Street Fighter 5 - Introducing the Beta

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Street Fighter V is the latest addition to the series, currently available in beta.

Scheduled to release on February 16 2016 at PS4 and Steam, this brand new opus offers, among other things, several new features. The game will be mainly online.

Among the new features, we discover a new specialty to use in combat, called Gauge-V, filling up as the player takes hits, the latter can be used by three new actions in combat

  • V-Skill : a special defensive move, different depending on the character. Ryu can for example parry attacks easily, while Bison can return projectiles to his attacker.
  • V-Trigger : This action will consume the entire V-skill gauge and, in addition to increasing damage, will add various effects to your attacks. It will be possible to poison the enemy, burn the ground, teleport or call on a support character during combat.
  • V-Reversal : this action will only consume part of the V-Skill gauge and will allow you to free yourself from an engagement with your opponent.

The game will offer upon release sixteen playable characters, including four new in the series. You can get six more through a season pass.

Find a presentation of the game on PC version produced by The tick on his channel KaegysTV. As a reminder, the game is currently still in beta and therefore, several options / functions are not yet available.

You can already pre-order the game on Steam, which will automatically give you access to the beta.

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