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Tequatl Le-Sans-Soleil is an undead dragon located in the Lumilules Marsh. He is one of Zhaitan's lieutenants and his champion. His name is Hylek and would mean "Fast Beta", "Biter" or even "Poisoner".

My opinion is that the Hylek culture is very taken over from the Mayas because of its "Quatl" elocution which, unfortunately does not mean anything in the Mayan language ... But it made me think of Quetzalcuatl whose "Cuatl" means serpent . A dragon is a big snake with legs and wings, isn't it? ?

Anyway, let's get to the heart of the matter!

To learn more about the history of Tyria and discover new dragons (Ancestral or not), I invite you to visit our sheets with: the history of Guild Wars 2.

  • Worldboss Minimum level 80: Tequatl Le-Sans-Soleil
  • City, Country: Lumilules Marsh in the Côte Effilochée area
  • 60 to 80 players is a good number for this World Boss.


event Defeat Tequatl the Sunless appears to appear every 2 hours or so after his death, and the bout lasts 15 minutes.


World Boss Strategy


Phase 1:

  • There is a chance to drop an Elevated weapon, with a new Tequatl exclusive skin + a mini Tequatl if you kill it!
  • The Megalaser and Hylek turrets are still available. You will need to use key 2 in turret to reduce Tequatl armor.
  • It takes more than 80 players with high-level equipment to defeat the dragon.
  • Avoid Tequatl's shock waves as it hits the ground by jumping over it! The wave becomes larger at 50% health and you will no longer be able to jump over it.
  • Puddles of poison will hit the ground and cause great damage. Void those pools with counter poison from the Hylek turrets! (3rd skill).
  • Hylek turrets have a buff and healing that they can give to other players.
  • You have 15 minutes to kill Tequatl, otherwise it will start again and you will have to wait 2 hours. (normally 3h but from experience, we waited 2h)
  • Turrets will be attacked by Tequatl Fingers and must be killed. Watch out for their lightning!
  • If Bone Walls rise, Tequatl becomes immune to damage and these bones will have to be destroyed quickly.

Phase 2:

  • Tequatl flies away and it will be necessary to defend the Mega-laser and its installations. The living dead will try to explode near the batteries, prevent them.
  • There are jumping platforms around the Mega Laser to get you up to them quickly.
  • When Tequatl returns, he will be hit by the Mega Laser, allowing you to do more damage for a fairly short time. Give it all!
  • A new ability after the fallen 75% of life allows him to summon a vortex, if you are sucked into it you will reappear in an area at the bottom of the water and you will have to get out quickly otherwise you will suffer substantial damage.


Various achievements are also achievable and you might get the achievement "Bearer of the Sun".


The quick guide

You have to two DPS groups forward and gunners / defenders on the North and East turrets. These 6 turrets (2 × 3) must be protected by DEF defenders (1 repairer and 3/4 defenders per turret).

From the start of the fight, the DEF groups (except gunners) and DPS must inflict maximum damage. After 10 / 15s, the DEF group returns to its turrets to protect them.

Phase 1:

→ Gunners: The poison clean (skill 3) should be spammed on DPS groups so that they do not suffer poison zones. The skill 4 and 5 bringing bonuses should be given to them as often as possible as well. The skill 2 must be used as soon as possible in order to lower the dragon's armor. If the dragon has 20 armor stacks it becomes invulnerable. Between all these skills, attack the dragon with the skill 1.

DPS : Send the maximum of your attacks, slam everything. Elementalists must pose their Fiery greatsword et Arcs of ice that do a lot of damage to the dragon. Goalies must pose as many light areas so that the explosions make them zones of reprisals which will represent 50% of your DPS. Know that if you pose your area attacks well, the 3 parts of the dragon will be affected, inflicting the triple damage to Tequatl. Jump over the shock waves. Raise your allies and DPS.

DEF : The repairers must defend with their team (make groups by turrets) and repair the turret using the repair hammers. Defenders must hold their turret and help their allies nearby if needed.

Once the dragon reaches 75% of its health, you enter phase 2.

Phase 2:

The group DPS 1 will defend the base far north. The group DPS 2 will defend the base next to the northern one. The group DEF north will defend the base still next to it and the group DEF East will defend the East base obviously.

You need to protect all these bases during the timer asked in order to load the cannon. Once there are 10 seconds of timer and if your bases can hold those 10s, go ALL to the Tequatl location, he will be shot. At this point the dragon will be incapacitated and you will have to inflict maximum damage on it !!

When Tequatl gets up, take all your positions and start phase 1 again.

Repeat these phases until the dragon is defeated.


The detailed guide

I invite you to read the excellent MOCO guide concerning the down of Tequatl. To read and reread !

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