Marvel Heroes - Getting started at level 60

If you play Marvel Heroes and have just gotten to level 60, maybe you are the same as me, that you are not sure where to start to equip yourself properly?

I therefore suggest that you discover together what makes up the end-of-level content of Marvel Heroes, taken from the SpaceAlert guide on the official forum. You will find the information in spanish, as well as their abbreviations and their English names, if you ever play in that language.

So let's start our journey, which will be broken down into 7 stages:

  1. Legendary
  2. We equip ourselves!
  3. We make !
  4. Cosmic Power
  5. Distinctions
  6. Influence
  7. We see the end



Objectives : Legendary weapon

Locations : Shared or Legendary Quests (without Cosmic Terminal / Unique Story)

First step therefore, obtain a Legendary Weapon and an Artisan (Crafter) at level 10 (to level up an Artisan, you must give him objects by pressing Alt + Right Click when the sales window is open).

The objective is to complete the Shared Quests (SQ - Shared Quests) and the Legendary Quests (LQ - Legendary Quests), which you can view in the journal (L key).

It is possible to reroll the Legendary Quests if they do not suit you, for a fee. But beware, especially for the rest, it is more than advisable to keep your credits as much as possible.

The goal is to get 300 Odin's marks and farm the equipment to give them to your Craftsman to reach level 10.

Once you have obtained the 300 Marks of Odin, go to Odin's Palace. Find the Legendary Asgardian Hero (near the top), who will offer you various legendary items. The choice of Weapon will depend on the hero you have, of course. Gungnir is generally a good choice if you are unsure of what to take. M'Kraan Crystal can also be a good choice if you are in need of Energy / Health, although its use is controversial, the bonuses it provides can be found via items, blessings or Omega points. .

If you are a little confused, you will certainly find some advice on the official forum, in the section of your Hero.

For 750 Cosmic Worldstones, you can also treat yourself to Cosmic Power, which Dragon-Moon offers you in the Avengers Tower.


We equip ourselves!

Objectives : Unique level 60, Legendary weapon rank 4 or more, 400 Marks of Odin

Locations : Industry City / Midtown Patrol (non-cosmic), SHIELD Holo Simulator, Defense X, Shared / Legendary Quests

Now that you have your Legendary Weapon, you will need to level it up.

And at the same time, you have to find 5 Unique pieces of equipment (Orange Quality), and enough money to be able to add 4 "Affixes" to your costume. Affixes are bonuses, up to a maximum of 4, to add to your costume (in addition to the Core), which we will see in the next step.

It will also be interesting to give equipment to the Enchanter, because we will need him soon.

During this phase, do not hesitate to make a regular tour of the Industry City side, where you can collect a Unique Ring. The Shared / Legendary Quests will also be important, it will be necessary for the next step to collect 400 Marks of Odin.


We make !

Objectives: 4 Costume Affixes, 3 Enchantments, 1 Rune Trait, 4 Blessings

Places : any hub (Avengers Tower, Odin's Palace, etc.)

That's it, have you set aside plenty of credits? Now is the time to spend them and install Affixes on your costume. To do this, go see your Craftsman. In the Costumes tab you will find two options, each with 4 categories:

  • Defensive addition to the costume (category 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Offensive addition to the costume (category 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Each category will allow you to apply a bonus to your costume, and therefore have a maximum of 4 Affixes on it, with a different cost however:

  • 1 category : 500 credits, Ordinary Technology Filament x1, Ordinary Ionic Particle x1
  • 2 category : 5 credits, Fundamental Technology Filament x000, Fundamental Ionic Particle x1
  • 3 category : 15 00 credits, Essential Technology Filament x1, Essential Ionic Particle x1
  • 4 category : 40 credits, Complex technology filament x000, Complex ionic particle x1

BUT, it's not going to be that easy, as you can only choose whether the Affix applied will be defensive or offensive. The type of Affix and its value will therefore be totally random. If the installed one does not suit you, it is always possible to install another one, again with credits and materials.

Overall, it is accepted that the recommended Affix to obtain is "Critical Damage Rating", which increases the damage of your critical hits. From a more modest perspective, the Affix "Critical Hit Rating" can be interesting, as your critical hits will be less powerful, but more frequent.

So, as we have seen, the Affix installed is random, as well as its value. It will be necessary to increase this value to its maximum. For this, one of the mistakes not to make is to install a Costume Core, before installing the Affixes. Indeed, once your Affixes are installed, if you place a Core on the costume, their values ​​will increase, depending on the level of the core (so logically 60).

