GW2 – Jumping Puzzle: Plateau de Diessa

Hello everybody

We continue the momentum of the Jumpings Puzzles, this time with the Plateau de Diessa area. We will therefore see 3 puzzles.

  • The Breach of the Wall
  • Grendich's Leap
  • The Purple Plateau


The Breach of the Wall

For this first puzzle, no chests at the end, but a skill point, a panorama and a success as a reward.

Meet here :

Go up the stairs:

Jump as shown in the diagram, the small platform on the right, then the one on the left:

Continue, then go through the ledge on the wall:

Then jump as shown in the picture:

Then climb to the top of the wall, and jump on the half-collapsed beam:

Jump on the smaller platforms, and then jump below:

Then take a short climb, taking care not to fall:

Go up the stairs in front, and jump on the next section of wall.

At this point, go a little further, and you will find a small well hidden passage:

Go inside, go up the stairs and take the skill point. But above all, do not forget the panorama to take a little further, you will have to redo everything otherwise.

Jeyem - The breach on the wall


Grendich's Leap

Success and a rich vein of money.

Go to this point:

You will see a tower, clear the area a little so as not to get overwhelmed by enemies, and go up the stairs to this tower. Step over the 3 cannons, and take the opposite staircase by jumping:

Then jump on the small wall, and then on the dilapidated wall and jump on the tower as in the diagram:

Climb on the beams, then on the lower one in 2. Then jump on the small dilapidated wall and then land in 3:

The following :

One last little fight against a veteran and a trebuchet, and here's a success and a rich silver vein.

SaDoExpedition - Grendich's leap


The Purple Plateau

For this puzzle, a success and a PvE chest as a reward.

We do not lose the good old habits, we find ourselves here:

Climb on the pile of rocks:

Climb again on a pile of rocks:

You will then find a small passage between two walls:

Then climb on the big rock, and you will have to jump a little blindly:

Turn left after the cave, and you will see a small passage that is quite well hidden:

Go up the small ridge to the left, and jump on the rock, where the onions grow. Then jump on the column, then on the one next to it, and finally on the stone staircase:

Jump on the platform in front, then on the one a little lower:

Now you just have to beat a little veteran for nothing at all, and you have the safe!

SaDoExpedition - The Purple Plateau

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