 bowl of dehydrated bakery ingredients + 5 pieces of candy + 1 bowl of hydrated bakery ingredients + 1 bowl of candy frosting (dessert level 75) -> 10% MF + 10% xp 231 karma
    • 5 Candy Cookies: 1 scoop of cookie dough + 25 pieces of candy (dessert level 175) -> +50 healing + 40 accuracy + 10% xp
    • 3 Glazed Pumpkin Pies: 1 bowl of pumpkin pie stuffing + 1 scoop of dough + 3 bowl of candy icing (dessert level 225) -> health boost + 50 vitality + 10% xp
    • 2 iced chocolate-raspberry cookies: 1 ball of cookie dough + 1 chocolate bar + 1 raspberry + 2 bowl of candy icing (dessert level 300) -> +80 healing + 60 precision + 10% xp
    • Omnom Berry Ghost: 1 omnom berry + 1 candy bar + 1 bowl of candy icing (level 400 dessert) -> 66% chance of life drain on crit + 70 accuracy + 10% xp 924 karma

    ► Artificer
    ▲ To be purchased from the merchant via karma

    • 3 Plastic Spider Tonics (Master): 10 Plastic Fangs + 1 Candy Bag + 1 Venom Bag + 1 Water Jug (level 200 potion) -> Tonic to be transformed into a Plastic Spider 15 ' 154 karma
    • 3 Candy tonics (Master): 10 filled nougats + 3 bags of candy + 1 pile of luminous dust + 1 jug of water (potion level 300) Tonic to be transformed into candy elemental 15 ' 252 karma
    • 3 mummy tonics (Master): 7 bags of candy + 1 roll of linen + 1 pile of incandescent dust + 1 jug of water (potion level 350) Tonic to be transformed into a mummy 15 ' 525 karma
    • 3 concentrated Halloween tonics (Master): 5 bags of candy + 1 winter truffle + 1 pile of crystalline dust + 1 jug of water (potion level 400) Tonic to be transformed into a little Halloween creature 15 ' 672 karma

    ► Leather worker
    ▲ To be purchased from the merchant via karma

    • Minor Rune of the Mad King (master): 2 onyx shards + 75 candy pieces + an iron ingot + a talkative skull
  • The mists are not left out and are also displayed in Halloween colors with the novelty announced for a few weeks already: paid tournaments. The Mystic Forge has also transformed into a giant cauldron. do not jump in otherwise you will end up burnt: p
  • activities ! Two activities are available. The Inquisition of Madmen, located in the center of the Lion's Arch, is quite simply a remake of Thiercelieux's werewolves and the Grim Reaper's Smash pits two teams in competition to destroy mausoleums as quickly as possible. This second mini game is available in Shaemoor village (at the entrance to Divine Rise).
  • Pumpkin carver: do you dream of becoming a sculptor for Halloween? A workshop is available and you can practice pumpkins with the help of master pumpkin carvers. Carve all of Tyria's pumpkins to achieve the coveted title of master sculptor !
  • Ghostly Cache Cache: You will begin this questline by speaking directly to the Magistrate Tassi which is on the great place of the Lion's Arch. The latter will give you a candy-fed material meter allowing you to find ghosts hidden in Tyria. Let the treasure hunt begin!

Go talk to this Magistrate Tassi which, at the end of the dialogue, will give you the material meter supplied with candy as well as a candy.

Please find enclosed your candy-fed material meter, developed by the Priory of Durmand (inspired by the University of Statics.)

Each detector is supplied with candy. The items we are missing have a strong connection to the kingdom of the Mad King pouring into Tyria at this time of year.

Using a nucleus as a catalyst, you can analyze four different frequencies: aqueous, gas, etheric, and bodily. There are suspicious spots on all four frequencies and it's up to you to find them.

Try it on the little ghost next to me. As it hides behind an etheric veil, use the etheric frequency!

You will notice that during your journey, every page of the Mad King's past will contain clues. Watch out for these clues, as they will be the only way to gather all of the material from the Mad King's past and complete our copy of Mad Memoirs.

We are missing six stories. Go to work ! There is little time left before the energies of the Mad Realm vanish again!

