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New game, new guides! Overwatch is no exception to the rule, and Blizzard's latest addition will be scrutinized. Without further ado, we attack the Australian criminal: Junkrat!

Jackal is an explosives obsessed madman who only lives for chaos and destruction.

The attack on the reactor core of the Australian omnium has definitely changed the landscape of the interior of the country. After the detonation, the area transformed into a desolate, barren and irradiated land, covered with debris and deformed fragments of the crumbling complex, and largely uninhabitable ...


But some survived. Calling themselves the Junkers, they scavenged everything they could from the carcass of the Omnium and formed a lawless society in its shadow. Jackal is one of them, barely making a living collecting metal and components from the ruins. Like many others, he was affected by radiation. This touch of madness made him the ideal person to handle dangerous explosives, a passion that has become a real obsession.

He rose to fame when he discovered a secret of great value in the carcass of the omnium. Although few know the nature of his discovery, he was nonetheless pursued by bounty hunters, gangs and opportunists wherever he went. Until one day he made a deal with a Junkers henchman, Chopper, who reluctantly agreed to be his personal bodyguard in exchange for half of his winnings.

Today, Jackal, accompanied by Chopper, left the interior of the country to embark on a career as an international criminal, leaving in its wake only chaos and destruction.


  • Flank: attack from the flanks, take from the rear and therefore by surprise the opposing team. By extension, a flanker is a hero capable of flanking:  Tracer Reaper,  Genji...
  • Poke: Deal damage from a distance without engaging in direct combat.
  • Push: advance the goal. Concretely, for each card, it varies:
    • Escort: move the convoy forward
    • Capture: try to capture 1/3 point at least
    • Hybrid: mix of Capture and Escort
    • Control: try to kill the opposing team in order to regain control of the point
    • In defense, a push consists of fetching the opposing team as close as possible to its spawn point in order to prevent them from returning to the objective.
  • Spam: Constantly empty your charger, usually for poke.



Statistics & Capacities



Jackal is a fairly simple hero to learn, once you know how to rebound with his grenades. He brings great pressure in attack as in defense and this constantly with a real spam of grenades. Her Disabling Mine (MAJ. G.) makes it very mobile, but turns out to be punitive if one takes risks (such as death). Once mastered, it offers him unpredictable places to spam and interesting shooting angles. Finally, she is very strong in a duel, which somewhat compensates for the weakness of her grenade launcher, which is difficult to manage in a one-on-one situation.

  • Put a lot of pressure
  • Unpredictable
  • A very funny kit
  • An accent (in original version) and a great laugh

  • Complex possibilities to learn without dying
  • Useless against flying enemies
  • Duels are hard to win
  • Too little reference to the BBQ


  • Left click
  • Shift. Left
  • E
  • A (Latest)
  • Passive


Grenade launcher

  • Munitions : 5
  • Rate of fire : 5 / 3 seconds
  • Damage: 120 80 40 / grenade (Direct fire / Explosion / Self)
  • Recharge time: 1,5 seconds


Disabling Mine

After placing one of his house stun mines, Jackal can trigger it to injure enemies and cause them to fly through the air ... or propel himself into the air.

  • Damage: 120
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Jackal can throw himself in the air by detonating the mine under his feet


Steel Trap

Jackal swings a giant trap with a metal jaw. If an enemy gets too close to the trap, it closes, immobilizing it and injuring it.

  • Damage: 80
  • Duration: 3 seconds - stun second
  • Recharge time:  10 seconds



Jackal blasts a motorized tire bomb that can climb walls and obstacles, and sends it rolling across the battlefield. He can detonate the pneumastic from a distance to deal heavy damage to enemies caught in the blast, or simply wait for it to explode on its own.

  • Damage: 600
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Subject to distance damage reduction
  • Can climb low walls
  • Can kill Jackal


Sore loser

Jackal's full-blown sense of humor remains after his death: if he is killed, he drops several peeled grenades.

  • Damage: 300 (60 5 grenades)
  • Grenades quickly explode on their own





In attack, Jackal will put a good pressure on the enemies by spamming his grenades in the vicinity of the objective from a good distance, by positioning himself thanks to his Disabling Mine (MAJ. G.). During pushes, coordinate with your team to quickly kill opposing supports using your Pneumastic (A) who can do serious damage! Be careful not to get him killed before, your infernal wheel has 50 life points, and can be destroyed prematurely ... and even kill you!


In defense, Jackal will be able to create real lawless areas and prevent opponents from going through a lane on his own. A Steel Trap (E) is often fatal, 3 seconds without moving is not a good idea in Overwatch. Its grenades will deter most opponents from rushing into the area, while the Disabling Mine (MAJ. G.) will be able to keep you away from these troublesome tanks capable of taking more than two grenades ... And of finishing them, at the same time! Finally, your Pneumastic (A) is less crucial than attacking, but be careful not to spoil it. It will allow you to pick up some eliminations and release the pressure on your allies.



Synergies & cons

Jackal is a hero who will put enormous pressure on his opponents with the help of a solid poke from a constant distance. Heroes who can protect him effectively over time while he sends his grenades all over the place will be of great help to him. On the other hand, the heroes capable of killing him from afar like  Hanzo ou  Pharah will cause him a lot of trouble! On another side,  Pike will be able to hold Jackal's poke with his AoE heal. Finally, the heroes gaining the upper hand over Jackal at close range, such as  McCree, will dominate it completely.








Below are two videos showing the potential of Jackal.


Bonus: special Jackal wallpaper

Find a "Made in Games Managers" wallpaper that summarizes the Jackal and its capabilities, all in 4K resolution!


Download the wallpaper ...



Now you know what to do with Jackal in Overwatch, so let's get started! But remember, if you don't get it right the first time, blow it all up again ...

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