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Long forgotten Sith spirits have awakened on Yavin 4. This convergence of dark side energies could rekindle a powerful ancestral threat in the already dangerous jungles of this moon ...

This sentence at the beginning of the last patch-notes intrigued more than one person, this guide is there to explain what this referred to: the reactivation of a secret World Boss on Yavin IV. In order to be able to face this boss, a series of preliminary conditions are necessary. Some of the detailed information regarding these conditions is already described in another guide since it concerns hidden achievements that can be done independently of the boss.

Like the Nightmare Pilgrim, this World Boss must be summoned by activating an item. Before invoking it, 3 steps must be taken:

  • Step 1 : Collect a buff on Tatooine that will inflict damage on it
  • Step 2 : Collect Force echoes from 4 ghosts
  • Step 3 : Collect the Force talismans from the previous 4 ghosts.
  • Step 4 : Activate an unknown talisman to summon the World Boss.

Step 1 MUST be performed by each member of the group. For the next two steps, it is not necessary for the whole group to perform them, however, each time you summon the boss, the person who will have done it will lose the possibility of doing it (unless you redo the bosses). steps 2 and 3). If you want to do several tests, you will therefore need several people who have carried out these steps.

Before you go any further and take each step, be aware of one thing: As of this writing, it seems that no group in the world has managed to kill this boss. The best "performances" (if we can call dying in one minute flat a performance) would be to have killed his life at 90% (server guild Ebon Hawk), 95% (Revan's Legacy on Prophecy of the Five) and 97% (group of 48 people on T3-M4) keep this in mind, this boss will require perfect coordination, optimized equipment and the slightest mistake during the fight could be fatal.

Once this warning has been given, no more talk, let's tackle the steps necessary for its invocation and to fight it.


Stage 1: The Tatooine buff

The most important step which will have to be carried out by all the members of the raid.

See you in the lair of the outlaws at Tatooine, where you will find a kind of little book named "Book of the Ancients". By clicking on it you will receive the buff "Ancestral Knowledge" which lasts three hours, lasts when you die and is maintained by changing planets. It will be used to be able to inflict damage to the boss who otherwise will be content to be immune to all your spells. 

It has most often been seen on a crate at the top of the stairs leading to the small courtyard east of the den, however it can also spawn in other locations. On the map below you will find the indication of some of these places, the list is not necessarily exhaustive. Do not hesitate to let us know if you find it in another place.


Note that the mechanics of appearance / disappearance of the book is still unknown, it does not disappear when a person uses it, and seems to stay at least six hours in the same place. Each of the raid members will have to click on this book to get the buff.


Step 2 and 3: Echoes of Force and Talismans

Only one person needs to complete these steps to be able to summon the world boss once. However, you will need several people if you wish to invoke it several times (in the event of death on a test in particular).

In this step taking place on Yavin IV, you will need to collect the buffs first "Force Echoes"of four Sith Spirits, then, once these buffs are acquired, recover the buffs"Echoes of Talismans", a talisman for each spirit. It is not necessary to have the four echoes before recovering one of the talismans, it is enough simply to have the echo corresponding to the talisman.

For detailed information on where to locate and how to interact with these Talismans and Sith Spirits, please see our guide to Yavin IV Hidden Achievements. For those who know and need only a booster shot, here's a recap of the positions on Yavin's map:

Buffs Force Echoes et Echoes of Talismans remain in case of death but disappear in case of disconnection or change of planet, which is why the Tatooine buff must be recovered before these.

Moreover, the buff Echo de Force has a duration of one hour, andEcho by Talisman two hours.

In the case of a group, here is the important information about recovering buffs (compared to recovering by being alone):

  • Party members should all be glued to a Sith Spirit when a member activates it so that they are in bump radius and pick up the buff as well. The number of people who can collect the buff at the same time may be limited to 8 as in a group of 15 when we tested there were still people who did not collect it despite the bump.
  • Each must collect the talismans one by one. BE CAREFUL, you must not be within the bump radius of the talisman activated by another player, in which case there is a very high risk that you will lose your buff "Echo de Force"without being replaced by the buff"Echo by Talisman"correspondent.

For these reasons, I advise you to collect these items in a small group, each starting with a different spirit, and they take five minutes to reappear.