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to search for ghosts who will tell you funny stories. Listen to them in full! ?

This material meter will grant you 5 spells:

  1. Watery ground detection
  2. Gas field detection
  3. Etheric Terrain Detection
  4. Physical terrain detection
  5. Strong signals / Weak signals

With these first 4 spells, you will find strange places in the Kryta region. The 5th spell will allow you to detect bags of candy or ghosts that will give you demented memories with clues to find the other ghosts. When you approach "sensitive" areas, the spell will change to "strong signal". Will you need to use the correct detection?

Where can I find demented memories? Follow the guide ?

Site n ° 0 : The first ghost is right next to Magistrate Tassi, her name is Serene.
She will deliver you the Mad Memoirs I: Childhood.
You will notice on this object that you are given a clue on site n ° 1, where the second volume is located.


Site n ° 1: Go to the entrance to the Arche sewers (underwater), then go down to the bottom. Then continue between the carcasses of the boats, then use the Matterometer to reveal Samson who will give you the Mad Memoirs II: Friendship.


Site n ° 3: You must now find the burial place of the descendants of Kryta (site # 3). The English are more advantaged on this point because they have a clue. At home, he writes "Say more ...", which is a play on words with Shaemoor, translated with us as "Speak more". However, now you have the solution! Go to Shaemoor cemetery to find a new ghost: Prince Ewan Thorn. He will give you the Mad Memoirs IV: Fatal Adventures.



Site n ° 2: Now, thanks to this new clue, let's find site n ° 2 ... I suppose you all know where the old Lion's Arch is located ?! So hop, let's go!
Under the water, in the rock you will find Tynna, who will kindly give you the Mad Memoirs III: Youthful Love.


Site n ° 4: Regarding site # 4, we have a new clue that jumps out because of the translation: you need to find, not black roots, but bitter roots.
Still can't see? Make your way to Kesse Hills at the most northeastern waypoint to find Bitter Root Passage. Use your friend the Matièrometer (or follow my map) to find Dame Lyrica and her Mad Memoirs V: Promise.


Site n ° 5: Finally, site n ° 5. Go to the Champs de Gendarran, facing north, and enter the Crypt of Provernic.
Take it easy. Fire eaters spit 4 times in a row. Take a good look at the trap circles and make your way to the heart of the crypt. Open the chest then use your Matièrometer to reveal Lord Humphrey Faren who will go and hide. Talk to him and get them Demented Memoirs VI: Coronation. Do not activate the stone without having had the Memory because it will bring you back to the entrance of the cave! ^^


Once you have found the 6 insane memories, go back to see the Magistrate Tassi.

Thank you so much for helping me put together this anthology on the life of the demented king. This is an opportunity or ever to deepen our knowledge of the most maligned king of Kryta and to study the imprint he left on history.

However, I have to share some bad news with you. Originally; we thought this bio was complete, but it looks like some episodes have yet to be recounted.

Do you see this inscription on the book? This indicates that there should be a second volume there. Surely there is still more to discover, stories about the reign of the demented king that we do not know. If you could investigate this subject, I would be very grateful to you and I would be happy to embellish your copy!

Here for that first quest?


Halloween Achievements

Monthly tab success: Candy Consumption: For 150 candies eaten, you will get 12 success points.

Achievements special event tab:

  • Mad King's Emissary: ​​Obtain the other 7 Halloween Achievements and unlock the title of the same name, as well as 10 achievement points.
  • Halloween hunt
  • Successful Halloween Events
  • The Mad King's World
  • We celebrate
  • Open candy bags
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Mad King's Bell Tower: Complete this Jumping Puzzle to get 10 achievement points.

Community tab achievements: Costume Brawl King: Become the Costume Brawl Champion multiple times.


I also gathered some armor and weapons from the event. The famous chainsaw (Swordfish) is already worth 50 gp at the counter! Suffice to say that it is quite rare but really superb!


Here is for this first day of event, I hope to have filled you: p

Do not hesitate to inform us if you have information that would not appear in this article or even experiences that you want to share with us? gw2-guide is your forum, we would love to post your facts, stories, screenshots and videos! ?

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