Star Citizen – Chronologie – 2530

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The galaxy is expanding

It was like the gold rush, planetary prospectors were desperate to market their findings on "new worlds". Most followed regulatory protocols but others abstained.

Gaia Planetary Services attempted to terraform a planet without permission. It later turned out that the planet was inhabited. The Xi'An race was discovered late when they came face to face with a team of terraformers unpacking equipment. Needless to say, they were disturbed. The Xi'An captured the team and left them under surveillance. Only one was released, foreman Charles Baxter, as a sign of goodwill.

On Earth, Secretary General Cho, Marshal Volder and Senior Advocate Machado, supported by a subcommittee of senators, met to debrief Baxter and define how to deal with the Xi'An.


Secretary General Cho: If everyone is ready, we will listen to you Mr. Baxter. Tell us what happened that day.

Baxter: The company lawyer advised me ...

Senior Lawyer Machado: Mr. Baxter, this is not an interrogation. We're just trying to figure out what really happened. Two hundred and seventy-five of your colleagues are still detained by the Xi'An. Everything you tell us today will help us resolve this crisis.

[Baxter turns to his lawyer]

Baxter: We were doing surveys, we were looking for flat areas of land to install our equipment. Three freighters were due to arrive so we expected to hear the sound of turbines. I was perched on a ridge when the first one appeared. I immediately knew he wasn't one of us, I mean not human. It didn't look like any of the Banu ships I've seen, you know how they are ...

Secretary General Cho: Please stay on topic.

Baxter: Well, the next moment we were surrounded. Ships arrived from all directions.

Marshal Volder: Didn't you scan the planet before landing?

Baxter: Not really. Well, I don't think so.

Marshal Volder: Don't you think that would have been the best thing to do before terraforming a planet?

Baxter: You have no idea what conditions we have to work in to get something done in this environment. If you wait too long, another company will blow your politeness in the blink of an eye by some sort of subterfuge.

Marshal Volder: While we appreciate your sociological perspective, Mr. Baxter, we need facts to save the hostages, your ramblings are of no use to us.

Secretary General Cho: Marshal, we have not concluded that military action is necessary.

Marshal Volder: I understand, but we need to make a plan in the event that the diplomatic solution leads nowhere.

Secretary General Cho: Of course. Please, Mr. Baxter, continue.
The UPE military forces established a security perimeter at the entrance to the jump point. It took fifteen days to establish a means of communication with the Xi'An. A period of intense negotiations began. The Xi'An were meticulous in their requests.

By the time all the hostages were released, more than fifty-seven days passed. Even though the UPE had avoided war, relations with the Xi'An were strained.

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