Hacktag, spy game

Piece of Cake Studios today offers us an infiltration game based on total cooperation between two players. What can I say other than ... well who I will play with? Here is what this game gives for the moment.

Here we have a game that offers us to play either a spy or a hacker, in order to spy on various companies. The story is not appropriate, because there is not and for the moment, it is not really embarrassing. Note that the game is still in beta and that a number of changes will surely occur.

The network

Only, in this game, we have an enormous quality, which also turns into a major flaw. This game can only be played online or locally (via a split screen), which means that it may not be suitable for people who want to play solo. Especially since this concept poses another problem: if there is no other player online, it will not be possible to play at all if you have no one next to you.

However, here we have a game that has the merit of being genuinely nice. I think everyone will have a role preference:

  • The spy : the character physically on the ground. Its role is to disable firewalls, download data through computers while being careful not to get stuck.
  • The hacker: the character on the company network who will help his spy to move forward by opening doors, deactivating cameras, activating various machines to create a diversion, or download data via the network to avoid this punishment for the spy.

Because once in the company ... communication can be a powerful ally. Because the hacker who warns that a guard is coming, or a spy who asks to create a diversion will always be more productive than two players who do not answer a word.


Spy game

To move forward, you will need to disable doors, firewalls, etc. by finding the same codes, by making sequences with the directional arrows, or by spamming a key. Simple? Not so sure when you should do this flawlessly and in a hurry because two guards are approaching. Many dangers will be here and there to get in your way, to avoid turning the business into an open bar for you and your sidekick.


  • The guards : tall, sturdy fellows not very smart, but terribly efficient. If he catches you, they lock you up while waiting for the police. Easily distracted by a spilled coffee or a ringing phone.
  • Cameras : these are not very dangerous, but alert the guards. It will be so easy for a hacker to temporarily disable them.

A hacker

  • Antivirus: a program responsible for moving from point to point to track you down. The more traces you leave, the easier it will be for them to find you and quarantine you. Can be deactivated by the spy when it scans a pc.
  • Network scans: same principle as for cameras ... it will warn the antivirus in the event of an intrusion on the scanned section. Can be deactivated by the spy.

Different levels of security will be present in the missions. Ranging from easy surveillance to completely absurd data theft, it is so difficult. The difficulty here lies in an increase in the dangers mentioned above.

Anytime you get caught you will be in jail or quarantine and only your sidekick can get you out. If by bad luck he can't get you out within the allotted time, or if he is also caught, the game will be over for both of you. Fortunately, a number of skills unlockable with the levels will help you achieve your goals.

The game in brief ...

I would say this game is a good game if played with a friend or even just vocal players. Much as it can be a lot less fun and more frustrating if you have to play with a stranger who doesn't share a common language with you. Luckily, the Friends List is there to make sure you're playing with someone, or the screen is split.

The principle of having a duo that depends on the actions of one and the other is not new, but this game manages to make this game rest on it brilliantly. If you are looking for a game that requires patience and skill, this is the game for you.

Little more: the characters are animals on a human scale. So it's easy to make a Tom and Jerry, to play cat and mouse.

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