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This article is an introduction to some elements of equipment optimization. We will discuss the new stat curves and the new PvE gear levels, without going into details class by class.


General modifications

The so-called Hors Set pieces, that is to say those that can be obtained using Basic, Elite or Ultimate distinctions, will no longer provide optimized equipment. Basically, unless you really don't have anything to eat so useless to store these distinctions, the equipment you get from it shouldn't be kept for long (if you are doing operations). In short, tanks won't see much of a difference, but when it comes to Healers and Dps, you will no longer be able to get your "Optimized" Sophistications or Mods from the distinctions.

The new equipment levels are as follows:

  • Yavin Gear - Index 186 (Basic Honors)
  • Risen Equipment / Massassi - Index 192 (Elite Distinctions)
  • Impostor / Revanite Gear - Index 198 (Ultimate Honors)


The curves

I invite you to refer to the following graph for an overview of the new curves.

You may notice that the Precision and Defense curves are the same. If you want to know in more detail how these curves were obtained, I invite you to observe the following functions:

  • Alacrity
  • Influx
  • Precision
  • Critical
  • Bouclier
  • Defense
  • Absorption

Alacrité(index_alacrité) = 30*(1-(1-(0.01/0.3))^((index_alacrité/60)/1.25))

Afflux(index_afflux)= 30*(1-(1-(0.01/0.3))^((index_afflux/60)/0.22))

Précision(index_précision)= 30*(1-(1-(0.01/0.3))^((index_précision/60/1.2)))

Critique(index_critique)= 30*(1-(1-(0.01/0.3))^((index_critique/60)/0.9))

 Shield (shield_index) = 50 (1 - (1 - 0.01 / 0.5) ^ (shield_index / 60 / 0.78)

Defense (defense_index) = 30 (1 - (1 - 0.01 / 0.3) ^ (defense_index / 60 / 1.2))

Absorption(index_abso)= 50 (1 - (1 - 0.01 / 0.5)^(index_abso / 60 / 0.65))

These functions were obtained from in-game tests under various known parameters (including the old functions valid at levels 50 and 55). Their validity is 99.9% certain. This means that you should observe in game and by calculation the same figures with less than 1% of difference between the two results (during my tests I always obtained the same figures to the point near on nearly thirty values).


The Chiefs

I will say very little about the milestones to be reached. The most important course in my eyes and the only one that is unquestionable is the DPS Precision course.

To not miss his blows on operations bosses, ZL or other level 60 NPCs, you will need to reach the minimum cap of either 110% Ranged Accuracy, or 100% Melee Accuracy. This shouldn't change you much from level 55. You will need a minimum of 758 Precision index points for this.

There are a number of ways you can reach this milestone. The Sophistications can bring you:

  • Equipment index 186: 102 precision index.
  • Equipment index 192: 111 precision index.
  • Equipment index 198: 120 precision index.

Upgrades can earn you:

  • Green Quality Level 60: 46 precision index
  • Quality Blue Level 60: 50 precision index
  • Quality Violet Level 60: 52 precision index.


Optimized Equipment

Among the various possibilities of choosing equipment, you will find some more interesting and others less. But what is optimized equipment?

The optimized equipment is a part of a part (Armor, Module, Sophistications ....) or a complete part (Relic, Earpiece, ...) which gives you the maximum of interesting statistics.

Often one can distinguish between optimized and non-optimized parts by name. The parts bearing the names of the operation set are generally optimized parts as well as the components ending in a number (Example: Revanite Mystic Bure or Aptitude 36 Module). It can sometimes happen that two pieces of equipment with different names have the same characteristics, this is often the case with Sophistications. In this case you have to compare the two and choose the one that gives the least endurance.


This concludes this article. See you soon in a more precise guide concerning the choice between the different statistics.

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