/ Played # 12 - Violence in Video Games

For this episode of / Played, we talk about violence in video games. As it is a sensitive and complicated subject to deal with, we called on a psychology student who provided a lot of sources to deal with the subject and whom we thank once again. Nakou and Stuka will be responsible for leading the debate.



  • The hitman study (Ferguson & Rueda2010)
  • Do video games exert stronger effects on aggression than film ? (lin 2013)
  • Chronic violent video game exposure and desensitization to violence: Behavioral and event-related brain potential data (Bartholow, Bushman, Sestir 2005)
  • Engelhardt, Barholow, Kerr and Bushman in 2011
  • Media violence and the self: The impact of personalized gaming characters in aggressive video games on aggressive behavior (Fisher, Greitemeyer, Kastenmüller 2009)
  • Motion capture controls negate the violent video-game effect (Charles, Baker, Hartman, Easton, Kreuzberger (2013)
  • Cyber-dehumanization: Violent video game play diminishes our humanity (Bastian, Jetten, radke 2012)
  • A longitudinal test of video game violence influences on dating and aggression: A 3-year longitudinal study of adolescents (Ferguson, San Miguel, Garza, Jerabeck 2012)
  • Effect of prosocial videogames on prosocial behavior (greitemeyer et Osswald 2010)
  • The influence of solitary and cooperative violent video game play on aggressive and prosocial behavior Ferguson et Jerabeck (2013)
  • Background music matters: Why video games lead to increased aggressive behavior? (Zhang et Gao, 2014)
  • This is your brain on violent video games: Neural desensitization to violence predicts increased aggression following violent video game exposure (Engelhardt, Bartholow, Kerr & Bushman, 2011).

For parents, Camille offers you an article on the prevention of injuries related to video games on children.



On the testing side, I present to you the survival game The Forest (that we had broadcast a little preview on social networks). I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this game, rated 18+, is currently in Alpha and already offers a trying experience.


Happy listening and see you soon!

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