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The guides on the official site continue, it is today Jason Halvorson, screenwriter, who explains the rules of flow of the Sims and in particular at the level of the work system.

In order to live, Sims have to work, then they will spend that money in shops and accumulate happiness. The salary recovered also makes it possible to pay the rent for the residential area. It is therefore necessary to establish a good balance. There are two types of employees:

  • required: meets the minimum needs of each workplace.
  • additional: accommodates idle Sims if possible.

Sims can walk to work (if it's close) or by car (to a more distant destination). This is also a way to reduce traffic: put workplaces close to places of residence.

If ever a business opens during a period of work, a recruiting agent will go and poach additional employees from other businesses to fill his minimum number of employees and thus be able to operate. In the event that this agent returns empty-handed (or that the minimum is not reached), he will then contact neighboring towns to see if they have unemployed Sims. You must also give the Sims time to rest, an employee will not be able to chain two work shifts (night and day) and will ignore any request from a recruiter before being attacked again!

Sims are not lenders and like to find their home at night. To prevent a Sim from stealing their home, it is locked while they are away. On the other hand, the Sims are versatile and will not balk at changing homes or jobs depending on the vagaries of the city (construction, improvement, destruction).

Do not hesitate to read the entirearticle for all the advice from our friend Jason Halvorson.

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