Hitman - Mission Guide: Free Practice

That's it, the all-new Hitman is finally out! To celebrate, here's the guide to the game's very first mission: "Free training".

This first mission requires accomplishing the same objective as the tutorial mission. Except that you are now completely free in your movements, actions and manner of killing your target.



The mission has a total of 13 different challenges.

Assassination challenges - 6 challenges

Unfit for human consumption

  • Poison the target with rat poison.


  • Eliminate a target with the piano wire.


  • Assassinate Kalvin Ritter by drowning him.

A bonus for the stuntman

  • Eliminate the target with remote control explosives.

Use in case of emergency

  • Eliminate the target in a lifeboat crash.

The cleaner

  • Hide the target in a closet.

Attention challenges - 3 challenges

This way...

  • Distract a guard with a generator.

Small change

  • Flip a coin to distract attention.


  • Place a weapon and have a guard find it.

Item challenges - 2 challenges

New crew member

  • Find the crew member costume in the cabin on deck 00.

In safe place

  • Find rat poison on deck 00.

Access challenges - 2 challenges

The private meeting

  • Disguise yourself as Norfolk.
  • Meet the target.

Security bypassed

  • Get on the Yacht disguised as a security guard.


Achievement of challenges - Access challenges

There are many ways to access the yacht, however only two of them are related to challenges.

Security bypassed

For this challenge, you will need to retrieve the coat of a security guard outside and access the yacht with the latter. To retrieve the costume of a security guard, you will have to go to the small shed on the right of the starting area of ​​the mission. There will be two guards chatting in front and a third guarding the door. Go to the side to enter the shed through the window and knock out the guard and take his costume. Remember to hide the body in the cabinet just behind, as the two guards in front will sometimes turn around and risk setting off the alarm.

Once the costume is collected, you have two possible paths. The easiest way is to simply hook the screen door located right next to the shed and allowing access to the hold of the boat. The challenge will be validated once you get inside the boat.

The private meeting

This challenge requires you to obtain the (unique) costume of Norfolk, the businessman having a date with the target you need to assassinate. To do this, you will have to draw Norfolk away from the eyes of the police and other maintenance men who are busy on the quay.

To do this, go to the level of the car to the left of the starting point of the mission, the same one that can be used to escape. Get behind, draw your gun and fire a shot at the car. Immediately put the weapon away and hide to the side. The car alarm will go off, summoning Norfolk. Go and hide behind the box box located in the passage on the left. Once Norfolk is at the level of the car, wait for him to silence the alarm and toss a coin so that he comes into the little alleyway then knock him out (or kill him, free to you) and steal him his clothes.

Once done, you can access the boat through the main entrance. Once on the boat, go upstairs and look for Kalvin. Once at his level, all you have to do is chat with him and follow him to his cabin. Once both in the cabin, wait for him to start talking to you and presto, the challenge will be validated!


Achievement of challenges - Attention challenges

Completing the three attention challenges is very easy to do. It is possible to perform them during the same game.

Small change

For this challenge, it will suffice to collect the coins at the start of the level and throw one within range of an NPC's noise. Be careful, however, that you should not be seen when flipping the coin.


This challenge requires placing a weapon on the ground, or on a piece of furniture (desk / cash register / on the ground, etc.) so that it can be found by a guard.

This way...

For this last attention challenge, simply turn off the generator to attract the guard. It is possible to validate this challenge as well as the “Disorder” challenge at the same time. To do this, you just need to place a weapon on the ground, in front of the generator, before turning it off. The guard will be attracted to the generator shutdown and find the weapon on the ground, validating both challenges at once.


Completing the challenges - Object challenges

The level contains a large quantity of objects, adjustable wrenches, firearms of all kinds, crowbar, etc. However, two of them (one of which is a costume) grant challenges.

In safe place

This rat poison box is very easy to collect. To do this, you just have to go to level 00 by going through the same path as during the tutorial. However, once on board the boat at the level of the cars, instead of taking the stairs, take the door on the left. The rat poison is in the middle of the room, on the boards.

New crew member

This costume can be found once you are already on board the boat. To find this costume, you will need to go to the hold of the boat, level 00. You can pick up the costume just after the rat poison. To do this, once the latter has been recovered, take the corridor and enter the first cabin on the left. The costume is on the chair which is after the bed.