If you install a Core before the Affixes, the range of their values ​​will be greater, and therefore reaching the maximum will be more complicated. To give you an idea, let's take the example of Critical Damage Rating. Without Core, its value range is between 37 and 70 for category 1 (therefore 1 chance in 33 of reaching 70), and with Core, this range goes between 199 and 370 (therefore 1 chance in 171 of reaching the maximum). Do you see the difference? Basically, the takeaway is that without Core you will have a much better chance of reaching max level.


The next logical step is to collect a Costume Core. These Cores are sort of costume upgrades, granting him certain bonuses. Your objective will be to first find a Core giving at least this bonus: "When you use a healing kit, you become invulnerable for 2 seconds". While waiting to find such a Core, you can also equip yourself with a Core granting bonuses giving you back 25% health and 100 Spirit, it can help.

Once you've found your Core, if your Craftsman is level 10, visit them and go to the Costumes tab. All you need to do is slip your Costume, Core, and 3 Refined Nanotechnology Filaments (Crafting Materials) into the appropriate boxes.


My advice : If you can, treat yourself to a "temporary" costume, where the objective will always be to place the Affix "Critical damage rate", with the highest possible values. Too bad if you can not get the maximum. Then place the suitable Core there. This will make you a practical costume for the next steps. And during this time you can take care of the Affixes of another costume, this time trying to reach the maximum values.


Cosmic Power

Objectives: Cosmic Medal, Ring, Insignia, 5 Enchantments, 2 or more StarkTech Power Cubes, Rank 5 Legendary Weapon

Places : Shared / Legendary Quests, Cosmic Terminals / Unique Stories

In Cosmic Terminals, you have a chance that the boss medals and rings collected are of Cosmic quality (yellow), giving in addition to their normal bonuses, +2 ranks to all your powers (+1 for the ring) . You can also pick up a Purple Insignia there, which can be upgraded to Cosmic during the recurring "Cosmic Chaos" event, which in turn gives your powers +1 rank. In total, therefore, +4 ranks on all your powers to recover is far from negligible.

Take advantage of this farm on the Terminals to do your Shared / Legendary quests, the objective will be to reach 400 Marks of Odin in order to be able to enchant your four artifacts with blessings (use the Heroes forum to find the artifacts that will be best suited to your character and the way he plays him).

Then visit your Enchanter. Generally, the blessing you will need to take (except in special cases) is that of Hela, which increases the chance of brutal attacks by 5% and your attacks have a 5% chance of inflicting damage equal to your points of life.

Note that even if your artifacts are not currently exceptional, you can exchange blessings between two artifacts, for the sum of 100 credits. So don't hesitate to enchant your artifacts, until you find something better.

Cosmic Terminals are a good way to quickly gain experience for your Legendary Weapon to reach rank 5, as well as for Omega Points.

These Terminals can also be a good way to collect interesting Artifacts and Medallions. Besides, if you ever have a character that flies or teleports, or even runs fast, Terminals can be finished very quickly, by sneaking towards the boss.

A good test to be able to see if your equipment is sufficient for the Cosmic Terminals: the Abandoned Subway, where you will find Shocker at the end.

Bosses encountered in these Terminals may even drop StarkTech Power Cubes from time to time. These Cubes can be implanted on high level artifacts, increasing the rank of a specific power by one point.

And keep giving items to your Enchanter. When he is at level 15, you will be able to enchant all 5 equipment slots.



Objectives : 5 Raid Tokens (Challenge Bonus)

Locations : Unique Terminals, Shared Quests, Bovid Sector (Bovineheim), Cosmic Terminals

You will certainly have noticed that you have collected Hero's Commendations and Protector's Commendations, especially by completing Shared Quests and Influence Missions (in Hammer Bay). The first step in using them will be to apply trait bonuses, via Raid Tokens.

To do this, go to Odin's Palace, you will find a seller downstairs, the Raid Token Merchant, who will offer you various recipes. For now, let's just deal with the Raid Bonuses. We will see the others in detail later. These recipes allow you to add 1 point on one of the 6 basic characteristics of the character, on one of the level 63 or higher equipment that you have (i.e. 5 in total):

  • Sustainability
  • Strength
  • Fighting
  • Vitesse
  • Energy
  • Intelligence

Seven recipes are therefore available: one random, adding a point to a random characteristic, and six other specific ones, which this time will guarantee you the characteristic you wish to add. Each costs 25 Hero's Honors.

