Life Is Strange : Before The Storm – Guide des tags – Episode 1

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Did you expect it? Here it is ! Life Is Strange: Before The Storm has, like Life Is Strange first of the name, a number of small events to perform. In the first opus, it was photos to take, in Before The Storm, it was tags to achieve!

There are 10 of these tags throughout your adventure. There is only one tag to achieve per "zone", which I will classify in order of encounter. Be careful, however, some of them may contain a little spoiler as to the location and how to achieve them!

The Points of no return »Are the events or actions that will take you to the next step and therefore prevent you from tagging. They must be done BEFORE the point of no return!

If you missed tags on the other episodes, you can find the guides below:

  • Episode 2 - Splendid New World
  • Episode 3 - Hell is Empty

Old sawmill - Exterior

Success: Recreational vandalism

The very first, very easy to do. After stepping over the barrier to find yourself at the entrance to the sawmill, make your way to the motorhome parked by the campfire. Go around it and once behind, you can then tag the body of the motorhome!

Point of no return : do this before attempting to force your way through the bouncer to enter the sawmill!

Old sawmill - Interior

Success: I think so I saw

This tag must be completed before performing certain actions, otherwise you will no longer be able to reach it!

You will have to take the passage next to the bar which leads to the pit. Look to the right side of the passage and you will see a circular saw blade hanging on the wall, observe it to put your mark on it!

Point of no return : be careful, however, do not do not try to enter the pit before! If you are unfortunate enough to try to go into the front pit, people will block your way, preventing you from reaching the place.

Price House - Floor

Success: The last unicorn

This tag can easily be missed if you like unicorns! : D go look at the wall where the posters are located, and in particular that of a woman riding a unicorn. You will then have the option of choosing to tear it out. Do it, and then you can tag your bedroom wall.

Point of no return : do it before leaving Chloe's room ! Because you won't be able to go back.

House of Price - DRC

Success: Sloppy DIY

This one is very simple. After leaving the house to join David who is repairing the car, he will ask you to bring him his tools. Go look for them in the garage and collect them. Once done, the option to tag your toolbox appears, and voila!

Point of no return : do it immediately, if you are going give David the tools, you won't be able to come back!

Campus Blackwell

Success: Star du rock

This tag is not complicated to do, but you can easily miss it without seeing it. Go to the far left of the campus and go behind the theater stage. Once in front of the pool door, go look at the wall just to the right and you can put your little stamp on it!

Point of no return : you will have to do it before taking the stairs to enter the school!

Theater workshop

Success : Characters

This tag is very simple, you will automatically pass in front. When Rachel asks you to bring her her belt, go to the dressing room, the post just in front of the door will be the object of your crime! Very easy !

Point of no return : do it before giving the belt to Rachel however, otherwise it's missed!


Success: Tramp Stew

Very easy to do, but given the situation and the little interaction possible in this place, you can easily miss it. Before doing anything, move the crate to the ground, then immediately go to the end of the passage. Look at the wall with a long text on it, then you can give your opinion!

Point of no return : be careful, if you sit on the crate, you won't be able to do it anymore!


Success: Pioneer spirit

The latter is simple to do and almost impossible to miss. All you need to do is approach the large statue located in Belvedere Square and then you can say what you think!

Point of no return : you will need to do this before retrieving the part from the binoculars, that is, before using the plate on the binoculars.


Success: Face your anger

This one is a bit complex to do. Indeed, it will be necessary to carry out actions in a precise order. When you are in "berserk mode" with the baseball bat, immediately go and break the panel with a little girl's head on it. Once done, go run your nerves on the paint cans behind you. It is then that you will notice that paint has splashed on the panel, you will then be able to tag it!

Point of no return : be careful, you have to do this before having broken all the other elements of the landfill. If you do it last, the cutscene will trigger and you won't have a chance to tag the panel!

Dream 2

Success: Lucid writing

This is the very last tag. Like the previous one, you will need to perform actions in a specific order.

  1. "Look" at the poster in front of you.
  2. “Move” the poster.
  3. “Tag” the seat in front of you. But having no felt, nothing will happen.
  4. "Look" at the bottle of wine at your feet.
  5. "Take the marker" located on the bottle.
  6. "Tag" the seat!

Point of no return : you will need to perform these actions in this precise order and that from the start.


And there you have it, you left your claw wherever you went!

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