If only one group is responsible for collecting all these items, the quickest sequence to do is the one shown on the following map, first taking the taxi to the ruined temple, following the numbers, then using your fast trip (or the speeder next door for Republicans) after step 7.

When number 10 arrives, finally comes the hour of confrontation. Going through the path indicated on the map below, you will enter a dark forest, where you will only have to click on the unknown talisman located on the altar with a pile of skulls.


Step 4: Summon the World Boss, fight him and get killed

Let's start with the boss's identity card. Named "Old Threat"and coming from the small moon of Yavin IV, she loves ponies, classical dance, writing poems, and above all, killing the poor players who come to challenge her (we tested her in group 16). Yes because it's tough anyway this threat. Judge by yourself :

  • Point of view : 15 (000 Million, any stack)
  • Buffs :
    • Boss Immunity: Immune to crippling and movement impairing effects.
    • Terrifying Enemy: Only true heroes can face this enemy (your partner will be neutralized).
    • Firmness: Immune to physical damage and knockdowns.
    • Unnamed Buff: Absorbs all damage without knowing it. (Unless you have the buff from step 1)

In addition, he has a mechanic based in particular on the many debuffs and stacks he applies to his opponents:

  • Force Aspiration (stacks - no duration): Increased area of ​​effect damage. It is especially the tank that will suffer this debuff, but also the rest of the group, it can be removed by a healer (to be avoided for tanks).
  • Whisper of Force (stacks - lasts 12-14 seconds if no additional stack in the meantime.): Reduced healing received. Applies only to direct target. It is possible that it can be removed by a healer, but this requires confirmation.
  • Silenced (lasts 6-7 seconds): Inability to use skills. During this time, therefore, no power is usable, whether it is healing, damage or even defenses. Applied to the whole party if a person loses their "Force Whisper" stacks.
  • Force imbalance (lasts 14-15 seconds): Cannot be targeted by Force armor. Another mechanic that will limit the damage dodged.


The first talks about areas of effect, this is the second important point of this boss, he will put red areas under the feet of part of the raid. Jerba on the official SWTOR forum tells us that these are the eight party members closest to the boss and that these areas have a 15 second cooldown. The areas of effect land instantly and immediately start doing damage every second (1800 to 6000 depending on roles / classes). So that your healers are prepared to regularly heal eight people in addition to focusing on tanks.

Jerba noted a few other equally important things to know about the boss:

  • He regularly targets a random player to inflict an attack on them.
  • Every 2 seconds, it does damage to the whole group.
  • He adds a stack of "Whisper of Force" to his primary target every 6 seconds.
  • Every 10 seconds, he adds a stack of "Strength Aspiration" to the group, or at least 16 players.
  • The "Whisper of Force" debuff can be lost by healing yourself, or a healer, using a stealth power, if the timer expires, or more simply by dying.

Knowing all this, here are the bits of strategy proposed for the moment ... It will take three tanks which will take the boss's aggro every six seconds (corresponding to an additional "Whisper of Force" stack). They will rotate between the three to distribute the stacks and spare the healers. In addition, it is imperative that they recover the boss as soon as it appears. To only receive 50% healing, it takes three minutes of rolling between the three tanks. He also specifies that one possibility would be to let the tanks lose their stacks at this point, which will have the effect of applying to the whole group "Silenced". It will then be necessary to have anticipated (with regular care already placed on everyone to survive for six seconds by moving adequately) or enough healers to catch up behind.



This is all the information we know about how to fight the Ancient Threat right now, but it's not excluded that she will deploy other talents when she has lost more life! The loot she leaves is not known except for one thing: the "Old Threat" decoration.

In addition, killing her will grant two successes, one killing her and which grants the title of inheritance "Old Threat", and the other by having also completed the other hidden achievements of Yavin IV, which will grant you the title of inheritance"Master of the afterlife".

Do not hesitate to tell us your performance, how far you have fallen in terms of health points, and we never know ... if you have killed him!


I would like to thank all the brave people of the Battle Meditation server who followed me on this quest from Tatooine in order to collect all this information. In alphabetical order: Shojira, Elusine, Trapiste, Realbuzz, Peedney, Yann-S, Epsilon, Folken, Rildeal, Noobi-wan, Amonrà, Escalation, Spad'ryder, Scodorc and Nobilis.

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