But that's not all. To be able to apply these bonuses, you also need Raid Tokens (Challenge Bonus Token). There are two types of Tokens:

  • Random, used for the random recipe - cost 25 Hero's Honors / 10 Protector's Honors
  • Specifics, which are used for just specific recipes - cost 100 Hero Awards / 40 Protector Awards

Right now, your honor total shouldn't be very high, so we'll just use the Random recipe, as well as 5 Random Tokens. Once the recipe has been learned, go see your Craftsman, in the Equipment tab, you will find the recipe to add the bonus. Then just drag the piece of equipment and the Token into the appropriate boxes.

Then collect your costume and you will be able to see the bonus written on it:


If you are ever unhappy with the characteristic applied, simply redeem a Token and start over. But at this point, it might be best not to be too greedy, because in the next step we're going to need a lot of Hero and Protector Awards. So it might be better to be content with the 5 Characteristic Bonuses that you will have. You will have plenty of time to optimize these Bonuses a little later.

For information, here is the list of Distinctions rewards according to the activity, which you can obtain each day:

  • Shared Quests : 4 Heroes and 2 Protectors
  • Unique Stories "Bronx Zoo" and "Axis": 3 Heroes and 3 Protectors
  • Unique story "Vibranium mines": 6 Heroes and 6 Protectors

In the Bovinheim area, you can also pick up Unique gear with Challenge Bonuses already on it, but the area is quite dangerous on its own.



Objectives : Unique level 66, Legendary weapon level 80

Locations : Unique Stories, Shared Quests, Influence Missions, Age of Ultron Challenge, Green Muspelheim Raid

We're going to need Heroes and Protectors, Marks of Odin, and Influence, and all of that in large quantities.

First stop, Hammer Bay (you can access it by talking to the Fauve, at the Xavier Institute). There you will find two NPCs, one giving you a Daily Quest, and the other a Weekly Quest (GLF). These quests reward you with Hero and Protector Awards.

You will also find an NPC there (near the Enchanter), giving you a very useful buff, which allows you to gain Influence by defeating enemies (after 8 minutes of activity in an area).

There are several ways you can earn Distinctions and Influence (limited to 200 per week for each):

  • GLF Daily : 4 Heroes, 3 Protector, 25 Influence
  • GLF Weekly : 40 Heroes, 30 Protector, 100 Influence
  • Boss de Raid Muspelheim Vert : 25 Hero Awards per week
  • Raid Boss Muspelheim Rouge et Boss de Raid Axis Vert : 25 Protector Awards per week
  • Age of Ultron : up to 4 Hero Awards, depending on performance
  • Some Login Achievements and Rewards give Distinctions, which are not counted towards the weekly limit

In the end, the goal is to be able to buy the 5 recipes from the Asgardian vendor (Odin's Palace), which we have already seen for the Raid Bonuses. It offers 5 recipes, allowing you to upgrade one of the 5 Unique items of equipment to level 66 (thereby increasing its characteristics). Each recipe costs between 200 and 350 Hero Awards. Do you now visualize a little better the time it will take you to harvest them?

Once you have purchased the recipes, all you have to do is go see your craftsman, and it will cost you only 10 credits to increase your Unique. Afterwards, we don't talk about it anymore!

Small precision all the same, each recipe is linked to a location (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). You will not be able to increase a Slot 1 Unique with a Slot 3 recipe.

Other recipes are also available, to upgrade your gear from level 66 to 69, but we'll take care of that later (just look at the prices, for fun!).

Another objective: to reach a total of 900 Influence. This will allow you to unlock a new vendor, offering you level 80 Legendary Weapons, more powerful than those you can already own. Choose well, and as usual, do not hesitate to inquire about the Heroes forum.


We see the end

Objectives : +5000 Omega Points, Boss Artifacts, Level 69 Unique

Locations : Cosmic Terminals, Cosmic Patrols, Distinctions Farm

First of all, if you've come to this before, well done, that's no small feat. But the farm has barely started!

Bosses, in Terminals and Cosmic Patrols, have a small chance of dropping specific, very powerful Artifacts and Uniques (see full list in English). Plus, they drop tons of XP, useful for boosting your Omega Points.

From there, the goal will be to kill as many Cosmic Bosses as possible. Especially since certain achievements can automatically give you the specific loot of each boss, after having killed it a certain number of times:

The most popular choice is farmer Kurse (in Odin's Palace Terminal), whose Gem of the Kursed artifact is one of the most popular and generally BiS (Best in Slot) for many Heroes. The Master of Corvée Terminal is also appreciated, because it is very short to do. Also feel free to use Boost potions whenever you can, obtainable from Fortune Cards (you can get them for Cube Fragments).

And keep farming the Distinctions to be able to offer you the recipes that transform your Uniqueness to level 69.

So that concludes this guide. I think you may realize a little better how long it takes to really fully optimize your character. For me, in any case, yes !

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