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As you noticed, I restarted the activity on player videos. There are players who send me a video every two weeks. And there are other players like Harmonium who send me fifteen about a game he is passionate about. It clearly deserved a little special!


Various guides

  • Change character
  • Tea Room
  • Sterling silver
  • Amrita
  • Yasakani Magatama

In what is it? How do I get it? How does the clan battle work? All of the above and much more below:

Do you dream of riches? So here is a trick to collect a lot (1 million) in less than thirty minutes, with a bonus of 2 million EXP. The mission is super easy and will not require any real skill.

And here's how to get 20 million amrita in just 20 minutes.

Since people thought he was cheating to level up, he made a video with even more explanation on how to get 50 million amrita. It also shows in the video the total accomplishment of the game: 100% everywhere, it couldn't be better! Finally, it also shows how the method can very quickly no longer work with just one less device or a simple error in its use. Because, as he points out, it is theorycrafting above all!

And finally a new guide!

If you have that you don't get much Amrita back, there's nothing more we can do for you!

The Yasakani Magatama is the most useful accessory in the game, allowing you to reduce the set item requirement by 1 piece (Example: instead of 2 equipped pieces, only one will give the bonus for two pieces). And, as a bonus in the video, a glitch to go through the wall and a second to get unlimited amrita without having to play.

How the game works

  • Weapon mastery
  • Improved divine weapons
  • Magic
  • Stealthy
  • Ninjutsu
  • Celestial Equipment

Here is a guide to getting a lot of weapon mastery, at least 100 in just 000 minutes!

It is important to understand how the most powerful equipment in the game works!

Find out what magic to use and its usefulness!

Playing stealthily on NI-OH? Yes it's possible ! 

You will know everything about why he uses it and the talents to take.

  • Forge
  • elements
  • Lucky statistic
  • Build

You will discover

  • how to increase armor +10
  • mount crafts
  • what upgrades to buy from the blacksmith and why it is better to buy upgrades from the second blacksmith
  • reforge it
  • soul association
  • equipment dismantling and improvement of crafting materials


Specific missions

Battle of the Great Bridge

He found an interesting trick to complete the mission without getting hit. In fact, the monsters get stuck behind the barrier which normally prevents going back. Except that there, it is you who is behind!

  • Oda Nobunaga + Yuki-Onna
  • Tashibana Muneshige + Honda Tadakatsu
  • Saika Magoichi

You will find out how to defeat both bosses at the same time. It will be necessary to focus Yuki, and especially to keep the firebird if we were to be defeated.

The two kings are now within your reach:

Can't pass it? So follow the guide and his loot could be yours!

Twilight Missions

Here are some missions in the most terrible difficulty modes. We start strong with level 310 ...

to follow up on a second level 200 video.


Mission Marobashi

Here is a guide to ONMYO magic as well as an easy method for the Marobashi mission.



PvP compilations:

And a speed-run:



You now have all the tracks to progress well on Nioh!

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