However, be careful once you've equipped the costume. A guard patrols the hallway and knows the crew members. He will immediately notice that you are an intruder.


Completing the challenges - Assassination challenges

The assassination challenges are relatively straightforward to complete in this mission, but will require, for some, to be relatively patient. Some will also ask you to collect items to achieve them. It is also possible to combine several means of murder.

Unfit for human consumption

For this assassination, you will need to equip yourself with the rat poison, which can be found at level 00. (see explanation in the "Object challenges" part) once it is in your possession, go on the first floor of the boat. Meet at the end of the boat, where Kalvin is chatting with his friend. While he is chatting, approach his glass and pour the poison into it. Then go to the bar and pretend to be an employee while working to quietly wait for Kalvin to come for his drink. Once he has drunk the glass, the challenge will be validated.


The latter must be coupled with the challenge " Unfit for human consumption ". So follow the path to validate it, once Kalvin has drunk the glass, he will go to the toilet. Follow him and enter with him without forgetting to close the door behind times. Then wait for him to vomit and drown him in the bowl. You can take advantage of this moment to validate the challenge " The cleaner " by hiding the body in the closet on the other side of the room.


This challenge is very easy to achieve. You can do this in many ways, without any prerequisites. The two ways to perform the piano wire assassination without getting detected is by completing the "Irony" assassination challenge, except that instead of drowning Kalvin, all you need is the stranger with the piano wire.

You can also follow the Access Challenge method "The Private Meeting": strangle Kalvin after you are both alone in his cabin.

Once dead, you can open the door behind Kalvin to hide his corpse in his bedroom cupboard to complete the "The Cleaner" challenge.

A bonus for the stuntman

This challenge can be quite long to complete, given that it depends on the movements of the NPCs. It should be noted that once the latter is carried out, the alert will be given from everywhere, so be prepared to flee very quickly!

First, you will need to retrieve the remote-controlled mine. The latter is with the rest of the equipment when you start the level, you just have to pick it up. Be careful, however, take cover behind the crate before picking up the mine, otherwise the guards on the dock will see you with the mine in hand and trigger the alert.

Once you have the mine in your possession, go to Kalvin's cabin, going through the window, as in the guided training mission. Approach the desk and try to place the mine there so that it is not visible. If the mine is visible, Kalvin will run away and give the alert.

Once the mine is down, come out of the room and wait for Kalvin and Norfolk to meet and go into the cabin. When they arrive, wait for Kalvin to sit in front of the computer and enjoy! The mine must be activated manually.

To quickly leave the area without being spotted and attacked, wait until Kalvin is placed in front of his computer and climb onto the helicopter landing area. Once next to the helicopter, trigger the mine, wait 3-4 seconds for the challenge to validate and take the helicopter to finish the mission. Be careful, however, a guard patrols around the helipad.

Use in case of emergency

This last assassination requires good timing to be carried out. Indeed, the time window to achieve it is quite short.
To get started, go to the helipad. The way and the means to reach it are completely free. Once at the helipad, go to the bridge and retrieve the crowbar located on the cockpit.

Once the key is collected, go to the other side of the helipad at the level of the lifeboats. Then you just have to wait until Kalvin has finished drinking, approach the entrance to begin to unbolt the support base and drop the canoe on it. Be careful, Kalvin's bodyguard will detect you as soon as you start to unbolt the canister, so you'll have to be precise and quick, because you won't get a second chance if you fail!

Once Kalvin is dead, leave the mission as soon as possible, because the alert will be given on the whole boat! Fortunately, you are at the helipad, with a cute little helicopter waiting for you!

The cleaner
This assassination challenge is not an assassination per se, but rather a cover-up after an assassination has taken place. To achieve the latter, you can follow the path of assassinations "Classic" or "Irony".


And there you have it, you have unlocked the 13 challenges of this first mission! Hitman being a game with multiple possibilities, it is obvious that there are several possibilities of progression to achieve the challenges. Do not hesitate to share your production techniques!

And don't forget, a good assassin is an assassin about whom we know nothing!

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