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This Egyptian themed card is the home of the Serpent-God Kâ. Quite cynical when he speaks to you, he seems to take you for weak puppets gesticulating on his lands for no real reason, except your "war" ... Kâ stores his power in temples that he will put available to you regularly but all the same, you will have to get rid of its guardians.

First things first: Blizzard offers an overview video of the map, which is shown below:



The map in detail

The Celestial Temple is a 3-lane map, with three temples located at the northern and southern extremes of the map, the third being located between the midlane and the Xel'Naga (note: Capturable sight tower) towards the toplane. They are represented in orange on the map. Knowing the twists and turns of this action-packed map is therefore crucial in order to quickly reach the temples that will be activated, in order to possibly get some shots at the enemy structures before your enemies arrive on you.



Kâ will regularly place at your disposal its temples where it will have stored its energy. Each temple fires 45 hits that inflict 400 (+60 per wave of activation) damage to enemy structures. It will therefore be interesting to try to destroy towers and doors before activating a temple in order to maximize the damage inflicted on key structures: enemy forts and bastions!

Capturing a temple is done as follows:

  1. Capture the temples. The temples are activated periodically. Stand inside their enclosure to capture their power!
  2. Hold the temples. Stay within the temple grounds and it will eventually unleash a devastating attack on your enemies' forts!
  3. Defend the temples. The guardians will try to regain control of their temples. Push them back so that your team retains the power!

Easy as pie, right? Yes, except that the opposing team will also be on hand to challenge the temple area, also wanting their piece of the pie! But do not worry, here are some tips to get you better, especially at the start of the game, crucial on this map.

  • The ideal start is a 3-1-1 formation, i.e. 3 top heroes, 1 mid and 1 botlane, in order to have control over the first two temples to activate, which are always the one in the North and the one in the middle. You'll also have quick access to your slugger camp, which will come in very handy when the next temple, which is still the southern one, on its own, activates.
  • Once the first temple is dormant, stay in the starting layout until around 30 seconds before the southern temple activates. There, quickly make your slugger camp to maintain toplane pressure, then switch to a 1-1-3 device (1 top, 1 mid and 3 botlane) to prepare your team for taking said temple. If you're quick, you can even take siege camp!
  • Once this phase is over, you will want to have a hero on each lane so as not to lose experience, the rest of the team taking part in roaming (note: moving across the entire map in order to provide pressure on the lanes by means of ganks) depending on the appearance of the following temples, random.
  • If you can't control a temple at all, take a Consolation Prize. Let the opposing team take this temple and go to a mercenary camp for example. The idea is to compensate for enemy shots by pushing on another part of the map so as not to lose too much tempo and get out of the frantic race that this map offers us.



Timers & infos

  • The first temples to appear are the one in the north and the one in the middle of the map. They are available at 1 minute 30 seconds game.
  • The second temple to appear is the one in the South, alone.
  • The third wave includes the southern temple and a second temple, chosen at random from the remaining ones.
  • The following waves are random. The three temples are, at one time, all active at the same time, be careful!
  • Every temple wave goes off 2 minutes after the last shot from previous temples.
  • Mercenary camps appear at the 2ème minute game.



The key heroes

Some heroes, by their kit and gameplay, are better on certain maps. Here are those who are strong on the Heavenly Temple:


  • ETC : Good zone controls, tight corridors at the level of the temples which allow him to put August (R) devastating ... Top cow!
  • Gazleu : Good control of temple areas thanks to its turrets, it can become extremely dangerous with its Grav-o-Bombe 4000 (R) !
  • Kael'Thas : An impressive zoning capacity, and scandalous damage to enemies grouped together.
  • Kerrigan : Excellent roaming, gank and ultimate capacity, Maelstrom (R), devastating in teamfight.
  • Luisaile : Very high mobility thanks to its mount. His ultimate Emerald Wind (R) will be able to get you out of predicaments on the temples.
  • Malfurion : Very strong healing, area immobilizer, Malfurion excels in tight areas of temples.
  • Nasibo : Very good lane holding, its ability to do a temple alone is a real bonus. His ultimate, Gargantua (R) will wreak havoc in the enemy ranks, if they dare to approach the temples ...
  • Zagara : Very good control of the lane, great pushing capacity and the possibility of doing the temples alone. Excellent choice on this card.



Example of game pro




You now know the Heavenly Temple like the back of your hand! Ka will no longer take you lightly, that's for sure. And neither do your opponents!

Perfect Nazka See you soon for new articles and guides on Heroes of the Storm, in the meantime, Nova kisses you!

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