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We meet again today for the guide on Kohires high back of luminante. At the end of the collection, you will have the choice of statistics in that of Central Tyria. This back is done in two steps but can now be done independently:

  • Auric weapon collection
  • Collection Kohires de Luminante

Auric weapon

This collection aims to unlock all 16 auric weapon skins. Completing it will reward you with the exotic backpack " Kohires Auriques ». There are 3 ways to move forward in this collection:

  • PvP / WvW route
  • History
  • craft

The Auric Basin reward course (unlocked by completing the Emerald Orée) will allow you to obtain a weapon of your choice as well as a charged core recipe (See Crafting) in the middle of the course. Unfortunately, this course is not repeatable. Conversely, the Heart of Maguuma reward course which also offers auric weapons (as well as chaks weapons) is repeatable.

It is advisable to take a weapon with two hands because the cost of manufacture is the highest.

During the base story of the expansion (end of chapter 8) you will have the choice to choose between three Auric weapons to complete your collection. You should know that the choice of weapons is made according to your class. The table below gives the distribution of weapons according to your class:

If you opt for the third solution, first know that it is the most time-consuming and expensive of the three. You will first have to have characters with professions related to creation (hunter, artificer and blacksmith of weapons). Each of the weapons will require the following components:

  • 1 Enchanted inscription on orichalcum plaque : Only the inscriptions of Central Tyria are compatible such as that of berserker, assassin or knight.
  • 1 Exalted Weapon Core : The recipe can be bought from the Exalted Merchant (500 Aurilium for two-handed weapons, 300 for one-handed and 250 for left-handed). Each core will require a certain amount of Auric Ingots (30 Piles of Auric Dust and 30 Auric Shard)
  • The two oiled orichalcum components that make up the weapon. Each component requires Orichalcum Ingots / Ancestral Wood Planks as well as five flax vials

Auric weapon

This collection can now be done independently of the first one even if you have to complete the Auric Weapons collection to complete this one. It will mainly ask you to do the Auric Basin map meta-event several times:

  • Kohires auriques : Complete the Auric Weapons Collection
  • Stolen Exalted Research Note : Complete events around the North Pylon
  • Very shiny auric scallop : Complete events around the West Pylon
  • Illuminated tentacle : Complete events around the South Pylon
  • Auric magnetite : Recover by gathering ores in the Auric Basin (requires the mastery "exalted harvest")
  • Seal tarnished : Defeat the Tarnished Traitor who can be found under Dry Up (first room)
  • Recommendation of Tarir-Nord : Beat the North Octoliane
  • Recommendation of Tarir-Est : Beat the octoliane East
  • Recommendation of Tarir-Sud : Beat the South Octoliane
  • Recommendation of Tarir-Ouest : Beat the West Octoliane
  • Memories of the luminant : Obtained by opening chests under Dry Up
  • Shielding of auric kohires : Buy from the Exalted Merchant for 500 Aurilium and 50 Silver
  • Fallen mask : Obtain the bronze medal in the Fallen Masks Adventure.

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