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We're currently on Day 2 of the Guild Wars XNUMX Halloween Event for Act IV: Shadow of the Mad King!

Each day of this event will have the right to its little summary in the evening with all the information that we were able to recover during the day.

So today is the second day of act IV which will take place from October 31 at 17 p.m. to November 1 at 20 p.m.. So let's see the content of this tenth day of celebration!


Fourth act: October 31

Nothing different from yesterday via our article of act IV day 1 which allows players to quickly complete their achievements and other Halloween activities!

You can find theHalloween article leading to the different holidays on this link or find theGuild Wars 2 Guild Wars XNUMX Guild Wars XNUMX Recap of Everything You Can Do this way ?

Damn, Halloween is over and I haven't finished the steeple ... How to go back in time to tempt it again ... * scratches his head *


Halloween ends tonight at 20pm on Guild Wars 2. If you missed things during the event you will have to wait until next year to try them again.

Do not hesitate to send us your photos of disguises ! We will be happy to publish them for the summary article at the end of the event! ?

I also suggest that you take screenshots Halloween the prettiest they are representing the event, your character or your activities during Halloween!

It would make us really happy! ?

Hello ! It's me sir candy.

I would choose some of these images in order to put them forward for the concluding article at the end of the Mad King's event!

If you have a literary flair, you can also send me your textes RolePlay of this event or your macabre adventures in Tyria.

Gw2-guide is your forum, don't hesitate to share your feelings / screenshots / videos / writings about this Halloween event!

The king of the Costume Brawl? It's me !

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