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This week we received a little email, and suddenly your servant is back in service for a little PVF! Did you miss not discovering a fortress?

Well today to fill this gap, sit down in your armchairs and hang on, we go into hyperspace to join the smugglers 'moon of the Battle Meditation server, and discover a role-playing bar, the Bar de l' Eclipse maintained by Kayn. I leave it to him to show you his home.

Wait, wait, wait! PV-what?

PVF! Share Your Fortresses! If you're new here and don't know the concept, take a look at this how-to article. And if you like it after reading this one, the whole list is here!



Welcome to the Eclipse, the trendy bar in the Red Light District!

"This establishment was bought by a wealthy investor Nar Shaddien, there are all the codes of the biggest establishments linked to the nightlife, neon lights everywhere, alcohol, twi'leks in small outfits, and Hutts who are invited to events. "

"After having passed the security service, which will remind you that heavy weapons (assault cannon type) and heavy armor are prohibited, you arrive in the main room, in subdued tones, the bartender Billy, who already has several years of service. he experience in the great Nar Shaddien bars will be there to satisfy your request, with each drink consumed, a shot of the alcohol of your choice is offered to you.

The evenings will be hosted by DJ Zoulou, the must-have for fiery nights. "

"A lounge bar is at your disposal if you wish to be further away from the noise, there is a little greenery and a small fountain."

"A red bar next to the Dancefloor is open for those wishing to chat while staying in Nar Shaddian tones."

"The Hutts may be invited to major events, customers may or may not discuss business with them."

"The back room of the bar, the Salon Rouge, typically Nar Shaddien, take a seat in the large sofas provided for this purpose, and enjoy the dances of our qualified staff."

"To end the visit, the Terrace is open for all those wishing to take the air and get away for a few moments, we will be able to notice the incredible size of these holo-trees."

"(This battle room is not officially presented, however, by following rumors from the Moon, you may hear about it, and even participate in it.)"

Establishment open every Saturday evening from 21 p.m. in the fortress available in public listing: Cantina of L'Éclipse market. Ask for your key so you can join her at any time, and even invite people.

As a reminder: only heavy weapons and armor (heavy war armor type) are prohibited, pistols and blaster rifles are accepted, for Force Users, hide your saber and your membership in the Empire / Republic by the same opportunity. Security is provided by the Interstellar Peacekeepers (more info here) and the Hut Cartel when a Hutt is invited to a big event.

Unarmed combat can be done in Rand or PvP, it is up to the fighter.



What I took away from this fortress: I am not a fan of the Nar Shaddien style in general with all the lights. In this case in this fortress, it is many other elements that marked me. The first is the bar at the entrance by combining 4 simple decorations, Kayn concocted a bar much more supplied than the usual one. The screen, the credits and the shelf add more to the basic counter, which makes the atmosphere much more immersive! In addition, it is easy to consult the map like that! The second room that I appreciated in this fortress is the combat room, a nice arena made in the center!


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