Skyforge - Overview of Divine Specializations

Announced at the same time as the Divine Form, the divine specializations will allow you to refine your divine skills by focusing on the type of activity you prefer (group play, PvP, single player ...). The Russian version of Skyforge will soon welcome these. Small overview of how they work.

The most relentless European players, having unlocked their Divine Form yesterday, have probably seen little knots at the ends of their new Atlas displaying "God of Knowledge or others". These nodes represent the divine specialties and will give you access ... to another Atlas. Which starts to do a lot by the way, taking into account that we are missing the invasion Atlas at home.

In order to unlock these nodes, you will need to obtain a "divine revelation", which you will gain by slaying an enemy God Avatar during an invasion (no small task already). You will then have access to an Atlas with 40 main nodes.

There are 6 specialties, providing different bonuses and are not, a priori, exclusive.

  • War
  • Knowledge
  • Defense
  • Hunting
  • Exploration
  • Authority

More PvP oriented, this specialization will offer bonuses to tank and warrior type classes (see groups of gods), and plenty of bonuses for PvP activities.

Example nodes: Reduced the Faith cost of Divine Transformation during PvP battles, reduced damage inflicted by other players, increased the effects of divine tank and warrior skills ...

This specialization will give the ability to create items, whether scrolls (consumables providing various bonuses) or epic quality equipment. This first craft in Skyforge will be based on the analysis (a priori destructive) of objects to recover the components. The creation of objects will however be done by your followers. You will also have the opportunity to gain an additional symbol level for Ultimate Strength, Maximum Recoil, etc ...

A group PvE specialization, it favored tank and support-type classes.

Example nodes: increased the effects of the bonus aura of supports, reduced the cost and increased duration (+15 min) of the Divine Form in Anomaly, increased threat generation, area taunt, increased effects of divine tank skills and support ...

A somewhat hybrid PvE and PvP specialization, it will increase your character's abilities for individual combat. It favors the marksmen and warrior type classes.

Example of nodes: your followers can bring back mission trophies, the effects of which can be increased, increased damage dealt to players in Divine Form when you are not, increased damage dealt to enemies of type Elite and Champion.

Specialization PvE Solo, it will favor the classes of type Shooter and Magicians.

Example of nodes: reduction of the cost in faith of the divine transformation and significant increase of its effect (+ 50% damage and life) for the activities of groups (dungeon with 5, invasions and anomalies) if the player is alone to do it , increased damage dealt if you are outnumbered.

Specialization centered on the Order System, it will favor the Magicians and Support type classes.

Example of nodes: mission of additional followers to gain faith, possibility of having chapels of legendary quality (orange), increases the power of your aura to your allies who are not in Divine Form when you are, Slightly reduced the Faith of Divine Transformation cost for other party members in party PvE content.



So much for this little overview of divine specializations, which looks particularly interesting and which will probably give another depth to the game.


What type of god will you be? 

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